Recycling used to mean only one thing to most of us: tin cans. And maybe the occasional cardboard box. But that is so 2012. Today, H&M offers a coupon for a bag of your old clothes, the military will recycle your unwanted cell phones, and Apple will gladly take that retired MacBook off your hands. Environmentally conscious consumers are composting food scraps and reusing milk jugs, and words like repurpose and upcycle have entered the mainstream. Many people are even recycling ceiling fan light bulbs.

Reasons to Recycle Your Old Light Bulbs

Westinghouse RecyclePak

Energy-efficient lighting such as compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) contain a trace amount of mercury, an essential component in attaining energy savings, and while these light bulbs help consumers and businesses reduce their energy use and energy costs, it's important that any product containing mercury is properly handled in order to protect public health and the environment. It is estimated businesses recycle 30 percent of the used light bulbs annually, and this number is only set to increase as more switch to energy-efficient lighting. Consumer are also embracing this practice with Westinghouse Light Bulb Recycling Program. You can now recycle the light bulbs from your Westinghouse fans as well as any other household light bulbs.

Westinghouse has partnered with Veolia Environmental Services, the largest U.S. ballast and lamp recycler, for the Westinghouse  Light Bulb Recycling Program. Veolia’s RECYCLEPAK program makes recycling your lamps and ballast a quick and easy process. The program, designed by environmental and safety experts, allows small to mid-sized companies to comply with federal, state, and local disposal regulations. RECYCLEPAK pails and boxes are tested by the United Nations and approved by the Department of Transportation, and are available in a variety of sizes to fit your needs.

Recycle Your Old Light Bulbs in 5 Easy Steps

  1. Order a RECYCLEPAK from Westinghouse.
  2. Fill the RECYCLEPAK with discarded ballast, high intensity discharge, linear fluorescent, and compact fluorescent bulbs.
  3. Once the container is filled, seal the kit according to the packaging instructions.
  4. Fill out and attach the pre-paid shipping label and call FedEx Ground at 1-888-777-6040 to schedule a pickup.
  5. Receive a recycling certificate from Veoila confirming acceptance of RECYCLEPAK container. Keep the certificate for your records.

With programs like this, which make light bulb recycling so simple, we might just be celebrating Earth Day all year long. How do you celebrate Earth Day in your home, business or community?