Tiny Home Lighting Ideas: A Growing Trend

Tiny Home Lighting Ideas: A Growing Trend

Tiny Houses: On The Rise

On July 23, 2018, The Huffington Post released an article titled “How Amazing Tiny Houses Could Inspire You to Reduce Your Energy Footprint.” The article, by Claudia Canavan, was subtitled "A lesson in how we can all live with less." This has been just one of many articles on “tiny houses” which have been recently released. Tiny houses are climbing in popularity. So, what are tiny houses, and how do you integrate lighting and cooling fixtures into such limited space?

Pictured is a slate gray tiny house surrounded by flowers, woods, and open fields.

What Are Tiny Houses?

“Tiny houses,” or the “tiny house movement,” is defined by Wikipedia as “the architectural and social movement that advocates living simply in small homes.” Wikipedia notes that “There is currently no set definition as to what constitutes as a tiny house; however, a residential structure under 500 square feet (46 sq. m.) is generally accepted to be a tiny home.” While this seems to be in line with most of the popular articles, there are some tiny houses which are bigger than that, and some which are drastically smaller.

Why Tiny House Living Is Gaining Popularity

While “tiny houses” are certainly a reduction of space, many journalists point out that most individuals interested in purchasing a tiny house are doing so in efforts to “live simple,” or to save money. What do I mean by living simply? Living simply is defined around reducing your carbon footprint by preserving the land and embracing the natural resources around you. Many tiny houses are equipped with solar power panels, while some also have rooftop gardens and/or water filtration systems. Additionally, The Tiny Life points out that the average cost to independently build a tiny house is $23,000, whereas, the average cost of a standard-sized house is $272,000, which doesn’t include a $209,404 interest on a 4.25 percent 30-year loan. In total, the difference is about $458,400. There is no question that tiny houses can be a significant money saver.

Tiny House Design

Even though saving money is often easier when living in a tiny house, many face the challenge of fitting fixtures into such a small home. How do you decorate with such little space? While most tiny home dimensions and designs differ, many tiny house companies have floor plans which show average tiny home dimensions. This includes a 13-foot 4-inch ceiling and a length of 26 feet. Based on these dimensions we have created a compilation of different tiny houses and products which could be easily installed to embrace the style of the building and preserve its space.

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Disclaimer: Because not all tiny houses have the same dimensions, you will need to check product measurements before installation. Most states require a 7-foot gap between ceiling fan blades and the floor. For any sizing and installation questions, our customer service team is available to help you find the perfect product, and the perfect size, for your needs. They may be reached at 1-800-724-5501

The Cozy Coffee House

Pictured is a tiny house with primarily a wood interior, featuring brown, white, and black hues.

This tiny house features natural wooden elements, not only in the infrastructure but throughout the sliding door, stools, stairs, and shelving. The darker tones, with sharp and clean lines, make for a warm and modern home. This is reminiscent of a small and cozy coffee shop. For pairing with this tiny house, four products come to mind.

Featured Fixtures:

A black floor lamp, Edison bulb wall lantern, low profile chandelier with wood trim, and recessed lighting with black trim is shown.

This house is already utilizing recessed lighting, however, to tie in with the benches, fixtures, and other black items, the Juno recessed light trim could be added.

The Quoizel Baron semi-flush light is another wonderful product which could be added right into this house to heighten the natural style. At only 14 and a half inches from ceiling to the bottom, the Baron has a simple design with a medium dark stain to balance the Marcado black finish on the steel.

The Stargaze floor lamp is another stylish Quoizel light which boasts a black finish. This floor lamp is seven and a half feet tall. While, again, tiny house ceiling heights may differ in height, this could be the perfect fit for task lighting.

For the bathroom in this tiny house, the Feiss Bluffton outdoor wall light is slightly over a foot in height and is UL listed for damp locations. In a gorgeous oil-rubbed bronze, the Bluffton has a screen shade with holes. This adds to the warm ambiance as it very similar to the look of a burning fireplace.

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The Rustic Cabin in The Woods

Pictured is a tiny log cabin covered in snow, with a small rustic porch.

With an inviting appeal, this tiny house is made bold with a rich red front door and trim. Built with a Lincoln Log-like structure and snow-covered roof, this tiny house is almost whimsical and evocative of Mr. and Mrs. Claus’ home away from home.

Featured Fixtures:

Distressed copper outdoor lighting, a branch-like chandelier, glass cone pendants, and a small area heater fan is shown.

Bringing the winter forest indoors, the Quoizel Thornhill chandelier showcases steel branch-like accents in a Marcado Black finish. This chandelier hangs at just over two feet. Not only could this be placed above a dining room table, but it could also be placed in tiny home foyers which feature taller ceilings. The Thornhill is also featured in the Rustic Farmhouse Style Guide which explores the best of rustic lighting and rustic ceiling fans to bring country style to your home no matter the size.

The ELK Confections pendant is a fitting choice for cabins. The satin nickel balanced with red and fudge color glass certainly brings to mind sleigh bells in the winter, and rustic summers. This pendant option embraces individuality and originality, as the glass is handmade, and adds a soft glow to the surrounding areas.

For the outdoor areas shown, both the Kichler Morris outdoor post light and the matching Kichler Morris outdoor wall light could be installed. The distressed copper only adds to this tiny house’s rustic style. Additionally, the thin and organic lines on the shade mimic the branches of the Quoizel Thornhill chandelier, which carries the style from the outside to the inside of this home.

Lastly, every home, be it a tiny house or a castle, needs a source of heat during winter months. The Minka Aire Tower heat fan is just around a foot and a half tall and oscillates to heat all areas of the room. At only 4 and a half pounds, this heat fan can heat a room of 50 to 100 square feet which is perfect for multiple areas in a tiny home.

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The Cottontail Cottage

Pictured is a slate-gray tiny house surrounded by purple and white flowers.

With a pop of purple here and there, and greenery all about, this tiny house is remarkable for its simplicity. The style and flora seem to call out New-England style. The Foxgloves, purple Petunias, Verbenas, and White Alyssum bring a lightness to this sleek and darker home.

Featured Fixtures:

An LED flush-mount light, exposed-bulb semi-flush light, rust-finished flood light, and a black post light is shown.

When walking up to this little gem in the evening, path lighting would definitely be very beneficial. Many tiny homes are often tucked away and surrounded by nature. As a result, many tiny homes can often benefit from outdoor lighting. Landscape path lights which would complement this house are the Kichler landscape post lights. In a textured black, these post lights are versatile, and come with multiple mounting options for deck lighting, path lighting, or post lighting.

Another way to add outdoor lighting is through the installation of floodlights. Exteriors Flood outdoor wall lights come with motion sensors and bring contemporary style. With a rust finish, this product features two adjustable lights which could easily replace the single spotlight shown. These floodlights are not only available in a rust finish, but are also available in a texturized matte white finish and a texturized matte black finish.

To save space in this tiny house, the George Kovacs U.H.O. LED ceiling light is impressive as a space saver, as it can be flush-mounted to the ceiling, or to the wall. A dual mount is included for wall-mounting. The white acrylic light shade, paired with a brushed nickel finish, could easily bring about a fresh vintage look.

Vintage or contemporary, the George Kovacs Exposed semi-flush light only hangs slightly lower than 12 inches. With a clear yet smoky shade, this fixture captures the cool gray tones in this tiny house, while also embracing clean lines and classic style.

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The Lady Bug Den

Pictured is a tiny house interior with light wooden walls, and a recessed den area.

With floral entry mats and throw pillows, this tiny house is in the process of developing a floral style. There are certainly a few products which could help this tiny house escalate to the next level.

Featured Fixtures:

A white recessed light, colorful ladybug lamp, and a satin nickel wall-mount fan are shown.

Boasting an angled white ceiling, this home happens to be another tiny house which is already saving space by using recessed lighting. While this tiny house is already using white trims, an additional benefit is always adjustable angles. The Juno Down Light recessed trim in white can be angled to accommodate the lighting needs for any room.

Another smaller lighting option that is very unique, and speaks to floral style, is the Quoizel Flowered Lady Bug table lamp. This flowered Lady Bug table lamp is only 4 inches tall and 7 inches wide. With bright shades of orange, red, and blue, she could be added to the kitchen countertop of this tiny house. Placing items higher in smaller rooms, particularly above eye level when possible, can help to draw the eye upward. This helps to create the illusion that the space is larger than it actually is.

For smaller ceiling dimensions, it is often hard to consider placing a ceiling fan in tiny homes. In tiny homes with flat ceilings, a small hugger ceiling fan can be a valid option; however, in other cases, wall mount fans are a wonderful option. The Quorum Veranda outdoor wall fan in satin nickel would be a beautiful fit for this home as it is only 16 inches wide and could even be placed on any outdoor deck areas which are attached. The Veranda comes with a three-speed wall control, and an on-off switch for oscillation.

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The Steampunk Setup

Pictured is a tiny house with a black and grey exterior featuring metal work on it's facade.

This tiny house is very unique, as it holds a steampunk set-up inside and out. What is steampunk? Steampunk is a style of design that takes historical elements and mixes them with period-specific technological features such as gears and old clocks. Much of steampunk is about showing industrial style, and the inner workings of pieces. The insides come out and are a central point of focus. That is why for this tiny house, or homes with similar style, we recommend four exposed bulb lighting options.

Featured Fixtures:

A wall mount and flush mount light in western bronze finishes, and two pendant lights with brass finishes are shown.

The Quoizel Uptown Theater Row semi-flush light features four Edison bulbs and is only 6 and a half inches from the ceiling to its lowest hanging point. This makes it not only fitting for tiny houses but a great option for small rooms in any home. With a western bronze finish, it also gives an aged appearance.

The Quoizel Uptown Theater Row is also available in a matching wall light, which would make a great addition. The wall sconce is 10 inches tall and only sticks out from the wall about four inches. With the same western bronze finish, and Edison bulb, it is a steampunk delight.

With more of a shiny and new age appearance, the Feiss Hobson pendant is only about a foot in length, and also highlights an exposed bulb. The assembly of the light speaks to industrial style as well as steampunk design.

Simple in design, another pendant-light option, which embraces antique or industrial style, is the Kichler Rumer mini pendant. This a wonderful option for tiny houses or room with limited space. The Rumer can be mounted down from the ceiling, or can be wall mounted. Ordering multiple of these convertible mini lights, and hanging them close together on the ceiling and at various lengths, could even make for a wonderful dining room, or kitchen focal point.

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The Captain's Quarters: Modernized

Pictured is a tiny house interior with white wooden surface, nickel finishes and gathered ropes.

Clean and modern is a look that many are embracing today. This tiny house brings just that. Because of its white walls and cabinetry which are accented by natural wood, this home could easily be transformed into a nautically inspired getaway. This is also shown with the brushed nickel and stainless-steel appliances, along with the different shades of blue throughout. The gathered white ropes which hang beside the loft latter seem to shout, “sea me!” However, for a clean and modern look which can be adapted for any style, there are a few products which would be delightful in this tiny home.

Featured Fixtures:

Vanity lighting, a wall light, and recessed lighting with chrome and nickel finishes are shown.

The nook beneath the loft would be a wonderful place to install recessed lighting. This is again, not only a space saver, but can provide a beautiful light and glow to the area, creating a warmth in the room. To match the faucet, oven, bolts, and other potential light fixtures, a Juno product comes to mind. The Juno Down Light recessed trim is available in satin chrome with a black baffle. The black baffle speaks not only to the ladder and railing, but to the cabinetry pulls and television as well.

While the current exposed bulb lighting over the counter is trendy and sleek, the Kichler Linear LED vanity light is only about 5 inches tall and stretches about 3 feet. Additionally, the light is dimmable for different lighting needs, and is finished with brushed nickel to match the previously mentioned fixtures. This product would tie in well with this tiny house.

For a wall-mount option that brings a transitional look, the Hudson Valley Portland wall light is beautiful in polished nickel and has hand blown glass. This wall sconce is a little over a foot tall, and could be placed above the breakfast nook, reading area, or near the bed.

Lastly, for a look into even more top coastal and nautical lighting fixtures, be sure to check out our Nautical Style Lighting Guide.

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The Critter Crash Pad

Pictured is a tiny wood cabin on wheels, surrounded by a kayak, a weathered Adirondack chair, and a set of solar panels.

If you were to drive off to summer camp, expecting fishing, smores, bunk beds, and log cabins, chances are you wouldn’t be surprised to find this little home. This tiny house nurtures a rustic and natural style, and even utilizes solar power for a self-sustaining lifestyle. To take this tiny house’s style, or similar homes’ styles a step further, there are some great products available.

Featured Fixtures:

A post light with a flat metallic finish, an exposed bulb chandelier, and a caged wall light are shown.

Fixtures with exposed bulbs are trending this year, and are wonderful additions to multiple styles. The Quoizel Tavern chandelier presents five Edison bulbs in a way which evokes thoughts of large oak tables adorned with the most classic lake house décor. Additionally, at only 13 inches, this chandelier could easily be placed in many tiny homes.

For the exterior of this little cabin, path lighting seems to be a great choice. With chairs, little plants, and gravel, post lighting can provide a safe downlight. To continue this tiny house’s campsite personality, the Kichler Seaside landscape post light is a great choice. With a wire cage and flat metallic look, several of these would make for a cozy pathway.

As a last touch to match the post lighting, why not add a small wall sconce above the door? The Kichler Industrial Cage wall light brings a weathered zinc finish and matches both the post lighting and the tiny house style extremely well.

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The Green Moxie

Pictured is a tiny house on wheels with a fold-down front porch and semi-flat bi-level roof.

The “Green Moxie” is an adorable little tiny house with its very own drawbridge. With a dark wood exterior and a bright red front door, this tiny house brings to mind the image of a train car awaiting its next ride on the rails.

Featured Fixtures:

A five-light chandelier, olde-bronze finish wall light, walnut table lamp, and a pendant with a crackled light shade are shown.

To accent this bright front door, the Kichler Westington outdoor wall light is the perfect fit. In cast aluminum, and with an olde bronze finish, this outdoor light combines vintage style and an urban look seamlessly. This would bring the homes modern appeal to life, yet it would still be balanced by a warm and older fixture.

Also presenting a vintage-yet-modern look is the Minka Lavery Overland Park chandelier. This fixture in vintage bronze is just over two feet long and could hang wonderfully above a dining table. This fixture also has an adjustable length, so that it may be hung up to slightly over 8 feet. For more or less lighting, the Overland Park can be ordered in a three or nine-light option.

To remark on, and embrace the linear components of this tiny house, the Minka Lavery Ambience table lamp seems fitting. With a walnut base and oatmeal shade, this little lamp is just above 2 feet and could be easily placed in modern, contemporary, or transitional spaces.

Adding a pop of luster and antique design, the Feiss Tabby pendant would be a spectacular pendant light for this tiny home. With an oiled bronze finish to match other fixtures and a crackled metallic light shade, this is the perfect option to take this tiny house “off the tracks.”

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The Cubbyhole on The Creek

Pictured is a tiny house on wheels with flared walls and a rounded roof with royal blue trimming.

With siding shingles and aquatic blue hues, this tiny house looks like it should be perched along a little stream in the woods. To accentuate this little riverbed wonder, products with rock-like finishes have been chosen. After adding these products, you will practically hear the gentle sounds of the brook pushing the water along-- just trickling about, as birds sing softly in the distance.

Featured Fixtures:

Vanity lighting in a toasted sienna finish, a table lamp with a walnut ring, a pendant light in olde bronze, and a black wall light is shown.

When first walking up, a lovely place to begin adding fixtures is right by the front door with a warm ambient light. To coincide with the lines from the shingles and door frames, the Maxim Oakville LED outdoor wall light is a wonderful option. In black oxide, and around nine and half inches in height, this wall sconce will wow your guests and will fit in flawlessly.

For vanity lighting, the Quorum Alabaster vanity light would be a remarkable addition. With a toasted sienna finish, this light is available with two, five or six bulbs. For smaller areas, such as in tiny houses, the two lights offer a soft output with modern style.

For smaller dining spaces, a bowl pendant can also be used for softer task lighting. The Kichler Granby bowl pendant in old bronze would be an exceptional way to pull in a rock-like or natural finish. Additionally, the smooth opal glass shade is similar to weathered stones found along a river bed. The Granby has three lights, and only hangs about two feet low.

Pulling all of these river-inspired elements together is the perfect lamp for indoor reading or bedroom areas. The Minka Lavery Ambience table lamp is about 2 and half feet in height, and has a smooth brushed nickel base with a luster that shows off its geometric design. At the center of this lamp is a hollow walnut ring, and finishing the fixture is a tan linen shade. This ties everything in this tiny home together exquisitely.

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The Shipping Container Special

Pictured is a shipping container tiny house with large windows, an extended concrete patio, and a rooftop garden.

There is no elegant word for this tiny home, as it is simply awesome. This shipping container home is exploding with contemporary design and sleek surfaces. With this, and its bright colors in mind, fixtures for this tiny house must be just as bold as the home itself.

Featured Fixtures:

An orange and blue pendant, LED chandelier, and a chrome floor lamp is shown.George Kovacs Reading Room Lamp. This lamp features a chrome finish, and a round marble base. Not only does it add to the contemporary style, but it is adjustable between 75 inches and 82 inches.

Bringing the blue and orange together flawlessly is the LBL Jelly pendant. This pendant has Italian mouth-blown glass with real silver flakes. This lighting option has xenon output and is only 50 watts. Hanging at only five inches, this could be a marvelous choice.

For the finale of this tiny house is a wow factor which could easily provide a fun and elegant focal point. The Tech Staccato chandelier is a low volt chandelier and hangs at about two feet. With 24 slim and curved rods, this piece is like an explosion of satin nickel, modern style, and LED lighting. Wow!

All of the products showcased have this wow factor potential. The fun lies in deciding how to place the products to achieve a certain look. Below are some other helpful tips for decorating tiny houses.

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Designing Your Own Space

Tiny homes are not the only places that these products and tips can be brought to life. While some suggested fixtures are better for smaller areas, designing your own spaces is all about imagination and innovation. With less than 500 square feet, people have managed to create dining, sleeping, and relaxing areas as well as bathrooms. This should further point out that space-limited homes are not option limited! This is reinforced in the best hugger ceiling fans blog, which seeks to help people find the best low-profile fans.

Interior Design Tips: From Small to Spacious

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