Landscape & Hardscape Lighting

Landscape lighting offers a creative way to showcase your home and property after dark. Well-placed landscape lights can accent garden statues and fountains, dramatize a stately tree, or highlight a beautiful blooming rose bush. Low voltage landscape lighting can also bathe the side of your house or fence for added safety and security.

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Put Your Home on Display with Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting is a positive attribute that can be added to any landscape scheme. Adding landscape lights to any home can increase the value and overall look of the home. Having the right outdoor landscape lighting can have a great impact on the outside and overall landscaping and exterior of the home. If you ever wanted to grab the attention of people passing by your home, having the proper landscape lighting can help to ensure that your property does not go unnoticed; this is especially important for anyone who is planning to put their home up for sale. Pathway lighting or garden lighting can also be done if you have a garden in your back or front yard, compared to a large area of landscaped land in this area. Depending on what you would like the front or even back of your home to look like, there are landscape lighting prices for you at Del Mar Designs’ website

Different Types of Landscape Lighting Available from Del Mar Designs

Solar: Solar lights are perfect if you would like to save energy, since the lights charge during the day in the sunlight, and can glow during the night from that charge. They come in different styles, sizes, and finishes, from black to copper landscape lighting that allow you to mix and match depending on your particular taste and what you would like the outside of the home to look like. Some of the different outdoor solar landscape lights available include cast Aluminum outdoor solar lights.

Low Voltage: Low voltage lights are plugged into an outlet, but use less electricity to run than traditional outdoor landscape lighting. You can power them on and off by using a switch on the inside of the home. They can be placed throughout the front and back yard and come in various styles and sizes depending on the yard lighting you would like. From sleek modern designs to whimsical landscape lighting designs, Del Mar Designs offers a variety of low-volt landscaping lighting products, including Hinkley landscaping lighting.

LED: LED lights are brightly lit up when they are on. They can be plugged into an outlet on the inside that is wired to a switch for easy on and off functions. The lights are somewhat expensive to replace, so consumers may want to be as careful as you can when it comes to connecting them properly to ensure proper placement and to allow them to settle in their home. They also come in different sizes, colors, and styles depending on the landscape lighting prices that you’re choosing to go with.

Different Uses of Landscape Lighting

There are many ways to improve the outside of your home by using landscape lighting from Del Mar Designs. You can create a whole new atmosphere with lights, shrubs, decorations, and many other factors. This is something that a lot of people do to the outside of their homes to increase the look and feel, but also the value when thinking about selling the home in the future.