Ships Ahoy! Nautical & Coastal Style Lighting Guide

Ships Ahoy! Nautical & Coastal Style Lighting Guide

Listening to the crashing sounds of the waves rolling in and fading out, feeling the sun beat down onto your back and experiencing the crunchy upheaval of the sand between your toes—these are just a few of the joys which may come to mind when you think of going to the beach. While nautical style certainly embraces beach characteristics and the ocean side ambiance, nautical style brings the best of the entire ocean.

Nautical, or coastal style, offers a bit of the boat, the beach, the bay, and even the beautiful sea below. Nautical style refers to the sea and her ships. Along with fishing out the top characteristics of nautical style, we have also provided some of the top nautical style fixtures in this guide so that you can transform your home into an aquatic abode.

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What is Nautical Style Lighting?

Pictured is a nautical style interior with whites, blues, and a coastal charm.

While we can’t always bring a beautiful view of an ocean-side sunrise or sunset into our home, it’s still possible to bring beautiful lighting with a rich glow. With nautical style lighting, you can get the best of ropes, steel, iron, and more. It may not be the sun itself that’s lighting your way, but it will be something that will add a wonderful touch of the coast and all of her beloved assets.

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What are Characteristics of Nautical Style?

With the nautical style pulling inspiration from the sea, its travelers, and its surrounding beaches, nautical style often blends coastal, industrial, and tropical elements together. Here are some of the top characteristics you can expect, however, with most nautical style homes:

    • The use of natural wood in various fixtures and décor
    • Rope, knots, anchors and other sailing elements
    • Lantern, exposed bulb, and round porthole-like lighting
    • Fishing net, beach wood, seashells, and other maritime touches
    • Metals such as brushed nickel, bronze, and copper
    • Shades of blues contrasted by crisp clean whites

    Nautical Lighting Product Spotlight

    Pictured are three suspended globes which are wrapped in fishing net and strung to the lighting box.

    These rope-wrapped opal white glass spheres come together to form a beautiful chandelier with Oil Rubbed Bronze finished hardware. Not only is the ELK Coastal Inlet Chandelier available with three or seven bulbs, but this fixture embraces the beautiful combination of metal, rope, and soft-toned glass. Not only would this sea-inspired chandelier be a great touch to the dining room or entryway, but this could make for a grand statement piece over your kitchen island or countertop bar.

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    Pictured are three icons to represent some of the reasons to shop with

    There are many reasons to buy from Del Mar Fans and Lighting, however, here are just a few reasons we would like to bring attention to!

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    Nautical Ceiling Lights

    Pictured is a round, metal low profile light with a glass shade.

    If you are looking for a nautical inspired design that is classic yet simple, the Quoizel Sailor Semi-Flush Mount Light features etched glass that diffuses the flow of light and would be a fabulous addition to any kitchen, bath, or bedroom. The metal accents on this round semi-flush ceiling light makes it resemble a porthole on the side of a ship. Not only do ceiling lights save space, but they maintain a subtle profile. The soft luster of the Antique Nickel finish complements it perfectly. The sailor is available with a sixteen or twenty-inch width to best fit your needs!

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    Nautical Chandeliers

    Pictured is a chandelier light which is geometric in design and resembles the outline of an anchor.

    Historic lighting details with metal and wood come together to embody the Quoizel Anchor Chandelier. The rich walnut stain on the wood accents the “braided” metal ropes that are looped at each end for added visual interest. The design features vintage style “replica” bulbs to complete this timeless nautical inspired theme. The Anchor is available in both a ten-light and a six-light option. All nautical chandeliers can add a dramatic and enriching coastal pop to the area!

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    Outdoor Nautical Lighting

    Pictured is a wall light with curved metal work, a caged light, and a weathered appeal.

    This lovely light is an exterior medium wall mount light fixture which showcases clear seedy glass. The Hinkley Cape Cod Outdoor Wall Light comes from the Cape Cod collection and is Underwriters Laboratories (UL) approved for wet or damp locations. Outdoor nautical lighting is a phenomenal way to extend the style outdoor and keep the perimeter safe and well-lit. The Cape Cod wall mount light is available in four different heights, two different finishes, and two different bulb outputs. If you are trying to decide between the two different outputs, make sure to check out our guide Compare and Save: Incandescent vs. LED which elaborates on the benefits of LED lighting.

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    Nautical Pendants

    Pictured is a pendant light with outward assembly which expose the workings of the light.

    Inspired by industrial lighting, the Maxim Hi Bay Large Cone Pendant features a refined design with maintained boldness but possesses subtle details throughout. With clear halophane glass, this fixture is available in three different widths and in either a Bronze or Satin Nickel finish. Nautical pendant lighting allows that coastal feel to be brought to any area. For an extended appeal, you can purchase multiple pendants and hang them closer or further apart. This ties the area together remarkably. Hanging multiple pendants together is especially a popular decision in the kitchen or bar area. For a helpful guide which outlines the best place to hang your pendants, how many pendants you should hang, and other tips, make sure to check out our Home Pendant Lighting Guide.

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    Nautical Ceiling Fans

    Pictured is a ceiling fan with coastal essence on an outdoor patio over water.

    Close your eyes and picture a quiet hum and a subtle breeze. You have your feet propped up and your seat laid back. You may be thinking of the beach or the outdoors again, but you can have a gentle and coastal breeze brought into your home with nautical ceiling fans. With large ship-like downlights and beautiful rich finishes, nautical ceiling fans bring an extra touch of comfort and coastal beauty to your interior.

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    Nautical Ceiling Fans Product Spotlight

    Pictured is a five-blade ceiling fan with a large downlight.

    Did you know that clear Fresnel lens is used in lighthouses along the coast of Connecticut? This where the inspiration for the Minka Aire Groton derives. Classic design combined with the nautical spirit in various finishes is brought alive in this gorgeous ceiling fan. The Groton is a beautiful focal point for any room and comes available in five different finishes. Additionally, the Groton has a UL wet rating making it suitable for both outdoor and indoor installation.

    "Sea" the Groton!

    Nautical Ceiling Fans with Lights

    Pictured is a dark ceiling fan with a caged downlight and a short mounting system.

    With five Chestnut blades and a light kit featuring India Cream Scavo glass, the Savoy House Hyannis not only brings lighting but brings a UL damp rating which enables it to be placed in some outdoor locations as well as all indoor locations. The caging surrounding the light is very much nautical and pairs well with the warmth and richness of the English Bronze finish. This elegant ceiling fan would look particularly remarkable in a study or sunroom. To get an idea of some of the top fixtures for various sunrooms, including nautically inspired sunrooms, visit our guide to Discover the Most Popular Sunroom: Pinterest Perfect.

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    Nautical Outdoor Ceiling Fans

    Pictured is a metal ceiling fan with a large downlight and five blades.

    Reminiscent of lighting often found along shoreline walkways, the Minka Aire Rainman, as the name suggests, is an excellent choice for exterior and indoor use. With its five sleek blades and its Nantucket downlight, this outdoor ceiling fan would be a great touch to any porch, patio, or pergola. The Rainman is available in four different finishes and is compatible with the Bond. To learn all about the Bond, feel free to visit our Minka Aire Brand Spotlight, where the Bond won my Product Spotlight due to its innovative features and compatibility.

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    When you’re looking for the perfect fixtures to develop your nautical style further, both ceiling fans and lighting fixtures can bring in a subtle or bold touch to the room. Not only can you choose based on function, but you can shop based on form. Remember that you are the designer, and we are simply here to help! This guide is the third guide in our new style guide series.

    Our first style guide was the Tuscan Style Lighting Guide and our second was the Rustic Farmhouse Style Guide. If you’re interested in learning more about what these styles have to offer, please feel free to check them out!

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