Dual Ceiling Fans vs. Multiple Fans


Open concept is the prominent layout for homes these days, but that begs the question - where do you put the ceiling fan? And how many ceiling fans do you need for the entire space? Or maybe you just need one ceiling with two motors?

DelMarFans.com answers those quesitons and more in this comprehensive guide, including some our best selling dual ceiling fans for you to consider!

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When to Use Two or More Ceiling Fans?

In some cases, it may make more sense to put more than one ceiling fan in your living space. For example, a room that is excessively long or L-shaped may not receive effective air movement from a dual ceiling fan. In a situation such as this, it would make sense to add two or more ceiling fans to the room. That way, the airflow is more even throughout the space. In order to install two fans, you would need to create two access points to electrical housing in the ceiling. You would also need to make sure that they are spaced out appropriately and that you have enough space to fit two ceiling fans. Measure the area and ensure the edges of the fan blades are at least 2-4 feet away from the walls and the other ceiling fans.

What Size Ceiling Fan Do You Need?

When to Use a Dual Ceiling Fan?

The main benefit of a dual ceiling fan is that it produces twice the airflow from one installed fixture. You only need access to one electrical box in your ceiling to install the ceiling fan, but the fan can cover much more area than the typical single fan. Dual fans are also multi-directional and typically oscillate or rotate to increase coverage even further. You’ll be able to improve the air circulation in most large rooms of your home with a dual ceiling fan.

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Best Outdoor Dual Fans

Craftmade BW250BNK6 Bellows Duo Dual 18" Ceiling Fan with LED Lights and Remote & Wall Control, Brushed Polished Nickel

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Matthews DGLK-TB-MTL, Dagny Textured Bronze Dual 39" Outdoor Ceiling Fan with Light & Remote

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Best Fans without Lights

Matthews IV-BN-WD-DAMP, Italo Ventania Brushed Nickel 62" Outdoor Ceiling Fan

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Best Caged Dual Fans

Craftmade BW248AG6, Bellows II Bronze Dual 48" Outdoor Ceiling Fan w/ LT & Wall & Remote Ctrl

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Best Small Dual Fans

Matthews AQ-TB-MTL, Acqua Textured Bronze Dual 37" Outdoor Ceiling Fan

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February 8, 2021
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