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Are you looking for a ceiling lighting fixture with wax pillar or taper style candlesticks? Our selection of candle chandeliers, also known as hanging candelabras, have flickering light bulbs that simulate a burning wick. Prior to the advent of electricity, indoor and outdoor lighting was non-electric and traditionally offered in either basic wrought iron or more elegant designs with crystal ornaments. Today, candle chandeliers with taper or pillar style holders are still common centerpieces in dining and living room decor.

Hanging Candelabras Often Have Glass Ornaments and Crystal Accents

These candle style chandeliers contribute a romantic feel to foyers, entryways, and living rooms with simulated candlelight. Non-electric hanging candelabras with holders for real candlesticks are ideal for outdoor use, including patio dining. However, the indoor ceiling lights with faux candle covers offered in this category are not wet or damp rated and should not be used outside. These candlestick holder chandeliers are offered in antique, modern, and traditional styles.

Hanging ceiling fixtures with candle lighting are ideal for bathrooms, dining rooms, nooks, entryways, hallways, and foyers. Chandeliers with candles are a very diverse lot, featuring many shapes, light counts, sizes, and the adaptability to different rooms. This wide range of possible uses illustrates the fact of how hanging candelabras have become more accessible as lighting solutions in a wide range of homes. For example, a mini chandelier with shaded candlesticks like the 4 LT Mini Crystal Chandelier from Crystorama is only 15 inches wide by 17 inches high. They can also come in larger ornate versions that would make them conservation pieces, such as the 6LT Island Fixture from Fine Art Lamps, which measures 50 inches in width by 30.5 inches in height.

Are you looking for a black, bronze, or brass hanging fixture that appears to be antique? These wrought iron chandeliers feature both the pillar style and tapered candlesticks. Many of these products feature mini antique lamp shades and wax like candle covers. Alternatively, are you looking for an beautiful ceiling light fixture that sparkles? Our selection of glass crystal chandeliers will be sure to enhance your existing decor. These hanging centerpieces are available with clear, black, or Swarovski ornaments.

We welcome you to explore our entire breadth of elegant chandelier light fixtures. From this page you will be able to see the many configurations and styles available. However, you if are unsure of where to start, we have a basic buying guide for chandeliers that explores the four basic types of chandeliers. These styles include candle, crystal, glass, and fixtures with shades. Remember that Del Mar Fans offers free shipping on all purchase over $40 every day!

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  •  4679-111 vortic flow chandeliers
    Vortic Flow Chandelier
    by Minka Lavery
    List: $1,758.83 Our Price: $1,229.95
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     elk-elizabethan-chandelier-1 elizabethan chandeliers
    More Options >> 600w Leaded Chandelier
    by ELK

    Sale Price: $2,308.80

  •  kichler-lacey-chandelier lacey chandeliers
    More Options >> Lacey Chandelier
    by Kichler
    List: $4,123.50 Our Price: $2,749.00
  • 20% off
     elk-gloucester-chandelier-1 gloucester chandeliers
    More Options >> 1080w Chandelier
    by ELK

    Sale Price: $1,617.60

  •  metropolitan-shimmering-falls-chandelier-1 shimmering falls chandeliers
    More Options >> Shimmering Falls
    by Metropolitan
    List: $2,504.93 Our Price: $1,669.95
  •  metropolitan-metropolitan-chandelier-lighting-3 metropolitan chandeliers
    More Options >> Metropolitan Chandelier
    by Metropolitan
    List: $11,009.93 Our Price: $7,339.95
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     quorum-bohemian-katerina-chandelier-3 bohemian katerina chandeliers
    More Options >> Bohemian Katerina Chandelier
    by Quorum Lighting
    List: $2,998.00 Our Price: $2,998.00
  •  metropolitan-metropolitan-chandelier-lighting-1 metropolitan chandeliers
    More Options >> Metropolitan Chandelier
    by Metropolitan
    List: $8,174.93 Our Price: $5,449.95
  • 20% off
     hinkley-casa-chandelier-1 casa chandeliers
    More Options >> 300w Chandelier
    by Hinkley
    List: $9,027.00 Our Price: $3,009.00
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  •  4208ac/s205 americana chandeliers
    720w Mica Chandelier
    by Kalco
    List: $11,585.00 Our Price: $4,634.00
  • 20% off
     troy-lighting-lyon-chandelier-lighting-1 lyon chandeliers
    More Options >> 480w Chandelier
    by Troy Lighting

    Sale Price: $1,294.40

  •  crysto-regis-chandelier-1 regis chandeliers
    More Options >> 240w Swarovski Chandelier
    by Crystorama
    List: $2,997.00 Our Price: $1,998.00
  •  crysto-novella-chandelier-2 novella chandeliers
    More Options >> 1375w Chandelier
    by Crystorama
    List: $7,400.06 Our Price: $4,933.37
  •  fine-aret-brighton-pavillion-chandelier-1 brighton pavillion chandeliers
    More Options >> 600w Chandelier
    by Fine Art Lamps
    List: $32,655.12 Our Price: $21,770.08
  •  crysto-novella-chandelier-4 novella chandeliers
    More Options >> 960w Crystal Chandelier
    by Crystorama
    List: $9,358.76 Our Price: $6,239.17
  •  43758esp piper chandeliers
    Piper Chandelier
    by Kichler
    List: $4,564.16 Our Price: $3,356.00
  • 20% off
     elk-boudreaux-chandelier-2 boudreaux chandeliers
    More Options >> Boudreaux Chandelier
    by ELK

    Sale Price: $1,025.60

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