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Are you venturing to brighten and showcase your elegant lawn and garden to set you apart from the rest of your neighborhood? Outdoor light fixtures, also called exterior home lanterns, will enhance many of your house’s unique features, ambience, and design. The many wet-rated ceiling, wall, or post mount accessories will help by brightening your front or back yard by highlighting every stitch of hard work that you continue to put into your garden well into the dark night. Add outdoor light fixtures to ensure your beautiful curb appeal does not go unnoticed by friends, family, neighbors, and passersby.

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Exterior Home Lanterns - Post, Ceiling, and Outside Wall Mounts Available

Outdoor light fixtures for porches, patios, and decks are attainable in a wide variety of finishes, materials, types and styles which make them extremely versatile and easy to match with your existing or updated decor. Exterior home lanterns illuminate the exposed areas of your house from hanging ceiling pendants on your front entryway or with security LEDs on your back patio. The UL-listed, wet rated fixtures for around your entire residence can be Energy Star approved and add vivacious beauty, safety, and peace-of-mind in an easy, cost-effective manner while remaining safe and protected from harsh weather, even in direct rainfall. Exterior home lanterns are an integral part of a practical security system design that discourages would-be intruders from targeting your house. These fixtures are vital in helping to deter the possibility of crimes. You will be increasing the risk of burglars being caught in the act by brightening dark areas and minimizing hiding spots near doors and windows.

Elegant outdoor garden and landscaping light fixture

A few benefits of adding outside lights to your house will include:

Curb Appeal: Highlighting the façade, or frontage, of your home with many illuminating accessories and unique designs will leave the onlookers in awe. Create this wonderful ambience for any guests or passersby witnessing all of your hard work and dedication for the first time. Instill into their memory the portrait of comfortability that is your home.

Energy Savings: Energy Star accessories must pass extensive tests to ensure their prolonged use illuminating driveways, walkways, decks, and entryways will not consume a great deal of electricity. You will begin saving energy once these qualified fixtures are installed around the outside of your house. The efficiency standards also require the accessory, usually LED, to produce 70% less heat than traditional models which makes them safe around brush, mulch, insulation, and other flammable materials.

Safety: Adding extra outside wall lighting accessories will surely provide an extra sense of protection against robberies by illuminating your yard and dissuading would-be intruders from attempting a break-in. By keeping less dark spots you make it more difficult for intruders to hide around your property while preparing for robberies, thefts, or other similar crimes.

Outdoor Living: There’s nothing quite like an outdoor living add-on to the back of your house. A comfortable living room can provide a calm ambience with the correct landscape lighting installed in the best locations. Pendants, sconces, lamps and pier mount fixtures can be set around an outdoor living space to help ensure every friend and family member is perfectly content.

Your front walk leading to your porch is the big part of making a good first impression. Set yours apart from a sea of houses with an outdoor post lamp that reflects your interior décor. These pier mounted walkway fixtures will create a smooth transition from your sidewalk to your front entryway. Providing a luminous and aesthetically pleasing transition from outside to inside is another important impression. Hanging porch lanterns brighten your house’s entryway and creates the perfect welcoming ambience for your guests.

When you browse through all of the different products and styles available, you will find the correct accessories to perfectly illuminate your front yard and highlight your garden-scape. Installing the correct landscape lighting to your lawn and garden will add charm and value to the appearance of your residence. Gaining a better understanding of which designs work best with your existing yard layout will help you decide the appropriate illuminating accessories for your nursery, deck, and patio. We welcome you to read DelMarFan’s helpful outdoor fixture purchasing guide for tips on determining size, placement, and more.