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ET2 Lighting produces European-inspired lighting with the three C’s motto of cultured, cosmopolitan and contemporary. ET2 creates hand-blown glass and hand-forged iron from off the coast of Italy. ET2 light fixtures included flush mounts, chandeliers and wall mounts in an array of designs, sizes, and finishes, including satin nickel, polished chrome, brushed nickel, oil rubbed bronze, brushed aluminum, antique bronze, white and more, to match contemporary and modern home interiors and exteriors. For a more traditional exterior feel select Minka Lavery Outdoor lights to illuminate your home's unique exterior.

Light Your Home with Style, ET2 Light Fixtures

ET2 Lighting is a lighting company that centers on a unique style of lighting fixtures. ET2 lights are characterized by innovation and passion. These light fixtures feature contemporary styles and eclectic collections of function-driven products. Their selection of track light systems are with in the style of the ET2 line of fixtures. Consumers shopping for modern lighting can expect nothing but the best from ET2 contemporary lights. These products are designed to be a focal point of a room and make excellent additions to a home with a modern and even futuristic aesthetic.

ET2 features a whole host of products that are unique and eccentric. The modern lighting solutions by the ET2 fixture line include several collections, styles, and techniques. Some of the manufacturer's popular collections are the Starburst, Betrothed, the Crystal Forest, the Evolution, the Flash, the Lalique, and the Nucleus. Some of the popular styles from this lighting line include art deco, modern, decorative, unique, retro, floral, and shabby chic, which are all eclectic as far as styles of lighting.

The Crystal Forest collection of ET2 features uniquely designed pendant lights. While the prices for this collection can range up to several hundred dollars, they are well worth the exquisite nature and uniqueness of each pendant light from ET2. The 9LT Pendant, for example, features clear-cut crystal along with cut cylinders and glass. It also includes an adjustable light chain, and it is approved for indoor use. A pendant light of this quality can be used to great effect in the dining room.

ET2 lighting fixtures are truly exceptional pieces of functional art. They bring intrigue and new life into any room and are a great expression of style. This line of lighting products features many choices for customers. If you are looking for a statement light fixture for your home, look no further, ET2 lighting fixture has what you are looking for.

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