Spiral Light Bulbs

What are compact fluorescent lamps? In simplest terms, these spiral light bulbs are miniaturized versions of full-size fixtures. They impress with their energy savings, which makes them a suitable alternative to the incandescent bulb. As a result, many spiral bulbs fit into the lamps that were initially designed for the older technology. Not surprisingly, homeowners in search of savings tend to gravitate toward this illumination technology.

Incorporating Spiral Light Bulbs into Your Decor

When brightening a space with spiral LED light bulbs, you typically have two choices regarding color temperature. Select warm white tones with ratings from 2,401K to 2,700 K or choose soft daylight illumination featuring ratings between 4,101K and 5,000K. Almost any spiral CFL bulb falls into the T-type. Short for “tubular,” these bulbs are suitable for fixtures such as strips and similar settings. For fixtures that provide much of the task lighting in your home, spiral fluorescent light bulbs are excellent money savers.

Have you been thinking of selecting more functional illumination for a garage or workshop? Tube lights could be precisely what you are looking for. Choose LED or fluorescent technology. Of course, LED light bulbs are among the most versatile for the homeowner looking to retrofit incandescent fixtures with the less expensive to operate technology.

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