If you’re looking to complete your contemporary space, there are seemingly endless modern lighting options to put the finishing touch on your interior. In general, modern lighting styles have several aspects in common: they tend to be relatively unadorned, with clean lines and bold silhouettes. However, even under the umbrella of ‘modern’ there are several variations to consider when creating your desired look. In other words, not all modern is created equal!

Sleek Modern Pendant Hanging Above A Dining Room Table For Light

Some of the most popular iterations on modern include sleekeclectic and warm. The first of these is characterized by a simple, cool palette, often black and white. Surfaces include chrome and marble, clear glass, and polished lacquer. To select lighting for a space in the sleek modern style, keep color at a minimum and focus instead on angular edges, high-gloss finishes, and rectangular prism-inspired shades. By contrast, eclectic modern can be defined by a broader range of materials and a quirkier blend of colors and shapes. Vibrant accents combine with playful furnishings for a cheerful effect. For lighting that suits an eclectic modern space, feel free to have fun! Mix metals like brass with wood and crystal, and worry less about ‘matching’ and more about selecting pieces that make a statement.

Eclectic Modern Lighting For Comfortable Living Spaces From The Ceiling Or A Table

Finally, true to its name, warm modern has a welcoming, inviting vibe. The focus is often more on texture than on color—with materials like teak, birch, leather, and ceramic taking center stage—and the palette generally consists of neutrals such as ecru, sand, and caramel. Lighting for a warm modern interior features smooth and rounded shapes, as seen on bubble pendants and sconces. Surface finishes are softer, such as brushed nickel or brass and frosted glass, and foster a subdued and relaxed sensibility throughout. Take your specific modern style into account when choosing lighting for your contemporary interior, and you’ll have a home filled with character and personality!

Warm Modern Lighting In A Great Living Space

Sleek Modern Lighting 1. Bronze Swing-Arm Wall Lamp 2. Glass Pendant Lamp 3. Nickel and Glass Table Lamp Eclectic Modern Lighting 1. Chrome and Glass Chandelier 2. Glass Table Lamp 3. Gold Drum Pendant Warm Modern Lighting 1. White Wall Sconce 2. Nickel Bubble Sconce 3. Glass Flush Mount Ceiling Light Images: 123.