Seashell Floor & Table Lamps

Did you know that many shoppers select their light fixtures by material choice? There are ceramic, glass, wood, and shell lamps. These fixtures frequently focus on careful shapes and the integration of unique style elements. Examples include seashell lamps with white or colorful blue finishes that make them ideal conversation pieces. Illumination typically comes from LEDs, which prevents the heat from the bulbs to cause discoloration.

The Perceived Fragility of Shell Lamps

It is a common misconception that a shell table lamp breaks easily. While it is true that careful handling is a good idea, these fixtures are actually tougher than you might imagine. Some seashell table lamp designs include pieces of mother-of-pearl. This manufacturing technique adds durability as well as the stunning aesthetics the material brings with it. Most seashell floor lamp designs follow suit; however, some incorporate decorative shell pieces along the body of the fixture.

Do you want to bring the beach home? If seashells are not your thing, why not look more closely at tropical lamps. They combine a wide variety of materials for the construction of the products. Moreover, many of these table lamps integrate attractive textures that are perfectly suited for a nautical or tropical style home.

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