Are you on a quest to infuse your home with individuality? Have you searched high and low for the perfect bowl or mini pendant that will showcase your unique style? We have rummaged Pinterest for these seven stylish DIY pendants and chandeliers. These lights are sure to permeate your home with a chic, modern feel, also, think of how impressed your guests will be when you tell them you made the light yourself.

1. Bubble Chandelier

This minimalistic pendant design is fun and will make a bold statement in any room of your home. The Bubble Chandelier’s open design provides quality task lighting for when you’re working, such as, cooking, reading, writing or working with your hands. Turn your chandelier into an energy saving masterpiece by pairing with LED globe light bulbs, saving 75 percent energy saving.

Unique Hanging Clear Bubble Chandelier Over The Dining Room Table

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2. Fresh Flower Pendant

This pendant is the pentacle of originality. It’s beautiful, fresh (pun intended) and it smells amazing. This would be a great room centerpiece for dinner parties, barbecues and slumber parties, or just because you’re feeling festive.

3. Paper Lantern

These colorful lanterns are delightful because you can match them to any room or decor in your home. The color options are truly endless. Add an additonal pinch of spice by using pendants with different edges and slants. Some of our white pendant light designs would looks amazing with these pops of color.

4. Wind Turbine Pendant

This simple DIY gives you a vintage look with sophistication, perfect for the man in your life. It’s simple to put together and you can change the coloring based on your room’s accents. We love this and believe it will pop in offices, nooks, foyers, garages and  man caves.

5. Large Sphere Pendant

Remember that origami fortune teller you made back in middle school? Get your paper ready because this pendant cleverly utilizes that paper folding technique. This low cost DIY will take time and patience. This piece provides ambient light, which makes it great for bedrooms, living rooms and breakfast nooks. Since the light is lower pair with incandescent reflector light bulbs for a more full lighting experience.

6. Mason Jar Pendants

We are completely obsessed with this rustic style outdoor pendant. These lights scream summer, and they just make us smile. Mason Jar Pendants are great for decks, porches, cabana lighting and Florida rooms. Consider using a light bulb with a higher wattage, they provide a hearty illumination that’s perfect for nighttime activities. 

7. Doily Lamp

This DIY has been around for some time now and is still just so breathtaking. We love the patterns of the light it creates on the walls. You could paint the doilies to match your decor. This ambient lighting would look fantastic in your bedroom, child’s room, living room or office. It will leave a peace feeling within your home.