Fanimation Ceiling Fans for a Modern Indoor Design

Are you in need of a great accessory to cool your room while adding style and elegance simultaneously? Fanimation ceiling fans, and Fanimation overhead fixtures, will provide the efficient circulation with the collections like Levon and Palisade. The Energy Star accessories will ensure you can keep all of your friends and family cool while also cutting down on your energy footprint, which saves money. Fanimation ceiling fans also incorporate a modern design for indoor or outdoor areas to ensure the ambience is kept, whether it's a tropical or contemporary décor.

Fanimation Overhead Fixtures & Cooling Accessories

Fanimation ceiling fans provide well-known, quality collections like Levon and Palisade for you to add at home. Fanimation overhead fixtures will bring contemporary styling and design into your modern house. Whether you're trying to get a brushed nickel or bronze finish, or searching for a tropical or antique style there is one that will fit your needs. Fanimation overhead fixtures are sometimes put throught the rigorous test to be Energy Star compliant, which helps you save money!

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Fresh, Innovative Fan Designs from Fanimation Ceiling Fans

The Fanimation Fan Company has cultivated a reputation for creating fresh, innovative ceiling fans designs. Fanimation fans range in style from antique to tropical so shoppers are sure to find just the right type of exotic ceiling fan for any residence. The Loreto Bay is a collection of Fanimation hugger ceiling fans, ideal for rooms with low-profile ceilings.

Ceiling fans work to cool the air in a room by circulating it from their position suspended from the ceiling of any given room. Rotating paddles that are hub mounted to brushed nickel canopies feature other Fanimation accessories. Fanimation fans come with a mechanism for reversing any direction that the fan's blades rotate. This specific feature of ceiling fans in general is meant to help with using the fan for either cooling or heating purposes.

Shoppers who peruse the selection of fans will see a huge selection of Fanimation accessories, spanning a range from approximately $150 for the cheapest models to nearly $2000 for the more refined models. Any ceiling fan Fanimation features the perfect aesthetic style to add that touch of exotic quality to any residence. The diversity in the product range of these unique Fanimation fans, like the Levon, is such that anyone looking for one to spruce up her home will be delighted in what is available.

Shoppers looking for a high-priced fan for a wealthy home should be pleased with the almost-$3000 Bourbon Street Short. It is a model that features an antique brass finish, a total height of 21inches, and a 52-inch blade span. Shoppers who are shopping with a budget will still find pleasure in the Fanimation ceiling fan model called the Medford. It is an example of the company's most reasonably priced and attractive fans. Fanimation guarantees quality with even its most inexpensive models.

The Fanimation Fan Company was formed in 1984 in Pasadena, California and is known for innovative indoor and outdoor designs, like the Fanimation Palisade. Reference our Education Center for Fanimation ceiling fan installations and other helpful articles:

There are also many other finishes and styles you can choose from. Ceiling fans are manufactured all around the world so you can find exactly what you're looking for. There are accessories that are certified to be used in wet and damp locations also. Fanimation outdoor ceiling fans have been through the tests needed to wear the UL Listed certification.

Sometimes the location means the height of the room is on the short side. Fanimation hugger fans are the solution to low ceilings. They will allow for plenty of headroom while creating the much-needed circulation for your family, friends, and other guests. See how to install a Fanimation Zonix for instructions on preparing and adding your new overhead fan.

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