Awesome, Unique Ceiling Fans To Cool Your Home

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  •  f888/f889 slipstream ceiling fan
    More Options >> 65" Slipstream CFL, Wet
    by Minka-Aire
    List: $839.93 Our Price: $559.95
  •  craftmade-juna-1 juna ceiling fan
    More Options >> 54" Juna
    by Craftmade
    List: $507.00 Our Price: $338.00
  •  f843/f844 wave ceiling fan
    More Options >> 52" Light Wave LED
    by Minka-Aire
    List: $419.93 Our Price: $279.95
  •  minka-aire-artemis-1 artemis ceiling fan
    More Options >> 58" Artemis LED
    by Minka-Aire
    List: $824.93 Our Price: $549.95
  •  f502-bcw gyro ceiling fan
    42" Traditional Gyro
    by Minka-Aire
    List: $1,289.93 Our Price: $859.95
  •  minka-aire-wave-1 wave ceiling fan
    More Options >> 52" Wave
    by Minka-Aire
    List: $359.93 Our Price: $239.95
  •  7216100 solana ceiling fan
    48" Solana
    by Westinghouse
    List: $279.53 Our Price: $186.35
  •  fpd6254gr duplex ceiling fan
    48" Duplex LED
    by Fanimation
    List: $599.97 Our Price: $399.98
  • FreeGift
     me melody wall fan
    More Options >> 13" Melody, Damp
    by Matthews
    List: $729.00 Our Price: $486.00
  •  7255900 panorama ceiling fan
    52" Panorama
    by Westinghouse
    List: $315.51 Our Price: $210.34
  •  cav52 cavalier ceiling fan
    More Options >> 52" Cavalier, Damp
    by Ellington
    List: $565.50 Our Price: $377.00
  •  isotope isotope ceiling fan
    More Options >> 52" Isotope Hugger
    by Casablanca
    List: $568.50 Our Price: $379.00
  • FreeGift
     nikko nikko ceiling fan
    More Options >> Nikko Hugger
    by Quorum
    List: $492.00 Our Price: $328.00
  •  cf130 tilo ceiling fan
    More Options >> 30" Tilo
    by Emerson
    List: $226.50 Our Price: $151.00
  • 10% off
     59031 fantasy flyer ceiling fan
    48" Fantasy Flyer
    by Hunter
    List: $299.99 Our Price: $199.99
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  •  7850700 vector ceiling fan
    42" Vector Elite
    by Westinghouse
    List: $219.47 Our Price: $146.31
  •  f582 rainman ceiling fan
    More Options >> 54" Rainman, Wet
    by Minka-Aire
    List: $704.93 Our Price: $469.95
  •  xavier xavier ceiling fan
    More Options >> Xavier
    by Westinghouse
    List: $239.43 Our Price: $159.62
  •  f802 gyro ceiling fan
    More Options >> 42" Vintage Gyro
    by Minka-Aire
    List: $1,081.12 Our Price: $679.95
  •  fp815fs air shadow ceiling fan
    43" Air Shadow
    by Fanimation
    List: $749.00 Our Price: $499.33
  •  5sbr56tbd-l strasburg ceiling fan
    56" Strasburg
    by Monte Carlo
    List: $1,183.50 Our Price: $789.00
  •  f853 aviation ceiling fan
    More Options >> 60" Aviation DC
    by Minka-Aire
    List: $869.93 Our Price: $579.95
  •  f602 gyro ceiling fan
    More Options >> 42" Gyro
    by Minka-Aire
    List: $944.93 Our Price: $629.95
  •  craftmade-cortana-2 cortana ceiling fan
    More Options >> 52" Cortana
    by Craftmade
    List: $1,309.50 Our Price: $873.00

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1-24 of 219

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Do you have a room that has been decorated with many strange accessories? Unique ceiling fans, and other unusual fans, come in many different types and styles that do not quite fit into any other categories. Modern homes allow a variety of décor choices for indoor and outdoor locations to reflect your design ideas. Unique ceiling fans come in almost every finish from brass to brushed nickel and can be flush mount or hung from a downrod.

Cool and Unusual Fans for Your Home

Unique ceiling fans are a great option for a bedroom, kitchen, or living space. Unusual fans meld with the one-of-a-kind styles in many homes and are a wonderful modern replacement for common rustic fan types. You can frequently find them in the kitchen with a brushed nickel finish to match other appliances. Some Unusual fans even come with lights to help illuminate the rare trinkets, paintings, and other fancy display pieces in your living room.

Overhead fixtures also blend aesthetics with performance to wow your guests. From rustic style designs to the more exotic, our selection provides an aesthetical, functional accessory to your home. Ceiling fans with lights will provide a functional focal point in any room, even one with a low ceiling by using one of our low profile ceiling fans.

How Can Your Enhance Your Home with a Unique Ceiling Fan?

Office- For a one of a kind look in your office try the Xavier II by Westinghouse. This unusual ceiling fan with light has a beautiful brushed nickel based, five reversible graphite/weathered maple blades and three brushed nickel 150 total watt halogen spot lights. This includes a three speed pull chain, on/off light pull chain and reverse switch so you can keep cold in the hot summers and warm in the freezing winters.

Living Room- The Casablanca Bullet ceiling fan is very clean and minimalistic with a touch of class. This different fan will enhance your living room with a four speed wall control with full range dimming, reversing ad CFL mode. It comes in snow white, brushed nickel and brushed cocoa. The frosted glass light fixture includes downlight bulbs.

Bedroom- You can’t get much more unique than Minka Aire’s Cirque ceiling fans. These fans are individual pieces of artwork on display in your home. Coming in multicolored, brushed nickel, polished nickel or mahogany finishes, these interesting ceiling fans are great bedroom décor and furniture.

Casablanca Bullet Ceiling Fan Brushed Nickel

These rare unique ceiling fans with lights are just what you need to spice up your home’s décor. From minimalistic designs to rare colors we have the unique fans with lights you’re looking for. Here’s some room suggestions for a few of our bestselling fans.

The modern ceiling fan market, there is no shortage of technical innovation – ceiling fans that automatically turn off, automatically balance, and even play music. Ceiling fans are available in an endless array of shapes, sizes, and finishes that guarantee you can cool off in style. Cool ceiling fans, such as the Quorum Nikko, can emphasize an architectural element, complement a cutting-edge theme, or demonstrate your personality. Many fans feature distinctive fan bodies, blade shapes and finishes. Most manufacturers are producing uniquely designed fans from ideas inspired by art, nature, and science. This special ceiling fan collection is available in a range of colors, including a model with all translucent blades.

Selecting the right ceiling fan adds comfort and style to any room in your home. Many ceiling fan styles are produced by the world’s leading brands like Fanimation and Quorum. These accessories are made with quality materials and measures that guarantee functional accessories. Overhead fans do not comprise performance as many of them include lights and are suitable for outside porches, and patios. Select an uncommon ceiling fan that represents your personality, experience, and dreams.

Are you looking for a more common style fan to put in your bedroom? Ceiling fans come in many different types, designs, and finishes to match any room in your house. There is also a large selection of fans that are available for use outside areas. Outdoor ceiling fans have been UL rated and cleared as being safe for either wet or damp locations, making them perfect for a sunroom, porch, or patio.

Multiple hanging options are available for many different fans from most manufacturers. Flush mount ceiling fans, or hugger fans, will allow a close proximity to the roof allowing for maximum headroom even in homes with low ceilings. With all of the options and combinations to provide the calming effect you’re looking for it can be difficult to make a decision. We invite you to learn more about the best types of fans for your home to help with the decision-making process.