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For more than 40 years, Maxim Lighting has been creating light solutions that are innovative in both style and function. The lighting brand offers approximately 6,000 products that include semi-flush, pendant, chandeliers, and outdoor fixtures. Maxim lights are ideal in the bedroom, living room, and dining room for general, task, or accent lighting.


Maxim Lighting – A Bright Solution to Everyday Life

Brothers Jacob and Zvi Sperling founded Maxim Lighting in 1970 in Los Angeles, California. The modest operation began a few years earlier when Jacob, an aeronautical engineering student at the time, began working as a sales associate at a local retailer and became familiar with the lighting industry. Soon after, the young student was creating original light fixtures in his garage, which he sold throughout California out of the back of his station wagon. Jacob’s innovative designs met with overwhelming praise and demand for the light fixtures quickly increased. By 1975, the operation moved from Jacob’s garage to a large warehouse in downtown Los Angeles. The company grew steadily and in 2004, they introduced ET2 Lighting, a line of contemporary fixtures with European influences. Today, Maxim Lights has offices in California and China, and is a well-known leader in the lighting industry.


Using Maxim Lights in Your Home

Lighting is an important element of home design as it has the power to create both reality and illusion. The right amount of light and a good light bulb can transform a gloomy area into a functional workspace or a cozy reading nook. Maxim Lighting produces an array of fixtures suitable for any room or type of lighting.


  • Maxim Chandeliers - Chandeliers lend an elegant touch not only to a dining room, but also to a foyer, bedroom, and living room. These light fixtures truly sparkle when suspended high above a long, grainy wooden table or a grand piano. In addition, these suspended lights provide both general and task lighting.
  • Maxim Semi - Semi flush lights are cross between flush mount and chandelier lighting. These lights hang about four to eight inches from the ceiling and are ideal for rooms with ceilings ranging in height from eight to ten feet.
  • Maxim Pendants - Pendant lights are the go-to-fixture for kitchens and breakfast nooks. When grouped together, these lights can create a strong visual element while providing functional task lighting.
  • Maxim Outdoor Lights - Outdoor lighting serves a dual purpose, to create a welcoming entrance for residents and guest as well as to discourage would-be intruders from trespassing. Outdoor lights can also highlight architectural and landscape design.

Maxim Lighting believes that a business does not start with a sales pitch, but rather a discussion of needs and possible solutions. Their philosophy of never settling for less has fueled their success with a wide a collection of traditional and transitional designs that elevate a home’s motif. A Maxim light not only strives to illuminate your life, but also reflect it.

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