Pinterest Perfect: Indoor/Outdoor Sunrooms, Screened Porches, and Florida Rooms!

Pinterest Perfect: Indoor/Outdoor Sunrooms, Screened Porches, and Florida Rooms!

Looking for the best sunrooms on Pinterest? We have found some of the top pins which showcase sunrooms that are remarkable for different reasons such as style, lighting, and more. Not only are these elements discussed, but we also offer product suggestions so that you too can have a Pinterest perfect sunroom.

Before soaking in inspiration for your own sunroom, let’s define what a "sunroom" really is. Sunrooms are also commonly known as "Florida rooms," "patio rooms," "solariums" and "sun porches." The solarium is a room attached to the main residence, which is often built with many windows, or screens, so that sunlight can enter the room from various angles.

Indoor/outdoor living spaces also allows for a closer connection with nature, and a clearer view of the surrounding landscape. The Florida room is not only a great place for connecting with the outdoors, but it’s also a wonderful spot for relaxing. Why not personalize it to fit your style so that it can be the ideal room for your morning coffee or afternoon reading?

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The Difference between UL Dry, Damp and Wet-Rating Table

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Popular Sunroom Ceiling Fan with Light

We are delighted to see many individuals using our products to design their sunrooms already! With an industrial touch and a splash of farmhouse fun, these products certainly make these pins pop!

Minka-Aire Rainman

Featured in what appears to be a bay-inspired home, the Minka-Aire Rainman is a delightful touch to this sunroom. Its industrial appearance contrasts nicely against the wooden ceiling, stone fire-place, and coral-like center table. At Del Mar Fans, and Lighting we aren’t surprised that the Rainman is so popular. The Minka-Aira Rainman offers lighting, as well as great airflow with its 5 silver blades of a 54" blade span. This product is available in brushed nickel, galvanized steel, oil-rubbed bronze and smoked iron on Del Mar Fans and Lighting’s Ceiling Fans page.

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Popular Indoor/Outdoor Room Ceiling Fan

Quorum Windmill Ceiling Fans

A very popular product, and apparently pin, the Quorum Windmill stands out in this contemporary and slightly rustic sunroom. While this sunroom does feature large flat-screen television, the Quorum Windmill is certainly the most eye-catching machine in this room. The beams of natural light are sure to dance off of its lustrous finish. The Quorum Windmill is available in a galvanized finish as well as an oiled-bronze finish. This product is available in a 62” span as well as a 72" span on Del Mar Fan’s and Lighting Ceiling Fans page.

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Ethiopan Inspired

Ethiopian Inspired Sunroom on Pinterest

A popular pin found on Pinterest, this sunroom truly has the crisp appeal of a white pallet enhanced by natural tones of grey, beige and brown. The big white couch helping to frame the room is adorned with multiple large pillows. This allows for a warm invitation of comfort to be extended. Additionally, the two small lanterns which sit atop of the center table add a rustic touch to this clean and creamy room. This room also brings nature indoors with two large plants. Natural lighting from the many windows is accompanied by the ambiance of a multi-armed and multi-bulbed light fixture. This serves as one of the focal points for this room. This room was said to be designed to achieve an Ethiopian style. You too can get this same look with our suggested products below which closely resemble the fixtures featured in the photo.

Suggested Products

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A Vitamin Sea Sunroom

Vitamin Sea Sunroom on Pinterest

Looking to catch some rays in a nautically themed paradise? This sunroom is embellished with a lantern, multiple textured lamps and a large fan with lighting. Along with the many windows on the walls and ceiling, this allows light to illuminate the area from all around. Centered around shades of brown, navy blue and bright white, this room also has brought nature indoors and has some greenery for contrast. This greenery keeps the maritime marvel tied to dry grounds. Should you be longing for this look for your sunroom, here are some products that we suggest looking at.

Suggested Products

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Fabulous in Florals

Fabulous in Florals Inspired Sunroom on Pinterest

The soft sound of trees rustling, birds chirping and the delightful imagery of blooming flowers is what comes to mind when looking at this Pinterest sunroom with a floral pop. The grey stone floor and rich brown tones are balanced by the sleek metallic fan. Additionally, the bright red impatiens, along with yellow and fuchsia throw pillows, pair well with the cool blue cushions. This sunroom is very inviting and seems to be the perfect place to enjoy a cold glass of fresh iced tea. To get a similar focal point for your floral-inspired sunroom, we believe that the following products would be great choices!

Suggested Products

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Clouds of White

Clouds of White Inspired Sunroom on Pinterest

Dangling crystals above a cloud of white, this elegant sunroom is marked by a beautiful chandelier which adds character and glamour to the room. This Pinterest sunroom also embraces softly muted greys in the tile and walls. Resting on the plump daybed at the center of the room are white cloud-like pillows along with a black throw pillow which seems to add weight and distinction to the room. For a sunroom with sheer elegance, we offer these products.

Suggested Products

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Glowing in Geometric Design

Geometric Design Inspired Sunroom on Pinterest

Marked by geometric windows, molding, and tile, this grand sunroom exhibits a large wrought iron chandelier. The chandelier is an exquisite piece noted for the junction of spherical and cubical design. This sunroom also offers a fresh appeal and embraces much of the suns natural light. However, the chandelier completing this room also holds four flameless candles. If this focal point interests you as much as the fresh pastries, Del Mar Fans and Lighting offers these options which embrace the same design and style.

Suggested Products

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Pinterest Patterns

Throughout all of the popular sunroom pins, we have noted a few patterns that can easily be replicated in your own sunroom! First, all of the sunrooms we discovered balanced a combination of organic and inorganic lighting between the sun coming in, and the additional fixtures that were added.

Secondly, just like a good pair of shoes, these rooms seemed to be designed with both style and comfort in mind, based on their couches, and cozy seating option. Another inviting element throughout the rooms, was the presence of plants, greenery and natural elements. Whether it be Hydrangeas, Impatiens, or a simple shrub, greenery seems to invite guests to connect with nature even further in your sunroom. Lastly, all of the best sunrooms had a fixture which was serving as the focal point or a fixture which tyed the room together.

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What is your favorite of these trends? Do you plan on adding any of these to your sunroom, or is your sunroom already Pinterest perfect? Let us know or show us pictures in the comments below!

August 21, 2019
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