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Let There Be Light: Salty Kids Child Care Facility



At Del Mar Fans & Lighting, we are always seeking new ways to engage with and give back to our local community. Whether it's installing new Hunter ceiling fans at the Grace Academy to raise awareness about National Ceiling Fan Day or holding a light bulb drive to tout the benefits of switching to LED lighting, we've been so fortunate to participate in some great community projects this year.

So, when we learned that the Salty Church was building a new childcare center, we jumped at the opportunity to help. We donated new recessed lighting fixtures and trims as well as incandescent reflector light bulbs. We sopke to Cathye White, the Children's Director, about the new space and here's what she had to say.


What’s your role here at Salty? Salty Kids Guru


How long have you been in it? Three months


Was this the job you always imagined you’d have? Yes. As a young person I always knew that I wanted to do faith based work with kids and be in charge of projects. Even though this opportunity didn’t come as soon as I thought it would in life, I do now have the chance to do what I always imagined for myself.


How to Size a Chandelier: 3 Easy Steps

Find the Right Chandelier Size for Any Room in Your Home


A chandelier adds ambiance, style and of course, general lighting to a room, but selecting the right chandelier can be tricky. A small chandelier can easily get lost in a large space and fail to deliver a strong design element, while a large chandelier can overwhelm a small space. The right chandelier is proportional to the height and width of the room. 

How to Size Your Chandelier
To choose the right chandelier, you need to consider the diameter, height, and purpose of the room. Here are three tips on how to size a chandelier.



3 Steps to Size a Chandelier

1. Determine Chandelier Diameter

First, determine the diameter (width) of the chandelier using the following steps:

  • Measure the length and the width of the room
  • Add the two measurements
  • Convert the measurement unit from feet to inches

The converted sum is the ideal diameter of your chandelier. For example, if your dining room is 10' x 18', a chandelier with a 28" diameter is the best fit for your space.

The Perfect Recipe for Kitchen Lighting

How to Cook Up the Perfect Kitchen Lighting Scheme

Kitchen Lighting Ideas Image



Directions For Kitchen Lighting


Directions for General Lighting


Recessed or Can lights are a popular lighting option for kitchens. Their ability to install within a ceiling allows for a smooth, seamless look that is appealing to many homeowners. Their inconspicuous design makes them easy to decorate around without being distracting or detracting from other design elements.


Track lights are a favorite among homeowners because they are versatile and easy to install. Unlike recessed lights that install in the ceiling, track rail lights are mounted flush against the ceiling in either T, L, or H shaped patterns. However, a flexible monorail track system allows you the freedom to bend the track into your desired shape.

Holiday Inspired Table Lamp: The Big Reveal

Who's Got What it Takes to Win This Challenge?

Indoor Photography Lighting Tips & Tricks

How to Take Indoor Pictures like a Professional

Interested in learning how to take indoor pictures like a professional? If you have yet to purchase an indoor photography lighting kit, have no fear. You can still take amazing photos with some simple home furnishings. Consider using the adjustable table lamp sitting on your bedside table or office desk for adding light to your set. Below are a few additional indoor photography lighting tips you can use to help get the most out of your indoor photos and take pictures like a pro.

Indoor Photography Lighting Tips        

Color Temperature Text

Determining the type of color temperature you want your pictures to have will help you choose the right light bulbs to implement in your photo shoot. Have you ever noticed that the light your adjustable floor lamp produces is a soft, warm white? If so, it's most likely a result of the color temperature of the light bulb. The color temperature of light is measured on a scale of Kelvin that ranges from 2700K to 6500K. Using the Kelvin scale will help you determine the hue a specific light source emits, and understanding the Kelvin scale will help you customize the look and feel of your photo shoot.

2700K - 3000K Color Temperature

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