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The purpose of a ceiling fan is to help create a soothing, comfortable atmosphere wherever placed - this is even more important when being placed in a bedroom. One of the many benefits of a bedroom ceiling fan includes the gentle sound it should make, promoting relaxation and encouraging deep sleep. The question is, how can you be confident that the ceiling fan you are purchasing is quiet? We're taking the guess-work out of it by sharing our top quietest bedroom fans as well as what indicators to look for when shopping for one.


Hunter Original

Hunter Original Outdoor Ceiling Fan

The Hunter Original ceiling fan is damp-rated and ideal for enclosed porches, covered patios, greenhouses and more. The Original features the first and quietest ceiling fan motor technology used - an Oil Bath motor.


Emerson Prima Snugger

Emerson Prima Snugger Ceiling Fan

Prima Snugger by Emerson is a direct-to-ceiling mount fan that features a DC motor and provides an updated and thoughtful solution to rooms with a lower ceiling clearance.


Casablanca Stealth DC

Casablanca Stealth DC Ceiling Fan

Casablanca's Stealth DC is extremely powerful and highly efficient-four to five times more so than other motors.


Monte Carlo Empire

Monte Carlo Empire Ceiling Fan

Monte Carlo's Empire ceiling fan makes an impressive statement with a 60" sweep across the eight blades, integrated LED light, and powerful DC motor.


Craftmade Pireos

Craftmade Pireos Ceiling Fan

With it's attractive curves, the Craftmade Pireos DC motor ceiling fan provides a distinct look. The simplicity of the bentwood, tri-blade design makes the Pireos a focal point in any living area.


Westinghouse Aerialist

Westinghouse Aerialist Ceiling Fan

Eye-catching and efficient, Westinhouse's Aerialist ceiling fan features a bold contemporary design. With it's DC motor, this ceiling fan requires less energy and reduces power consumption up to 65%.


Emerson Southtowne

Emerson Southtowne Ceiling Fan

Emerson's Southtowne ceiling fan is a uniquely sculpted modern ceiling fan. With its flywheel motor and integrated downlight, Southtowne offers a powerful and quiet solution to your air movement needs.


Kichler Link

Kichler Link Ceiling Fan

The Kichler Link ceiling fan features a dramatic focal point with an open-air, circular center that draws the eye up and brings the blades together flawlessly. It's DC motor combined with an average CFM rating makes it a perfect fit for anyone who wants a light breeze in their bedroom.


Matthews Irene

Matthews Irene Ceiling Fan

The Irene three blade ceiling mount fan by Matthews Fan Company cuts a figure like no other. It's minimalistic rustic yet still modern style and DC cylindrical motor is streamline while still appearing warm and natural.


Fanimation Duplex

Fanimation Duplex Ceiling Fan

The simple and sleek two-blade Duplex ceiling fan by Fanimation combines a matte greige finish with a deep smoked glass motor cover. This ceiling fan features an integrated, dimmable LED light along with a DC motor.


4 Indicators of a Quiet Ceiling Fan

4 Types of Quiet Ceiling Fans

Energy Star Rating

Fans with an Energy Star rating are 20% more efficient than standard ceiling fans. In addition, these fans have improved blade designs and motors that move air more efficiently than traditional ceiling fans. An Energy Star rating means they have been through rigorous performance tests to meet the EPA's criteria.



CFM stands for Cubic Feet per Minute and is a measurement of how much air a ceiling fan moves. The average ceiling fan moves between 5,000 and 6,000 CFM - anything below this range will naturally be quieter. These fans produce a light cool breeze and would be perfect for home offices and bedrooms.


Quiet Motor

You can ensure a ceiling fan will be quiet if it has one of these three motors:

  • DC Motor - AC (alternating current) motors are powered by connecting directly to a power source. DC (direct current) motors are powered through a battery or converter. DC motors are the preferred motors for a variety of applications such as cranes and electric trains -- and are the best choice for ceiling fans. Fans with DC motors have higher torque, greater control, are light weight, and are virtually silent - making them perfect for bedrooms.
  • Oil Bath Motor - The Oil Bath motor is the very first ceiling fan motor technology used. The motor is heavy and requires an oil check every 1-5 years, but sway and vibration are reduced significantly.
  • Flywheel Motor - The Flywheel motor is a high-performance AC motor that has been in production since 1979. The flywheel discs in the motor absorb shock, ensuring quiet operation.

Learn more about different ceiling fan motor types in our Ceiling Fan Rating Guide.


Hugger Ceiling Fans

When a ceiling fan is mounted securely to the ceiling like a hugger ceiling fan, it has a tendency to run quieter. Low profile fans offer a cool solution because they are installed flush against the ceiling without the use of a downrod, which helps to prevent wobbling. They are ideal for bedrooms, offices, attics, and any room that has a ceiling 8 feet and under.

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