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Are you looking for a way to illuminate your rooms that have low-profile ceilings? Shop our lines of flush mount fixtures, low-profile lighting fixtures, close to ceiling fixtures, and other lighting options. Find the perfect lighting choice for your next home design project at Del Mar Fans. Close-to-ceiling lighting consists of semi flush ceiling lights, installed 4 to 8 inches below ceilings ranging 8 to 10 feet in height, and flush light fixtures, installed against ceilings below 8 feet in height. Close-to-ceiling lights are available in a variety of styles and finishes.

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Helpful Ceiling Lighting Articles

Can Low Profile Lights go in a Bedroom?

When it comes to choosing lighting for your bedroom, it can be hard to know where to start. After all, your bedroom is the scene of so many activities, from waking up to dressing and getting ready for your busy day, to then winding down and resting when it's over. How do you select versatile and functional lighting for such a significant space? Fortunately, it’s possible to address all of your bedroom lighting needs by installing a few different types of lighting, like flush mount and semi-flush mount lighting fixtures.

Overhead semi flush mount light in bedroom

What Styles of Ceiling Lights?

Ceiling lights are available in a variety of styles including:

  • Antique - feature vintage design patterns and details, and polished finishes that are ideal for a classic style home.
  • Contemporary - consist of clean designs, neutral colors, and chic finishes to complement state-of-the-art homes.
  • Decorative - offer smooth lines, unique patterns, and eye-catching color combinations perfect for an avant-garde home.
  • Rustic - encompass contrasting color pallets, intricate design patterns, and richly colored finishes to match an earthy, nature inspired home.

Overhead flush mount light in modern kitchen

Ceiling Lights for Your Kitchen

  • Flush Mount Lights - are a great and unique way to illuminate your kitchen. Add light to your dark kitchen pantry by installing a chic flush mount light.>/li>
  • Semi-flush Lights - will not just brighten up a dim space, but they will also bring beauty and style. Place a semi-flush light over a wet bar to illuminate bottle labels to be certain of what you’re pouring.

Ceiling Light Finishes

  • Bronze - feature finishes such as antique bronze, copper bronze, oil rubbed bronze, and Venetian bronze that complement many home décors.
  • Chrome - have a shiny, polished finish that is ideal for contemporary, modern, and transitional homes.
  • Satin Nickel - have a metal finish with a matte sheen, which removes the shine off of the normally shiny metal.
  • White - feature finishes such as polished white and semi-gloss white that will add a clean, neutral feel to any room.

Looking for versatile lighting choices, but stuck with a room with a low ceiling?

Lights that are close to the ceiling are great for rooms with low ceilings! The base of a close to the ceiling light is attached directly to the ceiling, giving your family and friends plenty of headroom. Del Mar Designs offers flush mount lighting options for all different types of homes so that you won't have to sacrifice your unique sense of style. Our Close to ceiling lighting guide can help you figure out how to give a room a little bit of sparkle and turn an ordinary living space into an extraordinary showpiece. Once installed, these artistic and fashionable close mount light fixtures turn a gloomy room into a cheery, attractive space. Close-to-ceiling light fixtures are appropriate for indoor and outdoor applications.