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Period Arts ceiling fans are inspired by the West Coast Arts and Crafts Movement, Greek Revival, Art Nouveau Period, and the Industrial Age. Although the fans are vintage inspired, they offer state of the art technology and ventilation. Hunter's Original Ceiling Fan has a unique cast iron design and powerful motor. Period Arts ceiling fans have a design that is right for your rustic or craftsman styled home.

Add a Historically-Inspired Piece to Your Home with Period Arts Fans

Period Arts ceiling fans are defined by their sense of history. These ceiling fans are inspired by a number of movements and ideas like the Industrial Age, the Austrian Secessionist Movement, the Greek Revival, the West Coast Arts and Crafts Movement, and even Art Nouveau Period. While their designs are vintage inspired, Period Arts fans employ state of the art technology.

Period Art ceiling fans are known for possessing a fine pedigree. These specialty fans are crafted out of inspiration that emerges from a unique place. The ideas of giants such as Frank Lloyd Wright, Dirk Van Erp, Victor Horta, Henry van de Velde, and Benjamin Henry Latrobe are expressed in these ceiling fans. Period Arts also features the ideas of Ron Razek, whose background as a lighting designer helps guide the design of these ceiling fans.

A Period Arts fan usually comes with the following features: Model blade span sizes ranging in 42 or 52 inch ceiling fans, three blade options, or a CFL or incandescent light choice. Many of these modern Period Arts fans actually come without any lights at all. All these features combine to make certain that this maker of ceiling fans stands out from the rest of the options in the marketplace.

Delmarfans.com is the right place to buy such fans. It features the very best that the Period Arts fan company has to offer. Due to their high quality, the price tag on many of these Period Arts fans is upwards of $200, but you do get what you pay for. Models like the Period Arts Schoolhouse ceiling fan come with a 52-inch blade span that already produces an airflow efficiency of almost 100 cubic feet per minute per watt. Other models like the Eclipse feature an unorthodox and minimalist design, along with customization options like adding lights.

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