Close to ceiling lights are a good choice for general purpose lighting in a hallway, closet, or smaller room.

Close to Ceiling Lights come in many finishes and designs, from basic (and copied) designs to close mount crystal lights. We have hundreds of different models to choose from, so follow our guide to help narrow your choices down to a more manageable selection.

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When To Use Flush Mount Ceiling Lighting

Close up of two flush mount drum lights in a hallway

Close to the Ceiling Light Fixtures may not be the best solution, depending on your needs:

  • If the location on the ceiling isn't wired for a lighting fixture and you are unwilling to hire an electrician, you might want to consider a floor lamp.
  • If you have a low ceiling and want to light a room and move air at the same time, go with hugger ceiling fans with lights.
  • For the most visually artistic and complex lighting setups, use track lighting.
  • For focused light instead of general purpose lighting, try recessed lighting fixtures.
  • For a large room with higher ceilings, a chandelier light may be a better choice.

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When To Use Sem-Flush Mount Ceiling Lighting

Semi-flush mount caged ceiling light over a picture and two windows

Now that you have decided to go with close to the ceiling lighting, you have to figure out if you need flush or semi flush mounted fixtures.

Based on the room size, you may be limited in what fixture you can install:

  • For low ceilings (below 8'), stick to flush mount lighting. They are installed flush, right up against the ceiling, so taller people won't walk into the fixture. Kids rooms are a great place for flush mount lighting because when kids jump up and down, they will not hit the flush light fixture.
  • For slightly higher ceilings (between 8' and 10'), semi flush lighting is an option. These semi flush ceiling lights generally hang less than a foot away from the ceiling. The semi flush mount light will still give good enough clearance for taller people.
  • For over 10' ceilings, you might want to graduate to chandeliers or pendants. Their hanging height can vary wildly.

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Flush Vs Semi-Flush Mount

You might still be intimidated at the number to fixtures you can go through. Close to ceiling lighting fixtures are available in many styles and shapes. Here is some advice on choosing a fixture:

  • A flush light fixture is a good idea for a hallway, closet, or a bathroom.
  • A semi-flush light fixture is a good idea for a kitchen or a smaller low-ceiling dining room.
  • If you are looking to buy other fixtures for the room (such as vanities), try to purchase all the fixtures from one collection for a unified look.
  • Flush Mount Crystal lights are usually for more formal themed rooms. Many classic styled homes use flush mount crystal lights to dress an elegant dining room.
  • Some styled fixtures (like floral, nautical, or rustic) may not be for everyone, they have a specific target audience and intended room type.
  • Energy Star close mount lights can help lower your utility bill.

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