Let There Be Light: Salty Kids Child Care Facility

Let There Be Light: Salty Kids Child Care Facility

At Del Mar Fans & Lighting, we are always seeking new ways to engage with and give back to our local community. Whether it's installing new Hunter ceiling fans at the Grace Academy to raise awareness about National Ceiling Fan Day or holding a light bulb drive to tout the benefits of switching to LED lighting, we've been so fortunate to participate in some great community projects this year.

Before The Salty Church Renovation With Full Bus And Empty Room

So, when we learned that the Salty Church was building a new childcare center, we jumped at the opportunity to help. We donated new Lithonia recessed lighting fixtures and trims as well as incandescent light bulbs. We spoke to Cathye White, the Children's Director, about the new space and here's what she had to say.

What’s your role here at Salty? Salty Kids Guru

How long have you been in it? Three months

Was this the job you always imagined you’d have? Yes. As a young person I always knew that I wanted to do faith based work with kids and be in charge of projects. Even though this opportunity didn’t come as soon as I thought it would in life, I do now have the chance to do what I always imagined for myself.

What’s the most enjoyable part of your job? Just being able to work with kids and seeing the light bulb go off for them as regards their faith. I really feel blessed to witness and experience that with them.

How will this reno project impact your work here at Salty? It will really give us more space to be able to work with the kids on their level. Right now we’re still conducting our youth programs in our current location which no longer functions well. In the new youth center we’ll have a stage, sound booth and group rooms to accommodate our church community kids.

What is the purpose of the salty kids center? The purpose of the salty kids center is to host faith based programs for Salty community kids and young adults.

How will the Salty kids center impact our community? All teenagers need an outlet and a place to hang out. For our Salty teens who sometimes don’t always come on Sunday they do enjoy getting together regularly for youth group on Friday nights. Our new youth center now gives them a place that’s safe and supervised where they can be comfortable to meet. It also helps the parents, because a lot of times when families come to church, parents spend most of the time focusing on getting their kids to pay attention and cooperate. The youth center will certainly take some of that pressure of parents by allowing them to bring their kids here for fun, age appropriate faith based activities.

After The Salty Church Renovation With Fresh Paint And Great Lighting

What fun projects are happening in your community?

April 24, 2015
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