Hinkley Lights Your Home

Established in 1922 in Cleveland, Ohio, Hinkley Lighting is one of the oldest, family-owned lighting companies in the country. For over 90 years, Hinkley Lighting has been producing high-quality light fixtures that enhance a home's interior and exterior. Hinkley offers stylish chandelier, outdoor, pendant, wall mount, and landscape lighting in a range of styles and finishes to complement your home's design and decor.

Off to a Good Start

Hinkley began producing outdoor light fixtures, but over time, branched out to incorporate indoor lights. Since then, they have built a reputation for producing elegant and functional chandeliers, pendants, and wall lights with regard to attention to details, quality materials, and time-honored craftsmanship. Made with hand blown glass, polished crystals, ceramic, cast aluminum, and solid brass, Hinkley light fixtures will enhance your home's interior and exterior. If you’re interested in a more extravagant lighting style, Hinkley’s luxury line, Fredrick Ramond, is just what you need.

How to Light Your Home's Exterior

Hinkley outdoor lighting tips will make it easy to extend your own living space through the use of a few well-chosen light fixtures. If winter’s walls felt like they were closing in on you, or your existing living space seems too small to entertain, simply open up your home and your mind to the possibility of outdoor living. A well-lit home and landscape creates an inviting and warm look for your friends and family.

Hinkley Outdoor & Landscape Lights

Hinkley landscape lighting includes accent, deck, path, and submersible pond light fixtures that bring your home's landscape to life. Exterior lights enhance the safety of your home and even lengthens the number of hours you can spend outside. Landscape lighting is ideal if you enjoy entertaining guests alfresco on your deck, patio, or porch. Coordinate your new landscape lights with matching Hinkley outdoor lights for a consistent look outside.

Why Purchase Hinkley Lighting Fixtures?

Whether you are searching for classic or contemporary lighting, wall or ceiling, or brass or chrome fixtures, Hinkley has a wide variety of lighting collections to match your home's individual design and decor. Hinkley light fixtures are an affordable solution for any home improvement project, and with free shipping on most orders, these stylish light fixtures are too good to pass up. Use a sparkling Hinkley chandelier to illuminate your foyer, dining room, or bathroom. Or, choose Hinkley wall sconces for functional general lighting or useful task lighting in a bathroom, hallway, or dining room.

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