Customer Testimonials

These are the testimonials we have received from our satisfied customers.

Appreciated the concern and willingness to help with our situation and a fan.

Julie D., 8/3/2021

I love my new fans ,and Del Mar was great to deal with. My only criticism was when I tried to reach by phone , I could not get a person on the phone. However, your system of contact by e mail is great ... very prompt and helpful response ! Thank you ! Would definitely recommend you to others , and order from you again for future fan & lighting needs .

Jimmy W., 8/3/2021

Thank you so much for your prompt response Tammy and your assistance with this issue. I was very surprised that your quick and courteous response.

Susan B.., 8/2/2021

Thanks for the complete list of Hunter dealers in Canada. This is a tremendous help.

Roger N.., 7/6/2021

Fixed the problem with one contact.

Louis S., 7/6/2021

Very responsive! Thank you.

Mary S., 7/8/2021

Appreciate the communication.

Brent P., 7/9/2021

Quick response - thx!

Lisa V., 7/9/2021

Support was perfect...thank you

Preston C., 7/9/2021

Tammy was wonderful. She fixed my goof so easily and with such a pleasant demeanor! I couldn't be more pleased!

Jeff C., 7/12/2021

Good/Fast information to contact the company. Thanks for your help!!

Don C., 7/12/2021

The response to my request was quick and comprehensive. Thank you.

Gordon G., 7/13/2021

Prompt, thorough, great response all around. 10 out of 10.

Brian F., 7/13/2021

They are making the changes to my order and sending me added parts. Thanks for your service

Barbara M., 7/13/2021

Dealing with Del Mar has been hassle free. You guys are very helpful.

Daniel A., 7/14/2021

Tammy has been great through the replacement process of my fan. Thanks so much!!

Brian S.., 7/15/2021

Very quick response and thorough.

Connie T., 7/16/2021

Quick response And a nice selection to review Thank you

Vincent L., 7/16/2021

Very professional. I missed seeing your final price. She was kind enough to point it out. I'll be ordering ceiling fans from you today.

Mark T.., 7/19/2021

Krista call back promptly and was very friendly/cheerful. Quickly addressed the online ordering issue I was experiencing and got me taken care of.

Stan M.., 7/19/2021

The fastest reply I believe I have ever gotten.

Ted F.., 7/19/2021

Kristen was bery knowledgeable and helpful

Crystal C. ., 7/20/2021

Quick response. Good answer.

Shawna W.., 7/21/2021

Kristin cares about her customers.

Crystal C. ., 7/23/2021

Krista was friendly, on point, and extremely responsive to my inquiry.

Diane S.., 7/23/2021

Knowledgeable, polite, and succinct

Judy M.., 7/24/2021

very responsive. in fact, surprisingly perfect.

Bruce C.., 7/24/2021

Quick responses. Took time to find what I wanted and was very successful!

Suzanne K.., 7/26/2021

Krista really knows her stuff! Got ? She's got answers! Go Team Krista!!

Diane S.., 7/26/2021

You exceeded my expectations. I was inquiring about the delivery status, which you answered along with a pleasant surprise! Thanks, have a great day!

Phil M.., 7/26/2021

Tammy was extremely helpful in resolving my dilemma with the Craftmade Chandelier. I will be sure to keep Del Mar Fan Company in mind with making future purchases.

Cynthia M.., 7/28/2021

Can't ask for anything more than quick and easy!

Kevin T.., 7/30/2021

Very helpful. Friendly. Efficient.

Judy M.., 7/30/2021

Thank you for your timely assistance.

San D.., 6/30/2021

Helpful with outdoor lighting -multiple types same style.

Cynthia S., 6/29/2021

Quick response and accurate information. Thank you!

John J., 6/28/2021

Michael has been extremely patient! Not to mention accommodating, and polite. Couldn't ask for better service!

Lori A., 6/28/2021

Love their products

Dennis L., 6/25/2021

Super fast, which I *really* needed in this case. Thank you!

Caroline R., 6/25/2021

Thank you for the quick and accurate answer.

Tom B., 6/25/2021

Excellent help! Thank you!

Job T.., 6/24/2021

Thank you so much Tammy for all your help with this order.

Karen M., 6/23/2021

Always a prompt response from Tammy. She's great.

John M.., 6/23/2021

Tammy did a really great job of helping me get what I needed.

Dale H.., 6/21/2021

Very quick follow up and completely answered my question.

Dennis L., 6/18/2021

Patient and understanding excellent service

Derrick G., 6/17/2021

Fast response - good service.

Jared M.., 6/17/2021

Krista helped me figure out which fans I needed for my garage, if the downrods they came with would work, etc. Great experience, and helped me order with confidence.

Eric M., 6/17/2021

Not only did Tammy help me out with size and type of fan I needed via your chat line, but she also narrowed my search down to 26 fans. The sheer number of fans that you carry is overwhelming. On top of that, Tammy noticed that I had not used the Promo code associated with the fan I bought so she went in and added it to Accounting. Tammy is an incredible asset to your company. She is professional, knowledgeable and personable. I wish I ran into more Customer Service reps like her!

Gretchen B.., 6/17/2021

Krista was exceptionally helpful and understood the issues immediately. Her response was an immediate solution to the incorrect product information supplied by your vendor. As a company you are fortunate to have such on outstanding employee as part of your team.

Angela M., 6/11/2021

Tammy handled my issue quickly and courteously. Her mannerism was warm and welcoming. I wish all customer service representatives were like Tammy.

Marc P.., 6/10/2021

Krista is an outstanding employee, she has been instrumental in making sure all of my needs are taken care of. Kuddos to Krista

Crystal C. ., 6/10/2021

Tech support was great and so was sales. I have failed in this project for at least 3 years - so grateful for a solution. Fingers crossed that it works! Thank you Del Mar.

Janet O.., 6/9/2021

Appreciate the followup email, as promised. Good work.

Nancy A., 5/27/2021

Great customer service. Very friendly and helpful resolving my issue.

Jim D., 5/24/2021

Everyone I've dealt with on the phone while dealing issues with my order has been considerate and helpful. Thank you so much!

Latrice R., 5/22/2021

Michael was very helpful & went above & beyond to answer questions!

Rebecca H., 5/22/2021

Although my lamp choice was back-ordered, the Del Mar folks kept me informed as to its availability and had it shipped to me pronto as soon as it was back in stock. The lamp was really worth the wait! Thank you A+++

Maggie., 5/18/2021

Excellent customer service. Fast, professional and positive!

Judy C., 5/17/2021

Excellent reply and information, very helpful.

Christopher D., 5/16/2021

Great customer service. Thanks so much.

Cheryl S., 5/14/2021

Accurate and timely response.

Joy E., 5/11/2021

Impressed and happy with the customer service. Will definitely be a returning customer!

Phil R., 5/11/2021

good response to my email

Leonard B., 5/10/2021

Prompt and courteous customer service reply! Thank you!

Laurie A., 5/10/2021

Professional, courteous and amazing customer service by Kevin at Delmar Fans & Lightning !!! I am so thankful 🙏

Jamal D., 5/5/2021

Tammy was super friendly and very helpful. Thank you!!!

Steven T., 5/4/2021

Thank you for your quick reply!

Julie H., 5/4/2021

Quick response!

Tony., 5/4/2021

Tammy was exceptionally helpful. Great customer service

Walter H., 5/4/2021

The response was prompt and responded to my request without delay.

Nora K., 5/3/2021

Very, very happy and impressed with the immediate attention to my email questions! Thank you!

Chierek M., 4/30/2021

Tammy was awesome, she quickly helped me with my problem and saved the day. Thank you!

Sareen P., 4/30/2021

Thank you. I will try your store again in the future.

Kim K., 4/30/2021

We are very appreciate of your fast and kind response. Thank you!

Cynthia S., 4/29/2021

Great customer service! Very impressed

Vivian P., 4/29/2021

Prompt, thorough and courteous response!

Rachel K., 4/22/2021

Tammy has been fantastic regarding customer service

Linda H., 4/22/2021

Thank you for the quick reply!

Carolyn S., 4/19/2021

Got what I needed.

Rz Ullrich., 4/19/2021

Always very courteous and quick to respond. Thanks

Craig B., 4/17/2021

To claify, a new fan has been ordered for me? What to do with the boxed fan that I have now was not addressed.

Claudia Bly., 4/16/2021

Thanks so much for your quick reply!

Barbara D., 4/16/2021

Krista is fantastic!!!

Reva T., 4/16/2021

Thanks so much, there is a reason we have purchased 10 fans from you! Keep up the good work and I paid the invoice today for the replacement fan. Be well and safe

Michael H., 4/16/2021

Your customer service is excellent!!!

Scott D., 4/15/2021

Great customer experience. Got right to a CSR who was able to identify the issue with detailed follow up.

Ralph B., 4/15/2021

very helpful to solve my problem for replacement fan blades Thanks

Dowell E., 4/12/2021

Fantastic. Thank you so much.

Jeanne F., 4/11/2021

Wonderful customer Service

Laura C., 4/9/2021

Most appreciative of the effort to assist and the comprehensive reply.

Susan M., 4/9/2021

I am very impressed with the prompt response and exceptional handling of this issue.

Barry Z., 4/6/2021

Delmar customer service has been great every time we have dealt with them. I won't shop for lights or fans anywhere else!

Joanne N., 4/3/2021

Excellent - informative and timely.

Susan M., 4/2/2021

Tammy has been very responsive and has followed through at every point ~ it is very much appreciated and we will definitely do business with Del Mar again and recommend you to friends and family

Jeanne P., 4/1/2021

Thanks for the timely response

Lynne G., 3/31/2021

I found the phone number for your company easily through Google, and, the lady who answered was super helpful!!

Joy S., 3/30/2021

Krista is wonderful!

Robert C., 3/29/2021

Michael has been extremely responsive and helpful in all my interactions with him.

John M., 3/29/2021

Kevin was great! He was super helpful over the phone and was quick to respond when I followed-up via email. Great customer service!

Jennifer P., 3/25/2021

Great. Big Thanks!!!

Geraldina C., 3/25/2021

Very Professional and apologetic!!

George M ., 3/24/2021

Quick response and processed problem promptly

Donald Knapp., 3/22/2021

Great, professional customer service!Thank you!

John K., 3/19/2021

Tammy was most helpful and courteous...Excellent customer service.

Donna Darden., 3/18/2021

Most excellent! Thank you Tammy!

Thomas D., 3/18/2021

Customer service and order department very friendly and efficient.

Rhonda G., 3/17/2021

Tammy was awesome!! Very helpful, prompt, and knowledgeable. Went out of her way, to help me with something.

Bruce J., 3/16/2021

Very timely reply.

Lynn M., 3/16/2021

Thank you so much for your generous response.

Barbara M., 3/16/2021

I loved the ceiling fan I had previously and that's why I ordered the exact same one as a replacement. Great product and I will always stay with your company.

Sheri W., 3/16/2021

FAST response with the right answer!

Thomas L., 3/15/2021

Excellent! Krista was a great sales expert to talk to.

Augusto V., 3/13/2021

Thank you so much! I will definitely buy from you again, once I've made up my mind as to which items we want.

Timothy G., 3/8/2021

All the information was included and instructions were clearly stated.

Brian B., 3/8/2021

Thank you so much for the prompt response aponse

Elizabeth B., 3/5/2021

Tammy is so prompt and provides very quick response. Wish there was a higher category then good. Like excellent or extraordinary. I will be recommending Del Mar to anyone looking for great products and customer service. Thanks for being easy to work with

Bryson L., 3/4/2021

Thank you so much. I will make sure to leave a good Google review after this is all said and done.

James M., 3/2/2021

Thank you for taking the time to thoroughly answer my question.

Andrea C., 3/2/2021

Excellent support received. I love the Zephyr fan.

Pat Laswell., 3/2/2021

Kevin was WONDERFUL in trying to solve my problems with the fan return. Very professional and courteous. It is always very nice to have a point of contact to reach out to when things don't go smoothly. He is an asset to your company!!

Dora L., 2/25/2021

Great job!!!

Steve C., 2/25/2021

You had the info i needed

Dick G., 2/25/2021

Very reassuring. Seemed to understand my concern and did not criticize me for it. I appreciate the prompt response.

Bonniesue B., 2/23/2021

Thanks for your response.

Rachel L., 2/23/2021

Thanks for the help

Ric H., 2/22/2021

The first part of what I needed was excellently addressed by your Educational Tool to figure out my slope, then chat with Kevin was terrific. It was easy it gave me what I needed and he was professional and very helpful and further helped me with good suggestions with my needs. Thanks John

John A., 2/17/2021

I appreciate all your help

Stephen S., 2/16/2021

I appreciate the communication. Thank you!

Karen C., 2/15/2021

Quick, efficient response.

Mary Jane S., 2/15/2021

Thanks for the quick service.

Rick L., 2/15/2021

I am more than happy with the support I received. This order did not work out, but I will definitely use Del Mar Fans in the future.

Stephen N., 2/15/2021

Thanks for the clear, concise and prompt response.

Robert B., 2/11/2021

Service and response were excellent!

James S., 2/8/2021

Thanks for quick turnaround

Chris M., 2/8/2021

Regarding a recent purchase I made, I have been very pleased with my purchase and I want to thank you you for the superb service I received.

Larry T., 2/7/2021

Very good feedback and very helpful

Richard R., 2/5/2021

Thanks so much, never got another update but I got the fan today-so alls well that ends well!!! Thanks for great service!

Nancy B., 2/3/2021

The fastest reply I have ever gotten. GREAT JOB!!!

Ted F., 1/28/2021

Krista was very helpful and knowledgeable.

Liz R., 1/28/2021

Tammy and David have been phenomenal to work with!

Tom S., 1/27/2021

Very helpful and friendly.

Silas B., 1/26/2021

As always great customer support:)

Ann S., 1/26/2021

Very accommodating!

Lisa S., 1/25/2021

Very good response and fast

Richard H ., 1/23/2021

Thank you, again, Tammy, for all your help. You were spot on!

Chris G., 1/23/2021

The agent was great. She checked that the items were shipped and gave their tracking numbers.

Marie T., 1/22/2021

Pleasant and knowledgeable. Love the service from Del Mar.

Matt M., 1/22/2021

Krista was extremely helpful, pleasant, informative, and knowledgeable. Thank you!

Ralph F., 1/20/2021

Super helpful and efficient!!

Kelsie C., 1/20/2021

Quick response :)

Michael Cushing., 1/18/2021

thank you for getting right back to me!!!

Paula M ., 1/15/2021

My wife was very pleased with having options to look at and plans to order one of those that you sent. Thanks for keeping my life happy by keeping her happy.

Margo C., 1/15/2021

Prompt and helpful. Thanks!

Monica F., 1/13/2021

Very fast to respond and help with the problem.

Debbie D., 1/12/2021

Thanks for the quick reply, it helped a LOT!!!

Walter R., 1/11/2021

So happy!!!

Janice B., 1/9/2021

So far customer service has been very good - being responsive to my delivery issue.

Michael V., 1/4/2021

thank you very much for your feedback - it's very helpful

Dan T., 1/4/2021

We are very satisfied customers of the Del Mar Fans that we purchased. The replacement experience with customer service was handled promptly and is much appreciated! Thanks again!

Jared M., 1/4/2021

Very timely & detailed. Answered all my questions in a polite & concise manner.

Kris S., 12/30/2020

Very helpful and polite!

Julie H., 12/28/2020

Very responsive. Great customer service

Donna Rosenstock., 12/22/2020

Excellent service and help

Peter I., 12/19/2020

It's been a pleasure working with Krista. Thanks!

Mike Cosmo., 12/18/2020

Quick and efficient with details in the email. Great service again!

Karla Simpson., 12/18/2020

Like the professionalism of the company

David H., 12/16/2020

Such excellent customer service. I always get timely responses, with all of my questions answered.

Belinda L., 12/16/2020

very responsive, timely, and directly answered my questions.

Martha C., 12/14/2020

Fast reply, question answered.

Mark V., 12/13/2020

Fast, accurate and helpful!

Caleb E., 12/12/2020

Very quick response

Jim G., 12/11/2020

Very helpful

Steve T., 12/10/2020

Krista has been very helpful in guiding me through moving air at x CFM, number of blades needed for my sq footage, etc. Thank you.

Mal O., 12/10/2020

Thank you for the shipping information. I just wanted to make sure everything was in order! A mistake at this time of year can mean weeks of delay. You have a FANtastic day too! Linda

Linda Garcia., 12/4/2020

Miss Tammy went beyond to help me. This is something that you hardly ever see these days. I was completely lost tell she figured out exactly what I needed. I will always check with you guys for my needs first. I really appreciate the awesome customer services. Thank you!!

Lisa L., 12/2/2020

quick reply, exact and to the point.

Trey S., 12/1/2020

They answered my question without delay;)

Peggy F., 11/30/2020

Really appreciate the speedy reply and solution! 

Kathy O., 11/27/2020

Excellent customer service. Wouldn't hesitate to purchase from your company again.

Peilin B., 11/25/2020

Kevin was VERY helpful. He responded to my emails very quickly and seemed to go above and beyond the normal amount required. I didn't have to ask about shipping my return and the correct item was promptly sent without me even asking. High marks all around.

Bunky W., 11/23/2020

Let me start by saying the customer representative employee was excellent in assisting me. She has assisted me above and beyond my expectations. . The employee was very professional took time to address all my additional concerns, after speaking with the employee my day became a lot more brighter. This type of service is a reflection of the company and their product which is a unique and wonderful product . I'm very pleased to do business with this company and the employees

Danielle P., 11/22/2020

Very helpful! Thanks! :-))

Laurie R., 11/21/2020

Great customer service! Timely, pleasant and took care my issue.

Mark L., 11/21/2020

Information was clear and helpful.

Hope W., 11/20/2020

Tammy is the best! Always prompt with replies and always helpful. I highly recommend Del Mar for any ceiling fan needs.

Steve M., 11/18/2020

Krista's reply and her giving me options was much appreciated. Thank you for your help.

Paul Z., 11/18/2020

I really appreciate the response and offer! Krista is awesome!

Florence B., 11/18/2020

Tammy was extremely helpful and very timely with her responses. Thank you Tammy for the great customer service!

Mark A., 11/17/2020

Kevin gave us an option to try when our fan stopped working. It worked! Great service!

Mark S., 11/16/2020

Krista was wonderful! I loved having a particular person to contact when needed. Would surely recommend this company to friends.

Sheryl P., 11/16/2020

Krista has provided excellent customer service. Her product knowledge has been extremely helpful.

Mike C., 11/12/2020

Tammy is awesome. She listened and proceded to help me replace a defective newly ordered/installed fan. I cannot express the quick, prompt, and exceptional help that she provided. I will recommend highly Del Mar Fans & Lighting to my friends and family.

Jeffrey H., 11/12/2020

Above & beyond! Perfect!

Sara F., 11/12/2020

Tammy has been more than helpful with my issues regarding my Minka fan. Refreshing to find a company that provides quality customer service.

Pat B., 11/11/2020

Nice to work with good people

Jennings O., 11/10/2020

Both the Customer Service and Purchasing Departments were both helpful and responsive!

Lynne W ., 11/8/2020

Tammy was so helpful and prompt when I inquired about my order. I have never been so incredibly impressed with customer service.

Krissy F., 11/8/2020

Tammy fulfilled my request promptly and was a pleasure to speak with. Thanks again!

Lucas., 11/7/2020

Excellent service and a friendly attitude. Thank you

Monte S., 11/6/2020

Very helpful, amazingly quick response and great to deal with!

Richard R., 11/3/2020

Tammy was VERY helpful and gave me hope that my new ceiling fan may get here before Thanksgiving. She went out of her way to assure the best delivery date to get the fan to me.

Karen S., 11/2/2020

Very nice to deal with promptly answered my question

Don S., 11/2/2020

Tammy has been wonderful, assisting me with two different requests. Thank you so much, Tammy!

Liberty N., 11/2/2020

Kevin is the BEST !!! Thanks for all your help!

Ian D., 11/1/2020

I am very satisfied dealing with you because of your immediate responses always. Congrats!

Blanca M., 10/31/2020

Wow is all I can say!! Your organization has an amazing asset with Krista. I do almost all of my shopping online due to the frustration I have with going in to stores and no one knows their products / services much less what they actually have in inventory. My conversation with Krista reminded me of the types of professional assistance you USED to get in stores. So grateful that I had access to such an educated resource at my fingertips while making decisions on my remodel. Thankyou!

William M., 10/31/2020

Very good procedure for parts covered under manufacturer's warranty.

Pat B., 10/30/2020

Thank you so much for the information. You are very good at what you do.

Gifty S., 10/30/2020

Responses to inquiries were quickly made, everyone was polite and courteous. I am very happy that I purchased my sconces from your company. Thank you for your fine and fair service, I will certainly deal with you again.

Thomas K., 10/28/2020

Fast response on the price protection. Goes along with the quick shipment of the original order. Del Mar Fans is a great company to do business with.

Jane S., 10/26/2020

I am beyond impressed with the customer service I receive from Del Mar Fans and Lighting.

Frank F., 10/22/2020

Great responsive service.

John H., 10/22/2020

The contact started as a result of a shipping delay, but the phenomenal support received has created a very loyal customer.

Randall W., 10/21/2020

extremely helpful!

Summer D., 10/20/2020

Wonderful company, customer service and would gladly be a reference!

Frannie B., 10/17/2020

Krista has been very patient and kind in addressing my questions about the larger fans. I even imposed upon her to contact the manufacturer directly with my questions and she did so with a smile. When I finalize my fan choice, I will be placing my order with Del Mar because of Krista’s phenomenal customer service!

Neil G., 10/15/2020

Very quick response time. I am very impressed:-)

David H., 10/15/2020

Very informative and very thorough. Thank you so much Tammy. My husband is not excited that he has new ceiling fans to put up, but we really need them and I am very excited about them coming

Jennifer A., 10/15/2020

Great customer service! Thank you

Stephen F ., 10/12/2020

Quick responses, You are on my “A” list for ordering other items Thanks

Amos N., 10/10/2020

Many thanks for your help on coastal designs for harsh climates!

Allyson H., 10/9/2020

Awesome quick response and very detailed thank you Tammy and support team your awesome

Todd J., 10/9/2020

Krista was extremely helpful and made smooth work of a problem that had been a bit frustrating for me. It is my first time buying from your company and, assuming all products arrive as ordered and in a timely way, I will be sure to recommend your company to friends and family. Pun intended, I am now a big fan.

Joy E., 10/9/2020

Excellent customer service. Very helpful and professional. Exceeded my expectations

Thomas T., 10/8/2020

Although we received a damaged fixture from the manufacturer at no fault of Del Mar Fans & Lighting (Del Mar), Del Mar was extremely responsive to us and did everything they could to help us send back the damaged order and receive another. Their customer service was great and I would definitely use them again in the future.

Andrew K., 10/8/2020

Helpful and concerned. A nice change from other companies. Thank you.

Gary F., 10/8/2020

Very courteous and helpful

Chad W., 10/7/2020

Tammy is very helpful and her follow up with the customer is good.

Sandra D., 10/6/2020

So helpful!

Jo R., 10/5/2020

Thank you for your quick response.

Jan M., 10/3/2020

Quick and friendly service to help resolve an issue where a product was incorrectly packaged/labeled.

Andrew S., 10/1/2020

Great customer service, much appreciated.

Frank F., 10/1/2020

My question was answered within 15 minutes!

Cynthia W., 10/1/2020

Very quick response. Spec sheet about the ceiling fan was perfect. I would have never received this from the other big box stores. Thats why I do business with a company that is local with the community.

Blair K., 9/30/2020

Krista has been a great help.

Bill W., 9/29/2020

All of my inquiries about the chandelier were handled from start to finish. I appreciate the time spent and expertise taken on my purchase.

Doreen T., 9/29/2020

Great communication!

Rosemary B., 9/29/2020


Fred M., 9/28/2020

I appreciate your assistance in this manner. I have ordered my replacement fans from you since you were so very helpful.

Erika M., 9/28/2020

Tammy is great. She is quick to respond to my emails and very solution-driven.

Susan C., 9/25/2020

Resolved situation and then some!

Darren G., 9/24/2020

Customer service is above board. Top shelf assistance!

Steve B., 9/23/2020

Awesome customer service!

Tom & Katie A., 9/22/2020

I called Customer Service and they were very helpful and supportive, quick response and solution/information provided, thanks!

Michael P., 9/22/2020

Great customer service.

Cheryl H., 9/21/2020

Quick response . Thank you

Mike B., 9/18/2020

You appear to have answered all questions and dealt with the problem immediately. Exceptional service.

Jason F., 9/17/2020

Got back to me very soon. Appreciated that.

Nancy J., 9/17/2020

Prompt follow-up!

Mike C., 9/15/2020

Appreciate y'all for being so prompt. People are asking me where I got my fans. So, I have been referring them to your website.

Lucy G., 9/11/2020

The fact that I got an honest reply so fast was great.

Nick P., 9/8/2020

Great customer service and willing to go the extra mile. Friendly and very helpful. Thanks!

Bill T., 9/2/2020

Unfortunately after just a few short weeks my fan stopped working. Del Mar customer service responded quickly and agreed to replace the fan at no cost. Very appreciative to purchase from a company that stands behind what they sell. I would not hesitate to order from them again.

Lori C., 9/1/2020

Solved my problem quickly and communication was fast and great.

Roy K., 8/28/2020

Tammy is very helpful and prompt! Great worker.

Tom F., 8/27/2020

Very fast response to my warranty replacement inquiry.

Jonathon F., 8/27/2020


Adam G., 8/26/2020

Super friendly! Very helpful!

Jessi F., 8/25/2020

Fast and precise response. Thank you

Jacques F., 8/25/2020

Thanks to the entire team for their assistance in resolving the entire matter with the first fan that failed. I shipped it back to you this afternoon.

Melinda C., 8/24/2020

Excellent customer service! Will definitely do business with this company again.

Robert R., 8/22/2020

Krista was a great help. Very knowledgeable .

Roy K., 8/18/2020

Tammy is very knowledgeable and helpful! Thank you!

Pure E., 8/14/2020

Quickly answered my question and was very friendly.

Brandon H., 8/13/2020

Appreciate the follow up and reaponsiveness

Marilynn H., 8/11/2020

Excellent helpful information and pleasant interaction

John L., 8/10/2020

Fantastic customer service.

Frank T., 8/10/2020

Very prompt /thorough response. THANKS

Bela T., 8/10/2020

This was customer service above and beyond what I was expecting. Thank you for setting the bar high!

L Collins., 8/7/2020

Very responsive and great customer service.

Jason L., 8/7/2020

Tammy was both helpful and nice to talk to. Will definitely be doing business with you.

Leslie C., 8/3/2020

Prompt and satisfying actions.

David G., 8/3/2020

The Del Mar team is great, they respond promptly and take care of all my concerns!

Leo S., 7/31/2020

Awesome customer service

Arlene N., 7/31/2020


Rachel V., 7/30/2020

Everything was handled so smoothly and great customer service

Lisa W., 7/29/2020

Excellent customer service!

Yuri K., 7/29/2020

You are awesome

Lynda H., 7/28/2020

Thank you for the quick response.

Gerald M.., 7/28/2020

All contacts today, via chat, via email, were extremely pleasant and helpful. Thanks so much!

Michal G., 7/28/2020

Great support, very helpful.

Edwin J., 7/27/2020

Prompt responses are always appreciated. Thanks!

Randall G., 7/24/2020

So knowledgeable and friendly!!!

Tom K., 7/23/2020

Krista went was helpful, knowledgeable, responsive and generally went above and beyond. Thank you!

Rosie B., 7/23/2020

Thank you SO MUCH! I really appreciate it and again; very sorry for the inconvenience. We will keep you guys in mind next time we need a replacement part or ( if my husband loses the remote ) lol...many thanks

Annette T., 7/20/2020

My total experience has been nothing short of great in a time when everyone's stress level due to Covid-19 is off the charts. Great company to do business with. Great service and personnel.

William V., 7/17/2020

Tammy replied promptly and answered my question completely. Thanks!!

Ellen D., 7/16/2020

Such great customer service.

Michelle V., 7/16/2020

Yes, Tammy was Awesome and, she went the extra mile, so to speak, to give me both correct Discount Codes AND, she tested it to see if BOTH Discount Codes would be able to apply! And, they did!! I even forgot to give Tammy the Item # for the Ceiling Fan I want to purchase and she STILL answered all my questions!! I'm purchasing the Ceiling Fan from HUNTER; THANKS TO Tammy!!

Colleen G., 7/16/2020

Absolutely Exceptionable customer service!

Cynthia W., 7/16/2020

Absolutely superior customer service!

Douglas M., 7/15/2020

great, quick reply thanks

Sandra S., 7/15/2020

Prompt response and told me what I wanted to hear.

Pat P., 7/13/2020

Surprised to hear back so quickly and on a weekend as well! Thanks

Emidio D., 7/13/2020

I'm very impressed. Normally, when I buy something online I'm always a bit apprehensive that the customer service I'll receive if there's a problem will be spotty, at best. With Del Mar, however, Kevin was just responsive when something I ordered turned out to be unavailable- he went out of his way to find the product product in stock. Really first-rate customer service.

Steven D., 7/13/2020

I appreciate the prompt service especially on the weekend. Thanks so much!

Beth E., 7/12/2020

Excellent customer service!! Appreciate the quick and thorough response!

Tim D., 7/8/2020

I appreciate the prompt and spot on response. It is resulting in my buying from you guys

Drew S., 7/7/2020

Del Mar's customer service and response to queries has exceeded all expectations. High quality products and services.

Ed D., 7/7/2020

Made my refund quick and easy! Very impressed

Amy G., 7/7/2020

Thank you so much for your quick response. I appreciate the great information

Joanna ., 7/6/2020

Very Very Helpful

Char., 7/1/2020

Appreciate the prompt responses.

Paul G., 7/1/2020

QUICK response was very helpful!!!!!!!!

Jim G., 7/1/2020

Very friendly and helpful.

Chris K., 6/26/2020

Customer Service Staff have been very helpful in addressing issues with missing parts on my newly purchased Minka fans.

Ranthi D., 6/25/2020

A very prompt and excellent response by the representative and appreciate the great customer service

Brenda M., 6/19/2020

This is a company that puts its reputation and the customer inquired as its basis. I will definitely use this business for future needs for my home.

Larry I., 6/17/2020

CSR was very helpful on the phone; great attitude. I was pleasantly surprised when she offered to directly e-mail me the Return Form vs me going back on-line, finding form etc. Nice touch! Isn't it amazing how little things can help turn a minor irritant a into a positive, first-time experience with a company. Kudos.

Albert A., 6/9/2020

Was helped by a super friendly rep and am very happy with service provided

Matthew U., 6/8/2020

Very friendly and very helpful!

Camille Y., 6/8/2020

Prompt and concise response received. Very much appreciated.

Tina N., 6/5/2020

Tammy provided the information that I needed regarding our ceiling fan order and was a FANtastic help :o)

Michele H., 6/4/2020

Tammy you're the BEST!

Marcus C., 6/4/2020

Doing all they can in meeting our needs. Thank you and God bless you all

Russ G., 6/3/2020

Krista has been of great help, thanks!

Helen P., 6/2/2020

Tammy was terrific and resolved or issue with lightning speed. By the time I returned my phone to the cradle after talking with her we had an email with everything we needed. We love the product and the and delivery was very prompt. We wouldn't hesitate to order from Del Mar again based on our overall experience.

Harper G., 6/2/2020

Relied back to my concern with an answer quickly. Thanks!

Megan W., 6/2/2020

Responsive company. Nice in this day & age.

David B., 5/30/2020

Your responses were rapid and answered all my questions. Thanks, I will be ordering later this summer.

Kathy M., 5/26/2020

Customer representative was attentive and did his best to supply the information I was seeking.

Angela B., 5/26/2020

Customer Service level was excellent. Courteous and great problem solving skills; solved my problem! Thank you.

Sam D., 5/26/2020

This was the best technical answer to my question possible because it addressed my particular concerns about fan blades warping, but it was also a courteous response by email.

David M., 5/22/2020

Very fast response by company. Thanks.

Philip D., 5/22/2020

So fantastic to encounter knowledgeable, prompt, attentive representative....she was terrific!

Robyn G., 5/21/2020

Del Mar has been such a great find for me. We have purchased a number of fans over the past years and no one has matched your ease of use, excellent web site, payment, confirmation and follow up process. The one issue I had was small but you treated it with quick responsive service and thorough follow through. Highly recommend to anyone who asks! Thanks

Michael H., 5/21/2020

Thank you! Finding a fan to fit my needs was driving me crazy! I love you!

Pat J., 5/19/2020

Super patient. Thank you

Peggy H., 5/18/2020

I appreciated all the help I received I was given. Everytime I tried looking for Minka's information, it would give me dealership numbers instead of where I could get tech support.

Marsha H., 5/14/2020

Tammy was very helpful and got back to me with an hour of contacting her.

Patricia V., 5/13/2020

Tammy answered my question (about shipment of the remainder of my order) quickly. Thanks.

Michael P., 5/12/2020

Great customer service!!!!

Ryan G., 5/12/2020

Prompt, Courteous, and Helpful!

Keith K., 5/12/2020

Very willing to assist in resolving my issues relating to order,

William G., 5/8/2020

The information you gave was very helpful thank you.

Judy K., 5/8/2020

Very professional and responsive.

Don S., 5/8/2020

She was great, very knowledgeable and so friendly

Loretta V., 5/3/2020

Yes - Kevin went above and beyond in helping me with my choice of ceiling fan! He offered a variety of options and was very nice to deal with. Thank you, Kevin!

Maureen M., 5/1/2020

Great customer service!

Tracey T., 5/1/2020

Fast and courteous

Mike S., 4/30/2020

Fantastic! Tammy listened to my issue and was super quick to resolve.

Patti C., 4/30/2020

Found just what I need

Timothy B., 4/30/2020

Thank you for resolving my request quickly!

Monji Landscape Companies Office, 4/29/2020

Great service!

George V., 4/24/2020

I really like to do business with Delmar. They have quality fans and quality service. I just bought another ceiling fan from them too.

Lisa W., 4/20/2020

So quick at responding to any question. This company is on the ball. Will definitely order from them again!

Constance G., 4/17/2020

I love your company ....every time I have an issue or concern your team always works to resolve. The BEST customer service I have received and I do a lot of online buying

Marie P., 4/15/2020

Super quick and super helpful response. Much appreciated.

Mark B., 4/14/2020

Prompt update with product replacement. Thank you very much!

Paul N., 4/13/2020

Again, quick responses, polite and courteous! Gray customer service!

Melissa D., 4/8/2020

Tammy was prompt and courteous. I appreciate her help and hope everyone stays safe and healthy now.

Aimee L., 4/3/2020

Thank you for your speedy response! Thank you

Eileen S., 3/30/2020

Kevin is terrific. Understood that I really need that receiver.

Hadassa G., 3/24/2020

Quick response & provided phone number for assistance!

Kandi N., 3/24/2020

I very much appreciate this being resolved with this phone call. Will be ordering again soon. Thanks!

Susan H., 3/14/2020

Unless I'm missing something here, Your company has a lot of great staff on board. Keith

Keith K., 3/7/2020

Awesome support

Ann Marie L., 3/5/2020

Tammy went above and beyond the customer Service was incredible thank you Tammy for all of your support!

Debbie P., 3/3/2020

Surprised how fast you replied. Really do appreciate that.

Pilka R., 3/3/2020

Krista was so helpful with my purchase of 7 Fans and one chandelier. Her experience with all the products made my one stop shopping a breeze! Thank you Del Mar Fans! RCP

Rosemary P., 3/3/2020

Thank you for prompt response and shipping.

Clint M., 3/2/2020

The response was quick and to the point.

Gerardo R., 2/29/2020

Very timely response...

Katrina W., 2/28/2020

Prompt and helpful! Thanks Tammy!

Elizabeth R., 2/27/2020

Tammy is an excellent customer service rep and problem solver! -Sam

Sam P., 2/25/2020

Excellent customer service.

Shirley H., 2/25/2020

Excellent service. Over and above ! Thank you

Jason D., 2/21/2020

All questions answered. Thank you

Tami., 2/21/2020

Krista Berndl was so very helpful. Professional, thorough and responsive. Thanks

Mike W., 2/11/2020

Best service experience I have ever encounter. Thank you Tammy

W. Joseph M., 2/5/2020

Awesome customer service

Craig S., 2/3/2020

Was awesome customer service

John B., 2/1/2020

Excellent Support !

Peter I., 1/27/2020

Great help! Very prompt and thoughtful!

Mary Lue C., 1/24/2020

Great service. Very polite and interested in locating product with specified details.

Donna R., 1/22/2020

Kevin was very helpful. He is replacing the fan that seems to have and electrical problem. He was also helpful in advising me on a future purchase we plan to make.

L Collins., 1/20/2020

Tammy followed up with me re. my order. She remembered that I am concerned about getting delivery before the weekend and checked the delivery time and emailed me to say it looks like it will be (FedEx willing...). Great service!

Dave C., 1/15/2020

Very timely & detailed. Answered all my questions in a polite & concise manner.

Kris S., 12/30/2019

Excellent service and help

Peter I., 12/19/2019

Such excellent customer service. I always get timely responses, with all of my questions answered.

Belinda L., 12/16/2019

Fast reply, question answered.

Mark V., 12/13/2019

Fast, accurate and helpful!

Caleb E., 12/12/2019

Miss Tammy went beyond to help me. This is something that you hardly ever see these days. I was completely lost tell she figured out exactly what I needed. I will always check with you guys for my needs first. I really appreciate the awesome customer services. Thank you!!

Lisa L., 12/2/2019

Really appreciate the speedy reply and solution!

Kathy O., 11/27/2019

Let me start by saying the customer representative employee was excellent in assisting me. She has assisted me above and beyond my expectations. . The employee was very professional took time to address all my additional concerns, after speaking with the employee my day became a lot more brighter. This type of service is a reflection of the company and their product which is a unique and wonderful product . I'm very pleased to do business with this company and the employees

Danielle P., 11/22/2019

Very helpful! Thanks! :-))

Laurie R., 11/21/2019

Great customer service! Timely, pleasant and took care my issue.

Mark L., 11/21/2019

Tammy is the best! Always prompt with replies and always helpful. I highly recommend Del Mar for any ceiling fan needs.

Steve M., 11/18/2019

Krista's reply and her giving me options was much appreciated. Thank you for your help.

Paul Z., 11/18/2019

I really appreciate the response and offer! Krista is awesome!

Florence B., 11/18/2019

Tammy is awesome. She listened and proceded to help me replace a defective newly ordered/installed fan. I cannot express the quick, prompt, and exceptional help that she provided. I will recommend highly Del Mar Fans & Lighting to my friends and family.

Jeffrey H., 11/12/2019

Above & beyond! Perfect!

Sara F., 11/12/2019

Tammy has been more than helpful with my issues regarding my Minka fan. Refreshing to find a company that provides quality customer service.

Pat B., 11/11/2019

Both the Customer Service and Purchasing Departments were both helpful and responsive!

Lynne W., 11/8/2019

Tammy was so helpful and prompt when I inquired about my order. I have never been so incredibly impressed with customer service.

Krissy F., 11/8/2019

Tammy fulfilled my request promptly and was a pleasure to speak with. Thanks again!

Lucas, 11/7/2019

Very nice to deal with promptly answered my question

Don S., 11/2/2019

Wow is all I can say!! Your organization has an amazing asset with Krista. I do almost all of my shopping online due to the frustration I have with going in to stores and no one knows their products / services much less what they actually have in inventory. My conversation with Krista reminded me of the types of professional assistance you USED to get in stores. So grateful that I had access to such an educated resource at my fingertips while making decisions on my remodel. Thankyou!

William M., 10/31/2019

Thank you so much for the information. You are very good at what you do.

Gifty S., 10/30/2019

Very good procedure for parts covered under manufacturer's warranty.

Pat B., 10/30/2019

I am beyond impressed with the customer service I receive from Del Mar Fans and Lighting.

Frank F., 10/22/2019

Wonderful company, customer service and would gladly be a reference!

Frannie B., 10/17/2019

Very informative and very thorough. Thank you so much Tammy. My husband is not excited that he has new ceiling fans to put up, but we really need them and I am very excited about them coming

Jennifer A., 10/15/2019

Very quick response time. I am very impressed:

David H., 10/15/2019

Krista has been very patient and kind in addressing my questions about the larger fans. I even imposed upon her to contact the manufacturer directly with my questions and she did so with a smile. When I finalize my fan choice, I will be placing my order with Del Mar because of Krista’s phenomenal customer service!

Neil G., 10/15/2019

Great customer service! Thank you

Stephen F., 10/12/2019

Quick responses, You are on my “A” list for ordering other items Thanks

Amos N., 10/10/2019

Many thanks for your help on coastal designs for harsh climates!

Allyson H., 10/9/2019

Excellent customer service. Very helpful and professional. Exceeded my expectations

Thomas T., 10/8/2019

Although we received a damaged fixture from the manufacturer at no fault of Del Mar Fans & Lighting (Del Mar), Del Mar was extremely responsive to us and did everything they could to help us send back the damaged order and receive another. Their customer service was great and I would definitely use them again in the future.

Andrew K., 10/8/2019

Great customer service, much appreciated.

Frank F., 10/1/2019

Quick and friendly service to help resolve an issue where a product was incorrectly packaged/labeled.

Andrew S., 10/1/2019

the absolute best customer service I have ever had. In my line of business and in all businesses customer service is paramount.

Lynda W., 9/14/2019

I appreciate the efforts to ensure timely communication and guidance for returns. Thank you.

Clare E., 9/9/2019

Thank you! We appreciate the good information

John G., 9/9/2019

So far my inquiries about a defective Minka Air fan are being responded to during “a hurricane”! You can’t top that!!

Ashley B., 9/5/2019

I appreciate your handling of this issue. I frequently recommend your website to people, and this confirms my trust in you.

Jeanie H., 9/2/2019

Excellent and prompt customer service!!!

Joe S., 8/29/2019

Great fast friendly service in spite of potential hurricane arrival!!

Bob B., 8/29/2019

Tammy very promptly and helpfully replied to my request. I've purchased from Del Mar (lighting & fans) on more than one occasion and would not hesitate to do so again.

Joseph D., 8/27/2019

the quick response was unexpected as was reply of sending a new fan. That was also unexpected but I want to thank you in advance for the replacement fan. I was expecting to have to argue with someone about it, What a wonderful surprise that it was absolutely hassle free. I will put your company at the top of my list for fan needs as well as tell my friends that you are a great place to do business with. Thank you again

Connie G., 8/21/2019

Very helpfull staff. Thank you for making this purchase quick and simple.

Debbie E., 8/19/2019

Tammy was extremely helpful trying to resolve my fan receiver issue. I wish more customer service representatives at other companies were as pleasant and easy to work with. It certainly would encourage consumers to do more business with them.

Steve M., 8/15/2019

Prompt and very nice courteous pleasant experience. Thank you

Alicia M., 8/15/2019

Super fast response. Excellent customer service. Thank you!!

Tonia N., 8/15/2019

Swift, helpful response. Thank you, Tammy!

Toni D., 8/14/2019

Everyone is very helpful and nice!

Mike D., 8/12/2019

In the commerce of life things quite often won’t go as planned. My philosophy is this: do not judge a company or a person by a mistake but on how they handle/correct that mistake. There is absolutely nothing more you could have done to get a better outcome. I thank you for your effort and mostly keeping in communication (that’s huge). Have a wonderful day and thanks once again !

Dawn M., 8/8/2019

Great communication and really appreciate Tammy getting back to me so quickly.

Barbara M., 8/7/2019

Great service! Thanks again

Jeff H., 8/6/2019

Fantastic help with my new Craftmade doorbell

Tom R., 8/6/2019

Dear sirs, I called you to complain about a Minka-Air F565-WH ceiling fan annoying noise which I purchased through Amazon. It was loud enough to keep me awake at night. I contacted your customer support with my complaint and was very politely handled by one of your agents. I explained my problem and told him I followed all of the trouble shooting guides, to no avail. He immediately told me he would send me a replacement fan. He did and in four days I had our new fan. This one is silent. Thank you for your excellent and quick service. I would grade your store an A+ and will buy from you in the future.

Marilyn O., 8/3/2018

Jeffrey,Thank you so much I appreciate all y'alls help and quick responses. This has to be the best customer service of any place I've ordered from.

BreAuna C., 4/22/2016

Bought my first ceiling fan from DelMar fans. Replacement for the fan in my wife’s project room.The new fan arrived quickly, made my wife happy. I put up the new fan and turned it on, lights worked and the fan didn’t. Spent several hours trying to find a fix, the fan was locked up. Went to bed that night with a very unhappy wife. Early the next morning I sent an email to DelMar Fans explaining my fan problems. Ok folks this is where I have had several bad experiences in the past. My wife remembers them all and reminded me when this fan didn’t work. That afternoon I got back a reply from DelMar Fans service folks. Two days later a replacement fan arrived by UPS. My wife’s happy and I am really impressed. I would highly recommend these folks as being top notch.

Jerry H., 4/1/2016

Thank you! This has been a wonderful customer experience. I wish all companies performed this kind of due diligence.

Amy L., 2/26/2016

I would like to make a special mention of Ms. Laura McNaughton, a representative at Del Mar fans. I briefly chatted with her on Sunday for a product that i have been looking for. She couldnt find that in store as it was discontinued from the OEM. She reached out to OEM (Casablanca fans) proactively, got the info of which product would work and sent me an email with the details. I did receive the same info from Casablanca also (i had sent an email to them earlier), but Laura's effort made me to buy this from Del Mar. With this experience, I will certainly come back to Del Mar and the credit goes to the effort by Laura.

Saurabh L., 2/8/2016

Goodness! We are so pleased with your promtness. You represent super professionalism & have given us great customer satisfaction. Thank you for making us feel like special customers.

Shirley P., 12/31/2015

Jeffrey,Thanks again for your efforts and truly outstanding customer service. I wish more companies were like yours.

Dale K., 12/23/2015

I just got ..amazing customer service..from the web site thru the delivery and potential glad I ordered from you..thank very much..

Susan S., 11/27/2015

Thanks Trent you have been very helpful I will look at that line

Mary S., 11/12/2015

Jennie,Thank you for all your help. You, Trent & Kevin have gone out of your way to help & advise us. I would refer your company anytime.Thanks again & God Bless

Jim P., 11/3/2015

Good morning Mr. Pickens,We are both surprised and impressed with your incredible speed and thoughtfulness. Thank you for taking care of this problem as quickly as you have. You are a great man.If we need to purchase additional fans or items in the future, we will look to purchase from your company FIRST !!

John F., 10/12/2015

Ms. Allen: Thank you. I too wish the downrods would've worked. Nonetheless, for ALL my future fan needs, I intend to call you first. Really! For all my troubles with three ceiling fans, I wish I'd have shopped with you initially, because you above all others were courteous, knowledgeable, professional. I meant it. Josh--I think that's whom I dealt with--was a total pro. Hence, Del Mar Fans and Ligting are my future go-to business for all things fans and lighting related from now on.

Paul D., 9/30/2015

Trent, Thanks for the help and great service.

Steve M., 9/11/2015

Trent, I want to THANK YOU for all your assistance in getting me the correct fan parts and e-mailing me the quote so quickly. I'm really impressed with your customer service! I look forward to hearing from you on Monday! Thank you

Julie R., 8/30/2015

I'd like to thank Josh for his help over the past few days. I purchased several fans and a few lights for a house that is not ready for them just yet. He was able to help me place my order so that I have no concerns about the shipping. He offered outstanding customer service and a great price. Thanks again, Josh. I will use Del Mar for any future needs too.

Eileen D., 8/22/2015

The pair arrived and were installed on Saturday - in time for a small gathering - much of which took place around the pool house. Everyone remarked how nice they looked.Again, thanks for your help in making the selection.

James F., 7/20/2015

Accolades to DelMar and you and Jeff and Kevin for the BEST service EVER!!!!

Teresa S., 6/29/2015

This is for the owner/manager of Trent Krueger your wonderful Sales Rep, Trent said I could leave feedback here for y'all to read. Trent and I have been going back and forth for quite some time on some Minka-Aire Products and he has helped me so very much with figuring out what items I need to make my space absolutely beautiful. He went the extra mile and found the additional that I couldn't find anywhere else. Needless to say, Trent saved the day! Thank you so much and what a wonderful guy you have! Truly satisfied!

Kristin R., 6/17/2015

Good Morning, I don't normally do these kinds of reviews (good or bad), but I want to personally thank Trent Krueger your sales rep for guiding me through my shopping on your website with such ease and expertise. I have talked to many places like Home Depot, Lowes,, and many other retailers and NO ONE has given me the patience and kindness I have received from Del Mar Fans and Lighting. Trent has helped me narrow my search to some very beautiful items that I am going to buy very soon from him. I just have to say I am very satisfied with the level of service I have received! Highly Recommend Del Mar for everyone looking for items in this industry. Thanks Trent and the rest of Del Mar Fans and Lighting!

Sean M., 6/16/2015

I want to personally thank your wonderful sales rep Trent Krueger for all of his hard work! He did an amazing job on getting back to me quickly with fan options that and I couldn't be any happier. You have a very great guy on your sales team that is very professional and friendly. I just wanted to let you guys know I appreciate everything and I am looking to place an order soon! I will defiantly be recommending everyone to speak with Trent at Del Mar Fans!

James M., 6/2/2015

Good morning, I wanted to write you regarding the experience I had with one of your sales reps/company. We are in the process of adding a large screened in deck with a roof. I found your website looking for ceiling fans.Your website is very easy to use and very helpful as far as finding all the "additional" items that one might need for their purchase. My main reason for writing this email is to tell you how much I appreciated the help I received from your sales rep Josh Huesser. He is the primary reason I called back and ordered from Del Mar Fans. I found the same fan I ordered on Amazon, and even a little cheaper, but I chose to call back Josh because he was so helpful to me yesterday. He was extremely kind and courteous and so helpful in letting me know when to expect the fan, making sure I had what I needed and even gave me 10% off when the one I originally wanted was out of stock until July. He is truly an asset to your company.I was so pleased with my purchasing experience, I even emailed the name of your company to my contractor if he should have other customers that are looking for fans or lights.I look forward to calling again should I need another in the future.

Michele B., 5/6/2015

You did an excellent job with this order. From the moment you picked up the phone ,you understood my needs, executed the order , and delivered the order all in a timely and professional manner.Great job!

Scott R., 4/10/2015

Josh helped me considerably with this purchase. He's a keeper.

Joan F., 4/9/2015

Josh,I knew when you answered the phone- you are impressive with customer service! Even if this doesn't work out I really appreciate the effort you have put into finding my lights. You will be my expert of choice in the future. You can forward this to your manager :)

Erin B., 3/31/2015

I want to have you recognize the A++ customer service I received from one of your sales rep's, Josh Huesser.From the minute I came across the DelMar site and Josh answered some questions for me through your chat live service, right until I placed my order, Josh was one of the best sales staff I have dealt with in ages - in any capacity. I have always worked in customer service and as a result I can be a bit more critical, as I expect the same quality of service as I try and deliver. Josh overwhelmed me with his well written replies to my emailed questions, his follow up on any questions I had, his knowledge of your products and his willingness to go above and beyond to ensure I received exactly the product I was looking for. Equally as helpful when I placed my order by phone, I cannot tell you how much confidence I have in my purchase just based on the service I received from Josh.Thank you for ensuring you have top notch service personnel, because my decision to order through DelMar was based solely on one staff members positive attitude when it came to customer service!I look forward to receiving my purchase, and I hope I have the opportunity to deal with your company again one day.

Maxine S., 3/14/2015

Wow Jennie, you give great service and make these things easy!

Tanya M., 2/16/2015

Thank you for this information. I'll share this with my husband and we'll let you know. It's so nice to have a company with such good customer service. I've ordered from you before and have been very pleased with your products and look forward to ordering from you again.

Peg M., 2/16/2015

Josh, Thank you so much for your amazing help. We went to the condo today and decided we needed a 42" and a 48" hugger fan in the antique bronze. I will call you on Monday ( don't know if you work Mon). If not, Tues will be fine. If possible I would like to order it over the phone, but if not I'll do my best to do it on line. Unfortunately, you're dealing with your grandparents!!! If possible, please give me the email address of your manager. We've been in your place before and know how nice it is to let people know when their customer service is excellent.

Maxine B., 2/15/2015

Jennie and Jeffry,You are a rarity in today’s business world, a class act with integrity. You understand what so few companies today do: "put the customer first and everything else (including profits) will follow." You have earned my trust with this one relatively small transaction so please advise me of everything you sell and I’ll do my best to do business with you again.

James D., 2/14/2015

Thank You Both! (Tris & Jeff)What a wonderful attitude and action by a company. You have restored my faith in American Companies and internet business transactions. Your attitude and approach will pay Delmar Fans great dividends now and into the future. I will shop with you again. Fans are not a high volume item for me, but I will shop with you again and recommend others do as well. ….And I do know a few Construction Contractors and Landlords.Now, if the fan works as hoped/expected and I do a good job installing it, we will have made a wonderful Christmas present for my sister. PS - Very good pricing & Huge Selection – You kick the heck out of Lowe’s and Home Depot!

Jerry J., 12/12/2014

Jeffrey, the returned fan should have been delivered Oct. 24, 2014 at Ormond Beach, Fl. The return slip was inside the fan box. The replacement fan has been installed and is working just fine. I want to AGAIN thank you for all your assistance. I am still amazed at how much attention you have paid to this process and your interest in making sure everything was done correctly. : – )

Dennis M., 10/25/2014

Point is I spoke to Jeff in customer service today regarding my MinkaAire issue (on a Saturday) and bingo......fixed with grace, professionalism and good humor! I am a small renovator so I WILL have future needs. Your company will be my first stop and likely my last.....

Dennis P., 10/11/2014

Hi Jeffrey, I must say I am totally amazed at your willingness to work through this adventure and certainly blown away that you and your company are so willing to adjust the situation to make it as easy as possible. Because of you, I will take you up on your offer. Yes, please send the replacement fan and I will box up the first fan as best I can and return it in the new box. Please understand, the returned fan will most likely not be packaged as nicely as the factory did it, but I will do my best. Also, there is no need to send the replacement fan via 2nd Day Air but if you make sure that it has a tracking number, that would be helpful. Again, the idea of paying extra for 2nd day delivery just isn’t necessary. As you stated earlier, you will supply an email for a prepaid FedEx return label. I will use that to return the fan. Honestly, Jeffrey, I am very thankful for your assistance and if you need any further information from me, Please don’t hesitate to ask. I am assuming you have the make, model, color etc. of the fan as well as my address.

Dennis M., 10/8/2014

We recently purchased some fans for our household from you, and I just wanted to thank you for the super-fast delivery and for getting everything right. We bought 2 fans and some additional hardware from you, and these fans match two others that we had previously purchased locally a few years ago. I won't name names, but the local chain lighting store was slower to get us our merchandise, and the additional hardware we ordered from them for the sloped ceilings didn't even match one of the fans. Our experience with your company was quite a pleasant one!

Cheryl N., 9/15/2014

Dear Owner/General Manager, I want to applaud one of your sales reps: Josh Huesser at ext. 424. I was very disappointed when another online company backordered a fan for 5 weeks to tell me it was discontinued. Josh went the extra mile to call the manufacturer for me and found the exact fan I wanted had only had a model number change and was available. We were matching another fan in the house so it was important to me that it was an exact match. Josh was great and I wanted to let you know. Thank you for your company and your great customer service. The fan looks great.

Stacy D., 9/9/2014

Just wanted to say I was very pleased with your company . I ordered a fan and it came in a timely manner . I was putting into a room that already had one like it. One part was slightly different and I talked to Jeff in CS. He found the part I needed and I received it in 2days so now both fans are alike. Thanks for your good customer service.

Nancy K., 8/27/2014

Josh I want to thank you for all your help. It was pleasant speaking with you, again you went above and beyond l appreciate all of your help.

Penny T., 8/22/2014

Thanks Jason!! You have been a huge help!

Sheri K., 8/12/2014

WOW !!! you are a hell of a guy !!!!!! You know after closer examination of this it appears to have been damaged before going to its protective hard foam capsule.The hard foam protective cover has no noticeable damage.....maybe at the factory ??? anyway thankyou and everyone who has seen these are in awe !!!! maybe I can drum up more business for you thankyou a 1000 times bill in carson city

Bill B., 8/11/2014

Thank you, Josh. You deserve a gold star for your "above and beyond" efforts!I know Minka-Aire to be a fine, reliable brand and I can tell you understood my wanting the amber light kit.However, I was searching for a fan with a bit more of the craftsman/mission look.

Lois F., 7/30/2014

Had to tell you people that Josh was a serious pleasure to deal with.I was "shopping" and had contacted several other companies and got quotes.His customer service was the Best !!!

William B., 7/28/2014

Mr. Harris,Your expedient reply and outstanding customer service is exemplary! Wonderful!We are in the process of remodeling and will certainly purchase the remaining fans and light fixtures from you.Thank you again.

Debra B., 7/22/2014

thankyou for your help

Wayne M., 6/9/2014

I absolutely LOVE the fan! It's gorgeous, and looks so much better then my old one. I kick myself for having waited this long to replace it.Thank you so much for all your help in making this happen for me.

Andrea T., 6/5/2014

I just ordered a fan through your company and I want to let you know that I worked with Josh both online and both on voice and I received so much help from him and he was so helpful, I never ordered a chandelier in my life and I'm 63, he kind of walked me all through it and explained why I needed to go with the size that it was and I just thought you ought to know that I was so pleased with his helpfulness today. Okay, bye!

Sue W., 5/28/2014

I just wanted to thank you for helping me to find the correct remote control for my ceiling fan. It worked out perfect and we are using it every day.

Muriel S., 5/16/2014

I recently ordered a fan from Delmar and was helped by Jessica on the telephone. She did an outstanding job in helping me choose the right fan and light kit. She spent an abundant amount of time on the phone with me on more than one occasion to answer numerous questions as well as calling the manufacturer for specifics. She is extremely helpful and knowledgeable about your products. Employees are usually not recognized when they go above and beyond to assist a customer. Jessica is definitely an asset to your organization and I am so grateful for her time and assistance in making this recent purchase. Possibly, a bonus is in order!

Linda C., 5/6/2014

Thanks Jeffrey for all your help. I really recommend your company for anyone that wants to purchase lighting. I have told a few of my friends already.

Marianne B., 5/6/2014

Thank You. Shipment arrived safe and sound on April 15th.We appreciate the excellent service your group provided.

Douglas W., 4/16/2014

In any event, everyone that we have worked with at Del Mar Fans has been most helpful. Thanks again! Thanks for your help. Jason, you have been a pleasure to work with.

Pat H., 3/26/2014

If I had to sum up Del Mar in one word, it would have to be INCREDIBLE. We have been in the process of building a new home for the past year. When it was time for ceiling fans (16) to be ordered, I had no idea where to get them because I was not happy with what the local building supply store had. I turned to the internet and found an online store which my son looked up reviews for. Decided it was not the route I wanted to go. I did more searching and found Del Mar and its reviews, the rest is history. Never have I had such excellent service. Friendly, fast, efficient, and real, caring customer service. Oh, and did I mention really great prices. From the first time I called to check on a price match, to ordering, shipping updates and service after receiving the fans (one had a problem)each person I have dealt with has been extremely helpful and professional. Del Mar has set the bar very high and other companies could learn a lot from them.

Donna S., 1/31/2014

Just wanted to thank you for your stellar customer service in replacing the MikaAire Supra that was way too big for my apartment. So nice to know that customer satisfaction still matters!

Carrie S., 12/11/2013

Good Afternoon; and Thanks again for your excellent service.

Genaro M., 12/2/2013

Hi Jessica, I wanted to say, everyone I have spoken with at Del Mar Fans including yourself has delivered excellent customer service. I will go out of my way to shop with you in the future. Thank you for the above average experience, and please do forward this on to your supervisor.

Danny P., 11/7/2013

Hi Jason - Just wanted to let you know that both of your e-mails to this account arrived as soon as we hung up, and the one you sent to the other account was there when I next checked. Thank you again for the excellent service and assistance you provided to me. If I knew to whom I should write, I would send a glowing report to your supervisor.

Milt W., 10/23/2013

Thanks, Jason. This has been a great first-time-customer experience. Have a great weekend

Misha S., 10/18/2013

I really appreciate your help, and love your store. You've made our new house look great!

Ashley M., 10/7/2013

Melissa, I just wanted to say thank you for getting my fan parts. They arrived today and the fan is finally assembled and operating. I, as you, are in the customer service field and it is important to hear when someone is glad to have good service.

Jeffrey L., 10/1/2013

Hi Melissa! My fans were installed today and I am VERY pleased. I wrote reviews for each of the fans. I will be calling in a few weeks to order an additional remote for the white fan. I opted not to wire any of them with the wall switches. Thanks again for your assistance in helping me place my order.

Ashley B., 9/26/2013

Thanks. You guys rock. I received better service from you guys (online chat/phone/email) than from my local lighting shop so I ordered from you. Just wanted to let you know. I appreciate it.

Ed W., 8/7/2013

Many thanks for your help yesterday. The customer service we've received from your company throughout this whole ordering process has been excellent (our first fan was not delivered and FedEx was not very helpful at all). So we greatly appreciate your assistance. I'm sorry the fan didn't work out either. I'm sure we'll be back to order from your website in the future.

Barry J., 8/6/2013

I just wanted to reach out and thank you for the customer service provided to me by Melissa. I have a challenging outdoor application and she was very knowledgeable and helpful. She even called Hunter fans for more information for me and provided a link to the Hunter support document. She is a valuable asset to your company and truly refreshing to correspond with, especially in a time when good Customer Service seems to be rare. If you have any questions for me and want further detail, I'm happy to provide it. I was just so pleased with her detailed responses that I felt it worthwhile to take my time and provide that feedback. Del Mar fans is now my go-to place to buy fans!

Curt K., 7/24/2013

Jessica, Thanks for keeping me posted on the status of the returned fan. I also appreciate your excellent communication throughout this process and the fitness with which you handled this. You left me with a good impression of Delmar as a company that is customer-friendly. I did receive the new fan from Delmar in the finish we want.

Eileen L., 7/18/2013

Thank you, Jessica. With this excellent customer service, I will call upon Delmar Fans whenever I can. For starters, I will be ordering a Monte Carlo Grand Isle fan in the next few weeks.

Ralph P., 7/2/2013

Thank YOU! I have to say I am truly impressed by your prompt an friendly response in this matter. It is most unusual in today's environment. Your company is lucky to have you!

Royce R., 6/27/2013

I just received the fan today. Thank you for your help!

Susan P., 6/25/2013

Jessica, Thank you so much for your help. I apologize for my angry tone in the previous email. I was so disappointed at not being able to finish our project on time that I lost perspective in the situation. I was unkind and disrespectful of your efforts and I am sorry. I appreciate your help on this and I realize that things like this happen. I will look for the follow up tracking info. Thanks again.

Rick R., 6/24/2013

Sarah, thanks for great customer service. That's what truly makes a company stand out!! I do Congressional work which of course is all about customer service. Thanks again.

Elizabeth C., 6/12/2013

I've received the 2 chains. Great customer service! Thank you Del Mar.

Marlene P., 6/5/2013

Thank you. I have been on the customer support business for some VERY large organizations prior to retiring. I would like to tell you that you are one of the few people that go ABOVE AND BEYOND in your willingness to provide outstanding service. You are worth your weight in GOLD! Take care and keep up the great work. You represent you and your company very well!

Travis G., 5/31/2013

I just wanted to thank everyone for their help in fixing the problems i had with my order. You guys went above and beyond on making me a satisfied customer. I will recommend you to anyone and everyone. Thank you thank you thank you!

Brian E., 5/23/2013

Thank you for your email, I don't twitter or facebook. The fan and light fixture has been installed and works great! We are very pleased, we will be buying more fans in the future and you will be the first website we visit.

David D., 4/25/2013

Thank you jason for the great service.

Itay C., 4/5/2013

Hello, I am writing to acknowledge the excellent customer service provided by Melissa at extension 424. Over this past weekend I contacted Del Mar fans with a ceiling fan installation issue. The brand of my ceiling fan was not clear, and was also not purchased from Del Mar. However, Melissa took the time to listen to my issue and help determine the make and model of my item to find the proper installation/owner's manual. Thanks to her patience, courtesy and suggestions I was able to correct my issue with the limited information I was able to provide. Please extend my gratitude to Melissa and the company. Thank you.

Len C., 4/4/2013

Hello Jeffrey, Thank you very much for the quick response. My experience with your company’s customer service has been excellent. We’ll look forward to getting the order.

Bob M., 3/19/2013

Jeffrey, I received my replacement light bulb for my fan away. THANK YOU VERY MUCH for the QUICK response. It's the only light in my kitchen, so I REALLY APPRECIATE your response. Now I need to contact an electrician or handyman to install it.

Catherine H., 3/19/2013

thank you, Jason. You could not have been more helpful,I will certainly buy something from your company. Probably the Hunter.

John D., 3/13/2013

First of all let me thank you for your assistance it was a great experience knowing the integrity of you and your company I will let everyone I know the expert way you and your company does business in this economy today we need to work as professionals at all times and you and your company fit the bill please except my gratitude and rest assure I will promote your company to anyone that is looking for your product!

Norm V., 2/26/2013

Thanks for taking care of it and it really wasn't a problem. I am very pleased with all my experiences with Delmar!

Harvey L., 2/18/2013

Thank you so much. I can't tell you how much I appreciate your help and the customer service you've been providing. I'd be happy to pass that on to your supervisor if you'd like… just say the word!

Pamela P., 2/11/2013

I greatly appreciate your help ! It's nice to know that there is still great customer service out there and I will have nothing but good things to say about your company !! Have a great day

Scott G., 2/9/2013

For several days I've been searching for a replacement for the large lights at the end of my driveway. Every light on my home is the same style, but has been discontinued. I did not want to replace any of them. In an online chat with Melissa Staffa I gave her the manufacturer and style no. for the lights. After checking with others and other lighting retailers, no one could help me. Melissa was able to find the necessary replacement part for the light. It's rare to find an employee who cares so very much about their customers. She did a great job and helped me more than I can tell you. This has certainly instilled loyalty in me toward your company.

Sherry G., 1/11/2013

Thank you so much! I received the tracking information, they should be here this Friday. The service I have received from Del Mar Designs has been superior. I had placed this identical order with a local company around Thanksgiving only to be told last week that they had not even placed the order with Casa yet. My contractor needed to finish this job and the fans were holding him up. I can't thank you enough for responding so quickly to this order and securing a fast delivery of the entire order.

Larissa W., 1/8/2013

I finally got to install my light kit for a ceiling fan that I also previously purchased from you. It was for our vacation condo that we went to this past weekend. I'm always hesitant about ordering things online but am very happy with the quality of both the fan and light.

Linda W., 12/17/2012

As ordered, I received the fan and remote control. Thank you for your prompt attention. I know where to look next time I need lighting or ceiling fans.

Claudia T., 12/12/2012

I’m now back and can reply to your request for info on my defective fan. I guess my contractor has the original receipt, so if you’re able to pull it up, I can give you a pretty good description. If I recall, there are about ten fans on the order. Several are in multiples, but only one has a quantity of 2. The installation instructions are for models AT52, CV52, CXL52, FI52, MI52, P252, PX52, and SN52. I think ours is the PX52, but I don’t know what color other than a dark bronze(?). I hope this helps. You and Del Mar Designs have been great to work with! You have answered all of my questions and concerns and addressed each one in a quick and extremely satisfactory manner. I would never hesitate to recommend you!

Robert H., 11/26/2012

That’s great Jeff! Thanks for your help – this certainly went beyond my expectations for service and I’ll happily order from you guys again!

Michael R., 10/31/2012

Some of our lights arrived the day after I ordered them and the rest arrived the following day! They are already up and look great. Thanks for your superior customer service!

Ellen S., 10/26/2012

Thanks for getting back to me, Jeffrey. Your customer service is exceptional. This is the second fan we've purchased from your firm and we've recommended Del Mar to our neighbors.

Toni D., 10/16/2012

Thanks for your great service. Fans will be installed in Nov. Hope they are are ok!!!

June H., 10/10/2012

order arrived in timely manner. all is okay. fan installed and running, thanks.

A. M. H., 10/5/2012

I'll definitely use Del Mar again when i need lights/fans. Your customer service is great. You have no idea how many things have gone badly the past few weeks and people doing the customer service jobs just dont care enough to even try to fix it. Its so nice dealing with someone that actually helps! Ya'll correct my shipping address earlier with no hassle either, thanks!!!!

Danny O., 10/4/2012

Some of our lights arrived the day after I ordered them and the rest arrived the following day! They are already up and look great. Thanks for your superior customer service!

Ellen S., 10/4/2012

Ive received the package on time, thanks a lot. your service is remarkable!

Itay C., 9/27/2012

I will be another three weeks before the under deck will be completed and the two fans installed but we just wished to thank you for the wonderful experience with your sales staff while we worked through this purchase. You set an extremely high standard when it comes to expertise, service, and customer interaction.

Bob N., 9/27/2012

Our Cordova fan arrived today. We won't have time to take it out of the box b/c we have the house torn up for remodeling. But, may try to check it out later this week. Anyway, I wanted to thank you for working with me during the last two months while I was waiting on the fan. It sure made me less nervous knowing where it was in the process. Little things like that are really appreciated by customers. I can't give you a tip or hug, so all I can do is thank you for going that extra mile.

Danell L., 9/19/2012

Thanks - you have the best customer service I have come across in years!! Keep up the good work and we will be buying from your company again.

Vickie A., 8/28/2012

I can't say enough about your service though. You did everything you said you would do in the time you said you would. I appreciate it very much.

Patrick G., 8/22/2012

Hi, my name is Kevin, I just received the part they sent under warranty. Just wanted to thank you guys, it's working perfectly, and again, it was the remote control module, for the Hunter fan. Just wanted to thank you again, I appreciate how quick it was getting the part to me, I will do business with you in the future, thank you.

Kevin R., 8/20/2012

Just a short one, I love my fans! Everything that I've purchased from your company has been wonderful, even when I purchased the wrong thing, there was no problem with returning it. You'all have the best prices and service around!

Nancy K., 8/15/2012

Not a question, a comment- Your customer service (so far) is SUPERIOR! Thanks for the support regarding a product problem.

Charles S., 8/8/2012

Excellent web site. I like the dimensions, ratings, and user manual downloads

David M., 8/5/2012

Thanks, Jeffrey. This is really great customer service and we appreciate it very much. I will take your recommendations into consideration and order a replacement.

Molly R., 7/26/2012

Cynthia, Thank you so much for your follow-through. It is extremely rare these days to find someone so willing to help and provide great customer service. My Minka Lavery light fixture arrived yesterday. Your shipping service is awesome. I look forward to receiving the fan. I've been passing the word about Delmar Fans -- you have one very satisfied customer. Thank you!!

Joyce C., 7/21/2012

Thank you for your prompt solution, our electrical contractor was very impressed and asked for the information on your company for future projects. We will also keep your company handy for use on our commercial projects.

Kim U., 7/18/2012

I want to write a review on your company and the product I purchased of which I find both to be, outstanding. If you can direct me as to where I can write a review, I would gladly describe the excellent service I received from you and your company.

Bill C., 7/11/2012

Great fan with great service. Thanks Delmar Designs

Donald M., 7/6/2012

Thanks for all of your help this morning. I appreciate your patience over the poor cell phone connection.

Joe H., 7/5/2012

Thanks for the "follow-through" on this credit and thanks for being a wondeful company to deal with.I originally ordered my Minka-Aire Gauguin fan from another company. Since the roof on my new deck was not built yet, I wasn't sure whether to order a 36 or 48-inch downrod. So, I ordered both with the intent to return one of them after I knew which size worked best. The other company had a cumbersome and restrictive return policy. So, I looked around again and found Del Mar. From talking with Jason, I decided to cancel my order with the other company and go with Del Mar Designs. I needed the fan quick because the deck and roof were under construction. The fan came first, but no downrods. I contacted Del Mar. Sarah responded that they were supposed to arrive the next day, and they did (I had no documentation that informed me they would come in different shipments). Both Jason and Sarah were "unusually" polite and provided me the best customer service. I can't say the same for the other company.The Gauguin fan looks awesome on our new deck and we are very happy with it. Please pass on my appreciation to Jason, Sarah, and Del Mar, for the outstanding service!

Lew J., 6/18/2012

Very helpful and promptthanks very much

Vicki C., 6/8/2012

I purchased a set of the Ambience 12123-0 table lamps which were lost by FedEx. I immediately contacted DelMar customer service upon notification of delivery and they arranged for immediate replacement. I received my replacement lamps within 48 hours and they are simply beautiful. I will definitely be ordering from this company again!! So glad I found them :).

Amadi E. L., 5/30/2012

JasonMany, many thanks for your e-mail - the information provided is way beyond the call of duty!

Declan M., 5/30/2012

Thank you! We appreciate how simple that was to complete. This is another reason we will keep coming back to Del Mar Designs. We will actually be ordering more items from Del Mar later this week. Thanks, again.

Mark K., 5/24/2012

Your service was exceptional thanks

Terry M., 5/23/2012

Thanks - the other shpments have been great and I appreciate your wonderful service!

John K., 5/10/2012

Thank you so much for great customer services! You guys have been extremely helpful!

T. W. C., 5/9/2012

Jeffrey, Thank you very much! Del Mar Designs has won my future business for sure!

Ramona D., 5/1/2012

That was an amazingly fast delivery!

John W., 4/26/2012

Wow! Thanks so much for your help! Awesome customer service! Thanks again!

Traci F., 4/25/2012

The fan is already here, you give great service. Thank you.

Susan S., 4/10/2012

Jeffrey,FedEx just delivered - many thanks for your help! Outstanding customer service.

Kevin T., 4/4/2012

Thanks for such an easy experience on-line. I look forward to my fan coming!

Adam T., 4/3/2012

You are simply amazing!! I'm so happy we placed our order with you and that you are so proactive in making sure that the order is what's required to complete our fan kit.I'm not used to this kind of customer service and if there is a place on your website for reviews, I'd be more than happy to post a positive review.Thank you again.

Michele A., 4/2/2012

JeffreyWanted to let you know that the new blades arrived and are in excellent condition. I've already installed them and they look great!!Thank for the excellent customer service. Very much appreciated.

Kevin M., 3/26/2012

I want to Thank Jeff and Jason for all their help!! Great People in Del Mar lighting!! Thank you!!

Mary Ann C., 3/11/2012

Thank you so much Jeff!! You make this all very easy!! Great to do business with you!!

Maryann C., 2/14/2012

Hi, I just wanted to tell you that, after looking at dozens of other internet sites, I am ordering from Delmar because you have (by far) the most comprehensive and accurate product information available, in additional to an easy to understand and navigate web site. Thank you from an avid internet shopper! You've made my life much easier.

Tina C., 12/12/2011

Please be sure to credit JASON with this order, he has been a prince ever since we first embarked on this ceiling fan experiment and I would personally urge anyone who needs customized (and above all intelligent) help to call DelMar and ask for JASON directly. We simply couldn't have managed this without you!!

Skye M., 10/21/2011

Thanks a lot! I want you to know that when I was initially looking at ceiling fans I sent you (or someone at your store) a question as to whether this fan has a reverse switch. I promptly got an email back saying yes, with a photo of the switch.Now that's good service, I thought. And so I bought the fan from you.

John B., 9/12/2011

Thanks so much for your help. The fan works great...I'll be sure to reccommend delmar.

Jeff C., 9/10/2011

Thank you, Cynthia!My husband installed it this last weekend. It works! and it looks great!Thank you for standing by your product.

Amy B., 8/19/2011

I placed the order for our system. I cannot thank you enough for your patient, professional and extremely valuable assistance. You are a true asset to Del Mar and I hope your employers are aware of that. In the future, if I should need other products your company provides, you can be sure I will go first to Del Mar. Thank you again for all your hard work and patience in working with David and me. You are very much appreciated!!!

Michael M., 8/19/2011

I tried to go online to the sales site to write a review, but didn't find exactly where to do it. So, I'm emailing to let you know how very very pleased I am with my purchase.I happened to see a similar fan at a local Lowes. I came home and googled the brand. Through that process, I came across your company---one that "I" wasn't familiar with. But, I took a chance. As I stepped through the ordering process and recognized the site going secure I was more comfortable. The followup email from you also eased my anxiety of dealing with an unfamiliar company. Then when my fan arrived, I immediately checked the contents of the box and found everything to be of great quality and true to the online picture and description.But the absolute best part----I turned off all my house power and hung it myself!!! I'll never do that ALONE again, because the fan is extremely heavy (to me) and I was fortunate that I didn't drop anything! But I read and reread the instructions and proceeded exactly as the instructions directed. I had a red wire in my ceiling that didn't match any on the fan, so I had to call my little brother to find out what to do with that one!! I was nervous when I turned the power back on AND when I turned on the fan for the first time. The fan is absolutely beautiful, it's quiet, it's just wonderful!!Thank you for your sales/shipping professionalism and for marketing such a fine product!!

Sharon B., 8/17/2011

Wow! We already received our fans. I ordered the fans on July 11th and had them sitting at my door on July 14th!! This is awesome!!! Ordering the same fans through Lowe's would have cost us $200 more dollars and it would have taken us over a month to receive our fans. Thank you so much and consider yourselves our new fan source.

Lena D., 7/14/2011

Thank you very much for sending replacement fans! My husband and I are extremely impressed with your customer service! We understand that it is not your company's fault that the Hunter fans we brought are loud. However, you have been far more responsive to our complaint about them than Hunter was when I contacted them. They wanted me to find the manufacture date from the top of the motor (which is not on the external housing) and call them back to decide what to do further. What a pain. You were simply willing to make the exchanges. We hope these are as are quiet as we expect so I can just send you the "old" fans and not have to deal with Hunter any further. Hopefully they will give you a credit.My husband will be traveling for the next two weeks so he will install the new ones after he gets home. I will wait for the shipping label to send you the noisy ones.Thank you again for your amazing customer support. It is rare to find these days. We will gladly recommend you to our family and friends!

Nancy T., 7/7/2011

Jeffrey, you are a miracle worker. Thank you so much for your help and patience this afternoon, and again, my apologys for all the phone calls.Please also convey my appreciation to your manager. These kinds of gestures are very much appreciated by customers and definitely help when deciding to place more orders. I will be sure to let my family and friends know how well I was treated by Del Mar.

Kathy T., 6/28/2011

Installing the Emerson Midway Eco fan was more complicated: It arrived from Del Mar Designs, ( without a parts bag. For nearly $450 (with free shipping) a fan ought to come with all its two-penny screws and pins.After a no-hassle phone call to Del Mar, the company contacted Emerson, which shipped a replacement bag overnight. The fan was blowing on the first 90-degree day of the year.

New York Times, 6/16/2011

Over the past two years, I have purchased four ceiling fans from you for my home in Hinesville, GA. Each purchase experience was significantly enhanced by the superb service and support I received from your customer service representatives - Jay and Jason. As a retired business person, I tend to take a much more critical view of the customer support I receive from a merchant. During each purchase and follow-up, Jay and Jason exceeded my highest expectations. I give them my highest recommendation for customer service and support: they are OUTSTANDING.

Michael P. S., 6/7/2011

I just received my fan! Thanks for going the extra mile. I'll be brining my business back to you. One of the best experiences (if not the best) I've had in many many purchases over the internet. Thanks again,

Todd B., 5/31/2011

Thanks for your quick response and resolution.This is my first order with your company...impressed so far.

Gerry C., 5/23/2011

You guys are awesome.Many Thanks!

Valerie J., 5/10/2011

I just want to write some good words to your service.I just received 8 lightings I've order to DelMar Designs, and everything was well wrapped, and all the glasses are in excellent condition.So I am very happy with your service, I had good price for ordering 8 items, a good price of shipping (to Canada), everything in very good condition, an the items are the same I was waiting for, identicals as the pictures of the web site.Thank you very much, and if I need others things, you can be sure I'll order again in the future!Thank you

Manon B., 4/29/2011

Thank you for your effort in finding the information for me. Because of your excellent customer service assistance, I will be purchasing the fan from you, and not from another vendor who was not as helpful in answering my questions. It seems customer service today is not what is used to be, and I appreciate it when a customer is treated well, which you have most certainly done. Thank you, and please continue with your excellent service.

Bill C., 4/18/2011

We received the fan yesterday evening, the electrician has installed it and everything seems to be working fine. Thank you again so much for your attention to this matter and excellent customer service. I will certainly recommend your company to anyone else looking for these type items and remember you all in the future.

Tammy M., 4/18/2011