Lately, it appears as if more interior decorators are shying away from including ceiling fans in their design projects. Countless design shows and blogs feature decorators visiting lighting shops, flooring stores, and art galleries, but we hardly ever see a designer visiting a ceiling fan store. At Del Mar Fans and Lighting, we believe that home design ideas should inspire you to think outside the box. We want to encourage you to seek out room decorating ideas that are unique to your own personal style and combine those ideas with practical fixtures such as ceiling fans.

At Del Mar Fans and Lighting, we feel that ceiling fans have gotten a bad reputation over the years because there was once a time when practical did not equal pretty. Our goal is to prove that ceiling fans are no longer the boring, beige, builder grade fans of the past, but that they are, instead, fixtures capable of adding charm and character to a room. So, we came up with a design challenge to show that it is the ceiling fans time to shine.

Kichler Arkwright Ceiling Fan For Before And After Design Dilemma Challenge

The Design Challenge

The goal of this design challenge is to bring ceiling fans back into focus. We want home design ideas that challenge the norm and that aren’t afraid to be bold and creative.

We challenged three brave designers to create a beautiful space with a Kichler ceiling fan in six weeks to show the design world what it’s missing.

Meet The Designers

These three amazing designers courageously took on our design challenge. They combined their individual sense of style with the Kichler Arkwright ceiling fan with light and created breathtaking spaces that had our jaws dropping and our eyes popping.

Meet Orlando Soria from Hommemaker in Los Angeles, California. Does his face seem familiar? You probably recognize him as Emily Henderson’s charming and charismatic assistant on the HGTV show Secrets from a Stylist. His style is impeccable and his design choices are flawless. He knows how to create the perfect balance between neutral and bold colors, as well as masculine and feminine décor.

Meet the twins, Kelli and Kristi from Arizona. Kelli and Kristi are the masterminds behind Lolly Jane, their “eclectic blog” featuring everything from home décor to tasty recipes. Their blog is an excellent resource for either beginner or experienced crafters. Their blog is refreshingly natural and welcomes you like a close friend.

Meet Kate from Centsational Girl, a self-proclaimed “bargain hunter, design lover, incurable DIYer, and mom to three.” Kate amazes us with her talent and drive. She is a  fierce designer from Northern California, and her work is a reflection of the talent she has to completely transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.