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Are you looking for a leader in the ceiling fan industry with modern and decorative designs for over 70 years? Minka-Aire offers LED light kits included to ensure long lastly, energy efficient illumination for years to come. Many of the most stylish fixtures are available in a variety of finishes, such as Distressed Koa, Oil-Rubbed Bronze, Brushed Steel, Pewter, and White. These Minka-Aire fans are available in blade spans ranging from 26 inches, with the aptly names Spacesaver, to 99 inches, with their famous Ninety-Nine ceiling fan. Among the popular collections offered by this brand are Concept, Wave, Artemis, Roto, and Aviation.

Concept Collection

A staple of Minka-Aire ceiling fans since the beginning, the Concept collection is available in a few different iterations, including hugger, outdoor, with remote control, and LED light kit! Whichever your preference you are sure to find an affordable option that fits your contemporary or traditional décor.

Wave Collection

Available in a three-blade with or without light or a two-blade ceiling fan without light, the Wave collection is arguably Minka-Aire’s most unique offering. Three different finishes are available in each of the configurations: Distressed Koa, White, and Silver. If you are looking for a fixture that is more like a piece of artwork than a household appliance, you’ve come to the right place.

Artemis Collection

Available in a three-, four, or five-blade version, Minka-Aire’s Artemis is a ceiling fan like no other. In fact, even the finish options among them differ quite a bit. The five-blade version is available in Distressed Koa, Liquid Nickel, Silver, and White. The four-blade version is available in Brushed Nickel, Gun Metal, Oil-Rubbed Bronze, and Soft Brass. Last, but not least, the three-blade version is available in ten different finishes, such as High Gloss Pure Red, Translucent, Copper Bronze, and Mahogany.

Roto Collection

With a sleek design that makes you wonder, “How is something so small, so powerful?”, the Roto collection is available in an 52” indoor rated option and a 62” outdoor rated option. The indoor option has four different finishes to choose from: Distressed Koa, Brushed Aluminum, White, and Oil-Rubbed Bronze, while the outdoor option has all but Distressed Koa.

Aviation Collection

Available in Brushed Nickel with Distressed Koa, Medium Maple, or Silver blades or fully Rosewood or White for both the motor housing and blades, this unique ceiling fan resembles the propellers of an airplane. Whether you want to opt-in to the LED light kit or not, you will receive a remote control with your purchase!

Minka-Aire is Minka Lavery’s Ceiling Fan Division

For over 70 years, the Minka Group has been a leader in the decorative lighting industry, but a few years ago, the lighting manufacturer entered new territory with the debut of Minka Aire ceiling fans. The newcomer is building a reputation for merging form, function, and fashion to bring comfort to any home.  Minka Aire fans are appropriate for indoor and outdoor use in a home, office, or commercial space. Look for the UL-rating for damp or wet environments. These fans can incorporate lighting and accessories such as decals and gems. Coordinate a new Minka Aire fan with decorative Minka Lavery Lighting for a harmonized living space.

Featured Video - Minka Aire Ceiling Fans 2018 New Introductions

Minka-Aire took the most recent architectural trends into consideration when designing their new ceiling fans, as well as redesigning their most popular ones. One of these trends include open concept floor plans, which led Minka-Aire to produce fans with larger bodies and blades to circulate more air and compliment the spaciousness of these great rooms. Also, many of their new ceiling fans are rated and ready to take on all the elements, adding even more design-friendly options to the outdoor ceiling fan category.

Minka Aire fans effectively circulate air to create a cooling breeze that allows users to rely less on air conditioning units during the summertime, which can add up to 40% on cooling costs. When used during the wintertime at low speed in a clockwise direction, these fans can reduce heating costs up to 15%. These fans provide beauty in range of styles and comfort on any budget. From classic to contemporary, Minka Aire has the right ceiling fans for your home, office, and business.

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