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Adorn your home with Kichler Lighting, an award-winning 75-year-old brand of lighting fixtures with a large collection of indoor and outdoor products for all your home lighting needs. Established in 1938, Kichler Lighting began as a family-owned business in Cleveland, Ohio. Today, the manufacturer is a global leader in decorative lighting fixtures with over 3,000 products available and a progressively growing brand.

What Separates Kichler Lighting from Other Manufacturers?

The company believes that proper lighting is as much an essential component in decorating a space as furniture and paint. The company’s designers travel the world to study the latest fashion and home décor trends to incorporate these elements into their products. Each Kichler light fixture is expertly crafted with the finest materials to form a flawless arrangement of style, glass, and finish to enhance any decorative scheme. Kichler chandeliers, pendants, and sconces are available in a variety of styles and finishes to match a home’s individual décor. Many Kichler light fixtures are energy efficient and suitable for indoor or outdoor applications.

Why Buy Kichler Lighting?

Kichler light fixtures are recognized as industry frontrunners in energy-efficient technology and have received many honors for their efforts, including the Lighting for Tomorrow Award, sponsored by the Consortium for Energy Efficiency and the American Lighting Association. Kichler Lighting has also earned acclaim from the Design Journal, EcoHome Magazine and Green Builder Magazine, and has been featured on HGTV’s Red Hot and Green. Kichler offers coordinated collections that harmoniously bring together any living or work space.

Create Visual Appeal in Your Home

Are certain rooms in your home darker than others? Kichler light fixtures will help you design effortless looking lighting in your home. Modernize your kitchen, breakfast nook, or dining room with a row of stylish Kichler pendant lights or semi-flush lights. Add functional lighting to your bathroom, bedroom, or hallway with Kichler wall lighting. “Wall sconces add visual interest to the bath,” says Jeff Doss, Kichler Lighting's Corporate Director of Education and Industry Trends, “and even make daily tasks like shaving and makeup application easier."

Customize the Look of Your Home

Kichler light fixtures produce general, task, or accent lighting, which you can layer to create a well-lit area. Proper ambient lighting is pivotal to lighting design as it serves as the primary source of illumination in a room. Kichler chandeliers, pendants, and wall-mounted lights create useful task lighting in a dining room, kitchen, or bathroom. Kichler wall lighting and under cabinet lighting provide accent lighting, drawing attention to unique architectural and decorative elements. Complement your new Kichler light fixtures with matching Kichler ceiling fans for a consistent look throughout your home.

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