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If you're looking for mid-century modern or contemporary light fixtures to add to your home, this is the perfect collection for you. George Kovacs designs high quality fixtures with a style that is simple yet sophisticated. Find modern chandeliers, pendants, wall lights, and more for every room of your home!
There are many things to consider when purchasing a new ceiling fan. Do you want something basic and functional to simply provide effective airflow? Do you want something to match your current style of home decor? Or, maybe you want something that will grab attention and amaze. Choosing a ceiling fan that will serve as a focal point and make a statement can be fun! In this list, we've compiled some of the coolest ceiling fans in our collection. Chosen for their unique stylings and futuristic designs, these ceiling fans will not disappoint.
Troy Lighting offers professionally designed light fixtures utilizing quality materials and finishes. Products include hanging pendants, wall sconces and outdoor lighting for both home and commercial uses. These modern light fixtures upgrade the look and feel of any home. Choose from over 650 Troy Lighting products at
Rolling hills of green, Sangiovese grapes, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, and Italian romance are perhaps some of the beautiful images that dance around the thought of Tuscany. Tuscany is located in central Italy and is home to about 3.75 million people. While Tuscany may feel like a dream that you have yet to explore in the flesh, there are certainly ways to bring Tuscan style into your own home. Along with discovering the difference between Mediterranean style and Tuscan style, this guide should help you to find inspiration for bringing Tuscan style lighting to brighten your villa.
Based in Atlanta, GA, Savoy House is family-owned and was founded more than 50 years ago. Robert Lee came to Atlanta from the farm fields of South Georgia back in the 1930s with nothing but pocket change and hope. His gamble paid off and in 1965, he and his son Fred established Progressive Lighting.
Did you know that electricity for lighting did not exist until 1879? Before then, gaslighting, candles, or oil lamps was the only way to bring illumination into a space. Today’s antique style lighting guide focuses predominantly on the electric bulb. This might include antique reproduction lighting that mimics kerosene products but accommodates modern conveniences. So, pull up your neo-rococo chair or get comfy on the imitation Victorian fainting couch to find out more.
Crystorama provides dazzling design using high-quality materials. Find a wide selection of indoor and outdoor lighting products including hanging lanterns and pendants, crystal chandeliers, vanity and wall lighting, and ceiling lights for your home. Inspired by beauty and art, upgrade your home decor with these quality lighting products from Crystorama. Choose from over 580 Crystorama Lighting products at
When you're looking to add lighting to your current industrial decor, look for fixtures that incorporate distressed wood, iron pipes, dark finishes, and Edison bulbs. Created with simple designs and sturdy materials, these classic lighting fixtures are easy to match and integrate with your existing room decor. We've got a complete selection of industrial lighting, including lamps, pendants, chandeliers, ceiling lights, and outdoor lights.
The Metropolitan brand is bringing sophisticated European lighting designs to North America. These innovative light fixtures add elegance and glam to all the rooms of your home. Products include bathroom vanity lights, hanging pendants, decorative chandeliers, and ceiling lights. Utilizing high-quality materials, these modern lighting products upgrade the look and feel of any home. Choose from over 280 Metropolitan Lighting Fixture products at
Tiffany style lighting catches the eye with a unique stained glass design. Originally crafted by Louis Comfort Tiffany's design studio in the 1890s, these light fixtures are categorized by having irregular edges and floral elements. The segmented glass shades feature multiple colors and shapes.
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