Brighten Your Home with Decorative Lamps

Lamps are a convenient and efficient way to illuminate a room. These convenient, no installation needed light fixtures are portable and easy to use. Lamps are portable and provide great general or accent lighting. Decorative floor and table lamps are available in a variety of sizes, styles, and finishes from top designers to complement your home's décor.

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Will Using a Lamp Reduce Eye Strain?

Task lighting is lighting that focuses on a specific area, making it easier to complete tasks such as reading, writing, or viewing a computer screen. Good task lighting reduces eye strain and mental fatigue and can increase task performance by 16 percent. Lamps are ideal sources of task lighting, but the overall effectiveness of task lighting depends on the placement of the lamp. Place a lamp on the opposite side of your dominant hand so that the light sweeps across an area without creating shadows.

Gray Bedroom with Lamp on the Nightstand

Read Long After the Lights Have Gone Out

Desk lamps are a stylish way to illuminate dark areas or highlight the painting hanging on the wall that you bought at the farmer’s market. A desk lamp is an effective way to keep reading long after your spouse has gone to sleep because it will provide you with enough light to see what you’re reading without producing so much light that it keeps your significant other awake.

How to Make Your Own Seasonal Lamp

Looking for a fun and affordable DIY? Making your own seasonal lamp is easy, affordable, and fun. Incorporate sand, seashells, and brightly colored flowers for the summer season. Gather natural materials like dried leaves, pods, and pine cones for a fall-inspired lamp. Using simple, natural elements is a great way to bring the beauty of the seasons into your home. Your season-inspired lamp will radiate warmth and comfort, and is perfect for long hours of conversations and laughter.