Multi Light Pendant Chandeliers Under 5 Width

Multi pendant lighting is a creative approach to traditional hanging light fixtures. Our Murray Feiss Lighting Kitchen multi light pendants provide several sources of illumination and creates a unique design element when suspended above a breakfast nook. These clustered lights range in size, shape and finish to create a look specifically tailored for your home.

Multi Pendant Lights Provide Decorative and Functional Lighting

Interior designers and decorators often suggest hanging a row of miniature pendants over a kitchen table our flush lighting for a functional and eye-pleasing source of light. Multi pendant lighting develops on this idea by bundling lights into a single light fixture, which may include as many as nineteen glowing orbs. Contemporary multi pendant lights create functional task or pleasant ambiance lighting in a foyer, kitchen, dining room or reading nook.

Multi pendant lights are available in a range of sizes to meet the lighting requirements of a room or area. Homeowners may choose from mini multi pendants for a whimsical touch to oversized multi pendants for a more prominent statement in a space. Multi pendant lighting is also available in a variety of silhouettes to personalize and illuminate your living space. Residence owners may choose from the following hanging lights:

  • Multi-bowl pendants - These hanging lights consist of a concave containers with hand-blown glass and intricate metal work. They add an exotic touch to a foyer or dining room.
  • Multi-star pendants - These lights are fashioned suspended spheres that are sometimes bundled into a futuristic, bouquet-like form. They evoke the idea of a deconstructed chandelier and are ideal for the dining room.
  • Multi-cone pendants - These fixtures offer a more conventional look and function. They are ideal for task lighting in the kitchen, home office or library. They also provide general lighting in the living room when used in combination with other light fixtures like traditional wall-mounted lights. Residence owners may also consider multi-cylinder, multi-drum, multi-square pendants, which are similar in appearance and use.

Multi pendant lighting is beautiful, functional and versatile. These lights can be suspended at various heights to achieve varying lighting effects. However, homeowners can also use light dimmers to vary the degree of illumination in a space and achieve a specific atmosphere.

Inspirational, practical and adaptable illumination is within reach with multi pendant lights. Choose a multi pendant fixture from one of our many trusted pendant lighting manufacturers in assortment of styles and finishes to meet your needs.

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