With only one foot in the doorway, you can smell the aromas of a blueberry cobbler baking away in the oven; you can feel the warmth that coming home is all about. Rustic farmhouse style sets out to achieve this rich and inviting atmosphere from your very first step inside.

Emphasis is placed on natural beauty through architecture, décor, furniture, and fixtures. This guide will explore the best of these fixtures, and shine the light on other specific characteristics of rustic farmhouse style.

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What is Rustic Style Lighting?

Pictured is a country style entry way with a wooden wall, wooden bench, and red accents such as boots and a checkered blanket.

Rustic lighting is a wonderful way to bring country farmhouse style into your home. Farmhouse lighting fixtures bring a soothing atmosphere with their soft glow and rugged look. From rustic wall sconces to bold country chandeliers, the best of rustic lighting is here to put the finishing touches into your home.

With the right décor and a little bit of patience, any room can be transferred into a cozy and rustic getaway. Fixtures help to bring the best of lighting and the best temperature to keep your little cabin comfortable and well-lit.

What are Characteristics of Rustic Style?

With rustic style pulling from natural inspiration and a rich ambience, here are some characteristics you can expect within many rustic style homes:

    • Wooden floors, walls, beams, and furniture
    • Wrought iron fixtures
    • Rusted textures and aged patina
    • Earth toned color palette
    • Textiles
    • Leather and soft textured fabrics like wool, cotton, or linen

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    Pictured is a rustic design pattern wtih a flower.

    Rustic Lighting Product Spotlight

     Pictured is a black six-light chandelier with twig-like structure.

    Featured in Tiny House Lighting: The Best of Bold Design, the Quoizel Thornhill Chandelier was chosen for the rustic lighting spotlight for its naturally inspired appearance which is elegant and primitive in design. The Thornhill is also noted for its exposed bulbs which add a simplistic touch, for its ETL damp approval which allows this fixture to be placed both inside and in some outdoor locations, and lastly, for its alignment with several Lighting Trends of 2018.

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    Rustic Chandeliers

    With over 200 rustic chandeliers available, variety is truly “the spice of life.” Ranging in design, bulb output, finish, and more, rustic chandeliers add the perfect focal point to any dining room, entry way, or bedroom.

    Pictured above are three wooden chandeliers with candelabra style bulbs.

    A fabulous lighting fixture which is also listed for damp locations and features exposed bulbs is the Quoizel Dwelling. The Dwelling has five metal chains in a western bronze finish and aged wood accents. This piece is the perfect blend of wood and metal. The Dwelling brings an old feel and a warm light with its four candelabra style bulbs.

    Also available and featured above is the lovely Jeremiah Winton and the bold Kichler Evan chandelier.

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    Rustic Pendants

    One of the most beautiful things about rustic pendant lighting is that you can cluster several pendants together for more light and elevated style, or you can simply add a single pendant to a room for the perfect balance. Rustic pendant lighting showcases the best of wooden housing, wrought iron finishes, and country style.

    Pictured is a mason jar pendant, aspherical wooden pendant, and an antique lantern pendant.

    Bringing an antique appeal to rustic lighting is the Hayman Bay pendant. This delicate, little lantern pendant embraces understated elegance and boasts a beautiful and clear seedy glass. This pendant is finished in a distressed antique white and can be purchased as an 18-inch or 29.75-inch fixture.

    Also available and featured above is the Quoizel Squire and the warm Feiss Allier.

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    Rustic Outdoor Lighting

    Rustic farmhouse style isn’t just for your home’s interior. With rustic outdoor lighting you can easily carry over the country style and wonderful feeling of comfort to your patio, pergola, or entry way. Rustic outdoor lighting offers form, function, and a beautiful design to embrace the best of farmhouse appeal.

    Pictured are two dark outdoor wall sconces with exposed bulbs and a country style encased hanging light.

    Showcasing small pinecones on the exterior of the mouth-blown clear seeded glass, the Minka Lavery Abbey Lane is finished in an iron oxide and is ETL approved for damp locations. This pendant is perfect for placement above the front door or even indoor use. The Abbey Lane is available in both incandescent and fluorescent bulb outputs.

    Also available and featured above is the Quoizel Crusade and the Kichler Westington.

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    Rustic Wall Lighting

    When you are looking to bring further farmhouse style with subtle and smaller fixtures, rustic wall sconces are the perfect choice. Rustic wall lights not only bring the perfect amount of light to powder rooms or hallways, but they also illuminate and highlight any pictures or décor that are on nearby walls.

    Pictured is a black and brown wall sconce with angled arms, a two-light wall sconce, and a wrought iron wall light.

    Showing a combination of rustic and industrial appeal, the Kichler Colerne comes in either an auburn stain or pewter stain and is ETL approved for damp locations. With black metal accents, the Colerne comes to life and has a very warm presence.

    Also available and featured above is the Minka Lavery Compositions and the Quorum Baxter.

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    Rustic Lamps

    Perfect for corners of the room that need a little extra lighting, rustic lamps certainly add to the farmhouse feel and range from simple and southern to an intricate, country inspiration. Lamps with natural and metal elements can also be added to modern rooms to bring the perfect touch of warmth!

    Pictured are two wooden lamps with cream shades and a black metal lamp with an exposed bulb.

    At 35 inches in height, the Kalco Ponderosa is an absolutely gorgeous table lamp. With a base that has been modeled after a pine tree and a leather wrapped shade, the Ponderosa truly stands out with a unique design and a country feel that will leave an impression on your guests.

    Also available and featured above is the Minka Lavery Ambience and the Quoizel Union Station.

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    Rustic Ceiling Fans

    Pictured is a wooden ceiling fan surrounded by wooden walls, shelves, and country décor.

    If you are missing a focal point, a cool breeze, or simply circulation in general, rustic ceiling fans can serve as a wonderful option to tie the entire room together. Featuring wooden blades, warm finishes, and great CFM ratings, these ceiling fans bring additional beauty and richness to the rustic farmhouse style.

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    Pictured is simply a rustic pattern incorpoarting leaves.

    Rustic Ceiling Fans Product Spotlight

    Pictured above is a large ceiling fan with a dark finish and several thin wooden blades.

    If you are looking at the Quorum Windmill and saying “wow,” you are absolutely right in doing so! This damp rated gem comes in a 60 or 72-inch blade span and features 15 weathered oak blades. It should seem fairly obvious why this is the rustic ceiling fan spotlight already! This giant windmill fan produces a high CFM rating of 6,475 and its DC motor allows all of this great airflow with minimal energy consumption.

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    Rustic Ceiling Fans with Lights

    Rustic ceiling fans are beautiful additions to the home, and lights can take them even further in appeal. Not only do rustic ceiling fans with lights bring a cool breeze and farmhouse style, but they also add a focal point and lighting to the room.

    Pictured are three wooden ceiling fans, one of which has exposed bulbs, one features an up light, and the third has a beautiful bowl light.

    With a unique look and a lighter finish, the Craftmade Winton has five weathered pine blades and four exposed candelabra style lights. The Winton has a CFM rating of 4,479 and hangs at about 23 inches with the included 8-inch downrod. Additionally, this ceiling fan can be both standard and angle mounted.

    Also available and featured above is the Craftmade Deer Lodge and the Quorum Lonestar.

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    Rustic Ceiling Fans without Lights

    For anyone who already has lighting, or simply prefers ceiling fans without lights, rustic ceiling fans without lights offer a large selection of finishes and a lot of country appeal.

    Pictured above is a light wooden fan, a dark wooden fan with a black housing, and an aged gray fan with five ceiling fan blades.

    In a dashing weathered iron finish, the Monte Carlo Great Lodge shows off its treehouse-inspired appeal. The Great Lodge has five lodge pine blades and a beautiful pine housing, made to look like a whittled down tree trunk, as well. A special little touch is the finial which is adorned with a small pine cone on the tip. This pine cone design also branches out (pun intended) onto the blade irons of the fan.

    Also available and featured above is the Casablanca Fordham and the Savoy House Danville.

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    Rustic Outdoor Ceiling Fans

    If you’re searching for comfort on your patio or porch and you're looking to bring farmhouse style as well, rustic outdoor ceiling fans are certainly the way to go. With a range of blade styles, UL listings for wet or damp locations, and beautiful housings, rustic outdoor ceiling fans help with cooling the area down and escalating your country appeal.

    Pictured is a wooden ceiling fan with four shaded downlights, a wooden fan with black housing, and another wooden ceiling fan with Edison bulb lighting.

    Perfect above a long oak picnic table or wrought iron furniture on the patio is the Quorum Galveston Patio. With styling reminiscent of a lantern, the Galveston Patio is perfect for those mid-summer days and nights. This fixture has five walnut blades, a toasted sienna finish, and full-range light dimming.

    Also available and featured above is the Casablanca Heathridge and the Westinghouse Brentford. For a guide of other top outdoor fans please check out our blog Outdoor Whirled: The Best Outdoor Ceiling Fans.

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    Rustic Hugger Ceiling Fans

    When you’re looking to cool down the room with a ceiling fan with wooden blades, but you don’t have the space due to low ceilings then rustic hugger ceiling fans are the perfect option to explore. To learn more about hugger ceiling fans and some of our most popular hugger ceiling fans make sure to check out our blog The Best Huggers are Actually Fans.


    The Hunter Donegan is a phenomenal rustic hugger ceiling fan due its LED lighting, sophisticated design and casual appeal. The Donegan has five reversible blades which can be flipped to either showcase barnwood or dark walnut. This gorgeous ceiling fan hangs at about 14 inches and is perfect for a room that is about 50 square feet by 100 square feet as it produces a 2,586 CFM.

    Also available and featured above is the three-blade Matthews Irene and the slim Quorum Barclay.

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    Rustic Ceiling Fans with Remote

    Every day ease of access and control is becoming more important which is why many people are looking to purchase ceiling fans with remotes. Rustic ceiling fans with remotes not only bring farmhouse style but keep things even simpler by providing control at the touch of a button.

    Pictured is a black fan with three large curved blades, a black fan d’lier, and a ceiling fan with caged lighting.

    Different in appearance than most ceiling fans you may be used to, the Savoy House Easton is actually a fan d’lier. What appears to be a lovely chandelier actually holds a stack motor and provides 2,934 CFM. The Easton is an elegant option for the living room, dining room, or bedroom. Not only does it provide circulation but the Easton additionally ionizes the air for better breathing.

    Also available and featured above is the Monte Carlo Dylan and the Savoy House Hyannis.

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    This guide to rustic farmhouse style is the second in a series of style guides we have developed for our readers! Our first style guide was the Tuscan Style Lighting Guide which shares quite a few similarities to the rustic style. Feel free to check it out! Additionally, our experts are always one call away from helping you make your home just the way you want it. Our number is 1-800-724-5501.

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