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Antique Ceiling Fans for Historic Design Ideas

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Are you in need of a fixture to match your classic design taste? Antique ceiling fans, and vintage style overhead fans, are a classy accessory to add elegance to an indoor or outdoor space. Many manufacturers include unique belt-driven options and even some selections with attached lamps. Antique ceiling fans fill your home with an inviting breeze for all of your family and friends to enjoy.

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Vintage Style & Belt Driven Overhead Fans

Antique ceiling fans will cool your room or patio by circulating air and providing a comfortable space for relaxation up the light. Vintage style overhead fans are built to mesh with a wide range of decor ideas that are used around the house. Quality manufacturers like Casablanca, Emerson, and Minka Aire offer outdoor options that can come with lamps for your porch or patio. Vintage style overhead fans have a classic design that fits into any type of home décor to ensure a seamless unification with the rest of the room.

They represent timelessness and class in today’s society. Each piece is considered a work of art that has been painstakingly drafted and crafted. Eighteenth and nineteenth century designs are the inspirations for the elaborate detailing on these customized fans. Though Emerson fixtures pair well with anything, they work best in rooms containing other vintage accessories like pieces of furniture, lamps, and artwork.

Historic homes have an undeniable appeal due to their quality craftsmanship and detailed flourishes. Ceiling fans will not only complement a historic home’s distinct style and personality, but will also add cooling characteristics. We offer a variety of fan manufacturers, types, styles, sizes, and finishes to help you find the perfect option for you. Outdoor ceiling fans are wet and damp rated to ensure safe and long-lasting operation in weather exposed areas like your patio, porch, pergola, sunroom, or entry way.

A great way to brighten up the beautiful craftsmanship and décor in your home is to add illumination. Ceiling fans with lights is a great way to add air circulation without having to keep dark areas around your room. With all of the different fans that are available it can become difficult to decide which is best. We welcome you to read our best types of fans for a home article to gain a wealth of knowledge prior to a decision.

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