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Remote Controlled Ceiling Fans with Lights | Save up to 60%

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Cooling comfort is just a click away with these tech savvy remote controlled ceiling fans with lights. Some fan features include up to six-speed temperature control, light dimming, reverse function, and uplight and down light control. Equipping your space with a ceiling fan with light and remote control will add a lot of comfort and style to your home so, order your new ceiling fan with light and remote control today.

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How To Size Your Ceiling Fan
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Why Purchase a Remote Controlled Ceiling Fan with Lights?

The convenience of having the power for your cooling and lighting needs in the palm of your hand will prove invaluable to both you and those around you.
We have some pretty cool (pun intended) ceiling fans with light and remote. One of our top selling products is the Stealth ceiling fan by Casablanca. This fan includes a remote with six different speeds to ensure you and your family’s cozy comfort.  This fan also includes a full-range light dimmer and reverse function. It comes in an array of colors, including glossy black, alpha bronze, weathered copper, snow white, brushed nickel and more.

Some Tips for Cleaning Your Ceiling Fan with Remote Control and Light

Cleaning your remote- To clean those nasty infectious germs from your remote use a soft cloth damped with rubbing alcohol (make sure it’s not soaked just damp). Carefully rub the buttons and entire remote down. You can use Q-Tips to get in those buttons hard to reach spaces.

Cleaning your light fixture- For dusting use an extra soft dry cloth and gently rub around bulb and light. For cleaning, make sure switch is turned off. Create a mixtures of warm water and mild soap. Damped wash cloth and very lightly clean unit by hand. Make sure unit is completely dry before turning back on.  

Cleaning your fan- For dusting use extra soft dry cloth to remove dust from blades and motor. Don’t forget to place a drop cloth below your fan so the dust does not dirty your floor. Two a year clean with warm water and mild soap solution. Make sure to completely dry fan after cleaning as to not damage.

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