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Brass ceiling fans go wonderfully with ivory and neutral colors. Brass has a gold-like appearance that radiates warm, golden tones, and is commonly used in household hardware. Brass Ceiling fans are an excellent choice for matching existing hardware. Select complementary Hinkley brass wall sconces for a cohesive design scheme.

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How To Size Your Ceiling Fan
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 Brass Finish Ceiling Fans for your Home

Ceiling fans with a metallic finish are some of the most popular models on the market today, and it is not difficult to understand why. The luster of a metallic finish complements most rooms nicely, and it is also a good choice for fans that will be placed in a more formal setting. There are many different metallic finishes to choose from today. Shoppers should always consider brass ceiling fans, in particular, if they want a metallic finish on their new ceiling fans.

It can be expensive to redo all of the accessories in the home to match a brass fan that looks completely different from what is already there, so it is better to choose a brass ceiling fan to match brass accessories than to replace all of these accessories along with the ceiling fan brass.

Consumers are fortunate to have several different kinds of brass ceiling fans to choose from. Those who want a shinier finish will want to own one of the many polished brass ceiling fan. It may be, however, that an older-looking finish is preferred. In such cases, buyers will want to look seriously at antique brass ceiling fans. The luster of this metallic antique finish of an antique style fan will not be as shiny as with polished brass ceiling fans or gold ceiling fans, giving the fan an aged look.

Like all other ceiling fans, antique brass fans, polished brass ceiling fans, and gold ceiling fans must be cared for properly to extend their life and keep them looking like new for a long time. Regular dusting will be important, and special attention to the finish to keep it from tarnishing may also be required. Anyone can perform this maintenance. Simply follow the manufacturer’s instructions for both installation and care, and review our tips on how to clean a ceiling fan. Following the instructions, the ceiling fans brass should last for many years.



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