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Minka Lavery, a subgroup of the Minka Group, includes a wide and diverse assortment of lighting fixtures ranging in style from modern to classic. Minka Lavery lighting upholds the core values and beliefs that the Minka Group has cultivated over many years, designing and producing high quality lighting products for your home or office.

Why Install a Minka Lavery Chandelier?

Before the invention of electricity, people burned candles in order to illuminate their homes. Chandeliers were a popular light source then and they are still popular today. Minka Lavery chandeliers come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles to suit your home’s décor theme. Installing a Minka Lavery chandelier will add an element of character and charm to your home.

Colorful Murano Glass Pendants by LBL

Go Outside With Minka Outdoor Lights

Want to bring your style outdoors? Outdoor lights by Minka Lavery is an easy, cost-effective way to add beauty to the exterior of your home. Understanding which outdoor lights work best with your home's exterior and landscape will help you choose the right light fixtures for your garden, deck and yard while highlighting and showcasing your unique style and personality.

Quality Indoor & Outdoor Light Fixtures

Minka lighting fixtures produce general, task, or accent lighting, which you can layer to create a well-lit area. Proper ambient lighting is pivotal to lighting design as it serves as the primary source of illumination in a room. Complement your new indoor Minka lights with matching Minka Aire ceiling fans for a consistent look throughout your home.

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