Daylight Light Bulbs (4,101 to 6,500+ Kelvins)

Do you prefer your illumination to simulate the natural light you see outdoors? Select daylight bulbs for your fixtures. Manufacturers measure their lighting by assigning a Kelvin (K) number to the illumination. In the cases of daylight light bulbs, the range is between about 5,000 K and 6,500 K. The resulting illumination is crisp and suitable for task work.

Exploring the Wide Variety of Daylight Bulbs

Daylight color bulbs are considered a neutral white. That said, some manufacturers augment the look of the illumination by offering frosted bulbs. Wattage, the amount of energy you need to achieve the daylight light bulb color, also varies. It typically runs from about 10 W to 40 W. It is important to note that due to their task lighting use, most natural daylight bulbs fall into the LED, CFL, and fluorescent bulb categories.

Have we piqued your interest in exploring the various lighting options a little further? Check out halogen light bulbs that operate at a fraction of the wattage standard bulbs require. Of course, when you really want to save money on operations, it makes sense to keep checking. Perhaps the most inexpensive-to-operate models are LED light bulbs.

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