With many types and styles of pendant lighting to fit your home design, you are sure to get exactly what you need for your kitchen island countertops, dining room, or living room. Lighting manufacturers worldwide continue to design cutting edge pendant lighting fixtures to accommodate the growing lighting design industry. If you're looking for lighting ideas, you'll find a wide selection of pendant lamps in various styles and shapes.

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Best Mini Pendants

Murray Feiss Urban Renewal Pendant

These pendant lights are smaller in size which makes them ideal for small spaces, like over the kitchen sink. They tend to be simpler and minimalist in style. The Murray Feiss Urban Renewal Mini Pendant comes with oil rubbed bronze finish and clear seeded glass shade.

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Best Track Pendants

George Kovacs Track Lighting Pendant

Hanging lights that are attached to a “track” that is mounted to the ceiling. The lights can be moved along the track, providing versatile task lighting. Track pendant lights are a great option for above kitchen bars and islands.

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Best Drum Pendants

Feiss Prospect Park Pendant

A short cylinder shape of glass, fabric or stainless steel make the drum in a drum pendant light. Drum pendants can be used in many contemporary or transitional settings. Drum pendant chandeliers are used in dining rooms and kitchens to provide ambient or primary lighting. Drum pendant lights range in style from traditional to contemporary. This is one of the more popular pendant types.

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Best Multi-Light Pendant

Modern Forms Luminaires Magic Pendant

Also called pendant chandeliers, these light fixtures use more than one pendant light. Typically, they use three or five, but some use more. Although very popular as kitchen lighting, this diverse category of pendant lights contains hanging lights for any room, home décor, or type of lighting.

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Best Adjustable Pendant

Maxim Hi-Bay Pendant

Adjustable pendant lights feature a mechanism that allows the adjustment of the pendant height or angle. Also referred to as directional or spotlight pendant lights, these lights feature a mechanism that allows the direction of the pendant head to be adjusted. Adjustable pendants work well for versatile task or accent lighting. It is recommended that directional spot lights only be used indoors.

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Best Industrial Pendants

Minka Lavery Keeley Calle Pendant

Industrial pendant lights feature elements of the industrial revolution era, including wrought iron frames and Edison bulbs. These light fixtures are made with high quality materials and are long-lasting.

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Best Farmhouse Style Pendants

Kichler Colerne Square Pendant

Farmhouse and rustic style pendants use materials such as wood and glass to create more of a country prairie feel. They often used weathered finishes and exposed bulbs.

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Best Caged Pendants

Kichler Tallie Pendant

These hanging light fixtures feature a wire or metal cage surrounding and protecting the light source. Sometimes they include a glass shade, while other times the light bulb is exposed. They are typically found in rustic or industrial style settings.

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Best Glass Shade Pendants

Murray Feiss Matrimonio Pendant

Hanging lights in which the enclosure around the bulb is made from glass add an artistic feel to your space. Glass pendant lights can be hand blown by artisans, clear glass, and the famous Murano style glass. These versatile lights come in a variety of options for any kitchen, entryway, or dining room. Glass pendant chandeliers range from elegant and traditional to sleek modern designs.

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Best Crystal Pendants

Minka Lavery Isabella's Crown

Among the most elegant options for hanging lighting. Sure to bring an air of sophistication and decorum to any foyer or dining room, crystal pendants are a popular option for more traditional interiors.

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Best Bowl Pendants

Murray Feiss Urban Renewal Pendant

Featuring a “bowl-shaped” shade, these lights are typically traditional in style, but more contemporary designs are available. Bowl pendant light fixtures are used in foyers and dining rooms for ambient or primary lighting. The shades come in Mica, Blown Glass, Pen Shell, and Swarovski Crystal varieties.

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Best Cone Pendants

Minka Lavery Agilis

Single or multi-light pendant light fixtures that use a “cone-shaped” shade made from blown glass, Mica, Swarovski Crystal, Alabaster, Mica or other materials. Cone pendant lights come in traditional and contemporary designs and can be used for any type of lighting.

Farmhouse and rustic style pendants use materials such as wood and glass to create more of a country prairie feel. They often used weathered finishes and exposed bulbs.

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Best Cylinder Pendants

George Kovacs Light Rain Mini Cylinder Pendant

Hanging lights that add sophistication to any modern kitchen island or dining table. Cylinder pendant light fixtures come in Alabaster, Blown Glass, Murano Glass, and Pen Shell varieties. Traditional styles are also available.

These hanging light fixtures feature a wire or metal cage surrounding and protecting the light source. Sometimes they include a glass shade, while other times the light bulb is exposed. They are typically found in rustic or industrial style settings.

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Best Globe Pendants

Feiss Lawler Pendant

Provides soft light for kitchens or dining areas. They feature a circular enclosure that entirely surrounds the light bulb creating softer light. Globe pendant lights are typically made from glass and are suitable for traditional and contemporary spaces. The Feiss Lawler Burnished Brass Pendant features a clear glass globe lampshade and dimmable bulbs.

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Best Lantern Pendants

Murray Feiss Yarmouth Pendant

Bright lighting for traditionally styled kitchens and dining rooms. Lantern style pendants typically feature a metal enclosure around the light bulbs. The enclosure can have open faces, or use glass. Lantern pendant lights are available in Mica and Blown glass varieties. The Murray Feiss Yarmouth hanging lamp features beautiful candelabra incandescent lights and a matte black iron enclosure.

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Best Linear Pendants

Quoizel Navigator Pendant

Long light fixtures that feature either a multi-light arrangement or a single long pendant light. Although linear pendant lighting is typically associated with ultra-modern designs, more traditional options are available. Linear lighting can be used for either task or primary light. They're very popular as kitchen island pendants since their shape allows for optimal lighting for the space.

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Best Round Pendants

Murray Feiss Allier Pendant

Available in either single or multi-light varieties, these pendant lights are available in a wide range of modern, rustic and industrial styles and can be used for many applications. Choose from materials like Pen Shell, Murano Glass, Mica, and crystal.

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Best Square Pendants

Minka-Lavery Country Estates Pendant

Provides minimalistic lighting options for ultra-modern interior designs. They typically provide soft, diffused light suitable for living spaces and kitchens. Choose from Alabaster, Blown Glass, and Mica shades.

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Best Star Pendants

Elk Beamer Pendant

Provides eccentric and unique lighting accents to walkways, foyers, and kitchens. Sure to be a conversation piece, these unique starburst pendant lights are typically made from glass or crystal and can be used in a variety of lighting arrangements.

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Best Teardrop Pendants

Kichler Ayra Pendant

A sleek, modern addition to the lighting of any kitchen or dining space. These hanging lights feature an enclosure that grows wider as it reaches downward. Teardrop pendants are available in a variety of materials and finishes to match any space.

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