Bold, Modern LBL Lighting

Created with beauty, originality, and quality in mind, LBL Lighting develops some of the most innovative and contemporary light fixtures in the industry. LBL's eye-catching chandelier, pendant, outdoor, and wall-mounted light fixtures are made with top-of-the-line materials. These light fixtures are available in a range of colors and finishes to match your distinctive home decor. Renovate your kitchen or dining room with stylish and functional LBL Lighting pendants.

How Can LBL Light Fixtures Help Your Home?

LBL Lights is a family owned business founded in 1971. Since then LBL Lighting has quickly grown into a leading brand in the modern lighting industry. The lighting brand attributes their success to their core values – innovation, design, originality, and quality. LBL light fixtures are made with the world’s finest materials, including Murano hand-blown glass from the coast of Italy, Swarovski crystals made in Austria, and other exotic stones. Their choice of eye-catching designs, bold colors, and finishes such as brass and chrome makes light fixtures by LBL the premier choice for designers and your home.

What Kind of LBL Lights Are Available?

LBL has a wide variety of lighting options. Below we’ve listed some of the more popular types of LBL lighting and its usages.

  • LBL pendant lights. Pendant lights are beautiful hanging lights that add atmosphere to your entire home. These lights work wonderfully over bars, in dining areas and breakfast nooks.
  • LBL wall lighting. Wall lighting is any lighting fixture that is places directly on your wall. Wall lights can highlight artwork, make accents and are beautiful in hallways, bedrooms and living rooms.
  • LBL vanity lighting. As the name says vanity lighting goes with your vanity. This type of lighting works great in bathrooms, by sinks and in children’s playrooms.
  • LBL wall sconces. Wall sconces are stylish fixtures designs in a variety of ways. These fixtures usually look best in pairs or multiples. They work well in hallways, foyers and bathrooms.

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