Lighting Controls

The first light dimmer designed for domestic use was invented by a physicist named Joel Spira in the late 1950s and was an invention that would go on to revolutionize the way homeowners chose to illuminate their homes. Mr. Spira later went on to establish one of the largest lighting control companies to date- Lutron Electronics.

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How do Light Dimmers Work?

Light dimmers work by allowing you to control the amount of light emitted in a particular room in your home by sending fragments of AC directly to the light fixture. Rather than operating like a light switch, which sends a solid line of current to the fixture, a light dimmer breaks the line of current into fragments, giving you the option to control the level of brightness. If the fragments are smaller, the light will be dimmer; however, if the fragments are larger, the light will be brighter.

Why Buy a Light Dimmer?

Light fixtures are essential to the proper functionality of a home and before the invention of the domestic light dimmer, your options for adjusting level of lighting in a room were limited. However, the installation of a dimmer light switch gives you the freedom to choose how bright or dark you want your room. Use a Lutron dimmer switch to dim the lights in your kitchen to create a romantic atmosphere, or dim the brightness in your bathroom to help you relax while you take a luxurious bath.

Save Money & Energy

Installing a light dimmer in your home doesn’t just create ambience and mood lighting, but also helps you save money. Diming your lights reduces the amount of wattage being produced, which helps save energy, thereby lowering your monthly electric bill and expanding the life of your light bulb.