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Replace Your Fixture's Light Bulbs with Great Savings

Light bulbs are available in a wide variety of lighting types from standard Incandescent light bulbs to new energy efficient LED light bulbs. It is important to choose the right light bulb when it comes to decorating and lighting your home. Shop our large selection of quality light bulbs for any interior or exterior light fixture in your home.

Light Up a Room with New Bulbs

Light bulbs come in such an array of sizes, styles and outputs. They can make a dramatic difference between perfecting the ambiance. In many instances, changing the lighting in a room is a great solution for a low budget makeover since it can alter the perceived energy of the space. Homeowners can go from a bright, cheery look in a kitchen, to relaxing and calm in a low lit living room.

It is equally important to provide adequate lighting based on the activities that are usually performed in a room. For example, a home office or a reading nook should have enough light that people don’t have to strain their eyes when reading. On the other hand, a den can have soft lighting using dimmed halogen light bulbs, making it easy for people to unwind or watch television without having a harsh glare on the screen. Some of the most widely used lighting bulbs include incandescent light bulbs, fluorescent tubes, halogens, spiral compact fluorescent bulbs and halogen floodlights.

Incandescent light bulbs are the traditionally used bulbs. They are available in clear and frosted selections. Clear lightbulbs produce a bright light whereas the frosted ones emit a noticeably softer effect. Although they are marked as “white”, most incandescent bulbs produce a light color which tends towards the yellow tonal range. For most household lamps, forty to sixty watts is the normal range.

When people think of fluorescent lights, most imagine the dull regulation lights seen in large offices and government buildings. In fact, fluorescent lights, when used correctly, can greatly add to the ambiance of a home area while also saving on cost and energy. Today fluorescent lights can be bought in sizes appropriate for home usage as well. Fluorescent tubes are most useful in kitchens or garages and come in wattages as low as eight watts. The energy-efficient spiral fluorescent bulbs (CFLs) can be used as light fixture bulbs in place of incandescents.

For brighter lit areas, halogen light bulbs provide a fantastic solution. Ranging from 2.2 to 250 watts, they can be used for a range of applications. The brighter lightbulbs are generally popular for display purposes, such as spotlighting a piece of art or drawing focus to something in a main living area. Although smaller than incandescent or fluorescent light bulbs, halogens are capable of producing a very strong light. They are also dimmable, which helps to adjust the amount of light they cast. For outdoor use, halogen floodlights are a better solution and they can be used safely on porches, gardens and backyards.