How to Clean a Ceiling Fan: The Greasy, The Dirty, and The Dusty


Keeping your ceiling fan clean and dust free is important. Not only does this ensure a long life for your fan, but it also makes the air in your home cleaner and safer for your family. Dust is one of the main culprits of a wobbly ceiling fan. Let’s be honest, no cleaning job is the same. We’ve compiled the best tips and tricks for dusting and cleaning a ceiling fan, including how to clean a ceiling fan on a high ceiling. This helpful guide will teach you how to clean a ceiling fan like a pro.

*Safety first. Always be safe, whenever you work on your fan make sure the breaker is turned off.

Looking for a ceiling fan that is easy to maintain dust-free? Many Hunter ceiling fans include Dust Armor, a coating that repels dust from building up on the fan blades, ensuring a clean fan and home.

How to Dust a Fan on a Standard Ceiling


  • Step Ladder
  • Pillowcase

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If your fan is located on a regular ceiling, ranging from 8 - 10 ft., use a step ladder to reach the ceiling fan and use the steps below:

How To Clean A Ceiling Fan Fast With A Pillow Case
  1. Use a pillowcase to wipe down the canopy, downrod, and motor housing. The pillowcase will capture any excess dust.
  2. Slide the pillowcase over a fan blade, then press gently against the blade, and pull the pillowcase back. Repeat until all blades are clean.
  3. Shake the old pillowcase outside before washing in warm water.

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How to Dust a Fan on a High Ceiling


  • Old Sheet
  • Long Armed Duster
  • Bandana

If your fan is located on a high ceiling, 10 ft. or higher, use a duster with a long handle and a bandana to cover your mouth and nose to keep from breathing in any dust.

How To Clean A Ceiling Fan Using A Duster With An Extension
  1. Lay the sheet out below the area of your ceiling fan to catch the dust.
  2. Using the duster with a DRY dusting head, carefully start at the canopy (top of mounting), dusting down through the downrod and motor housing. Dust the top of the fan blades carefully. Then dust the bottom of the fan blades. Finally, gently dust the glass shade and finial.
  3. Pick up the sheet and take outside to shake the dust out before washing.

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How to Clean a Dirty or Greasy Ceiling Fan


  • Step Ladder
  • Baby Wipes
  • Degreaser or Odorless Mineral Spirit
  • Old Sheet

It is important to know how to clean a ceiling fan and when to clean a ceiling fan. You should clean your ceiling fan about once or twice a year depending on their location.  If your ceiling fan has dirt or grease firmly lodged on the fan body or blades, it may need a thorough cleaning.

Place an old sheet on the floor beneath the ceiling fan and set up a step ladder in the position that is easiest for you to reach the fan. Then, follow the steps bellow:

Things You Need To Clean Your Ceiling Fans: Ladder, Tissues, Cleaner, And Damp Cloth
  1. If the fan is dirty but not greasy, use the baby wipes to clean the ceiling fan and remove any stuck on dirt or debris. Start at the canopy and work your way down to the downrod and the motor housing.
  2. If the fan is greasy, pour a small amount of degreaser or mineral spirit onto a baby wipe (dampen cloth, do not drench cloth), and wipe down the ceiling fan as previously instructed.
  3. Clean the fan blades from top to bottom, taking your time to carefully scrub away any tough dirt. If you are using mineral spirit, be careful as this could affect any design or silk screens on the blades.
  4. Throw away dirty baby wipes and take the sheet outside to shake off any dirt before washing in warm water.

Before cleaning a ceiling fan, be sure to look at the UL rating. Outdoor ceiling fans with a UL WET rating can actually be hosed off. However, outdoor ceiling fans with a UL DAMP rating and indoor ceiling fans with a UL DRY rating should not be subjected to direct contact with water.

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How to Clean a Ceiling Fan Remote


  • Rubbing Alcohol
  • Cotton Rounds
  • Cotton Swabs

Your ceiling fan remote can also accumulate dirt and grime through everyday use. Knowing how to clean a ceiling fan remote will help prevent the spread of germs. Use the steps below to clean your fan remote:

Best Materials To Clean A Dirty Ceiling Fan Remote
  1. Dampen a cotton round with rubbing alcohol (be careful not to drench the round)
  2. Gently wipe the remote with the cotton round, paying extra attention to the buttons
  3. Use the cotton swabs to dislodge any grime embedded around the buttons
  4. Allow the fan remote to air dry

This cleaning technique also works well for TV, DVD, and video game remotes. Keeping your ceiling fan and fan remote clean ensures the their performance and longevity. It also ensures your health and comfort.

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You are now an expert when it comes to how to clean a ceiling fan.

September 4, 2013
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