The Best Huggers are Actually Ceiling Fans: Flush-Mount & Low-Profile

The Best Huggers are Actually Ceiling Fans: Flush-Mount & Low-Profile

At we take our customers' needs very seriously. Our goal from the very beginning has been to provide the best products from the most trustworthy brands. We at DelMar want you to know how much effort we put into making sure the products we recommend are in fact the best products. We drill down into the reviews by checking non-competitor unbiased sites. Instead of having to spend all your time checking reviews, you can spend your time picking through the best products. We care enough to do this for you. This is why is the best source for fans and lighting.

Hugger ceiling fans are defined as ceiling fans that do not include a downrod when mounted to the ceiling, and they are often interchangeably referred to as flush-mount ceiling fans.  For this reason they  are a great choice for low ceilings or small rooms. Hugger ceiling fans are also often lumped together with low profile fans, but these are slightly different as discussed below.

Hugger vs. Low Profile Ceiling Fans

The visual difference between hugger and low profile ceiling fans is shown.

If you are looking for a small and short ceiling fan, but not necessarily a flush-mount ceiling fan, there is something key to note; All hugger or flush-mount ceiling fans are low-profile fans, however,not all low-profile fans are huggers or flush-mounts. In short, a low-profile fan is any fan that can be mounted and hang below 12 inches. However  not all fans with downrods will allow for shorter downrod usage. For further  clarification a  low-profile ceiling fan may include a downrod, while a hugger ceiling fan does not. Therefore, if a hugger fan isn’t necessarily what you are looking for, there are plenty of low-profile options for your home. Bottom line; make sure to to call about any questions regarding shortening a fan as it can impact performance.

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These compact fans not only fit into small rooms but can be purchased with many different add on features. Just because you have a small room and a low ceiling does not mean you are out of options or are “option limited.” There are hugger ceiling fans that offer led light kits along with helping to increase the airflow in small spaces. To make shopping easier, we have developed a list that showcases the best hugger fans from several different categories. We have even highlighted the “huggiest hugger,” or the lowest profile ceiling fan available, which is both the smallest and the shortest.

Table of Contents

  1. Most Popular: Minka Aire Concept III
  2. Lowest Profile: Quorum Medallion
  3. Best Small Hugger
  4. Best Medium Hugger
  5. Best Large Hugger
  6. Best Hugger Ceiling Fans with Lights
  7. Best Hugger Ceiling Fans without Lights
  8. Best Convertible Flush-Mount Ceiling Fan
  9. Best Smart Hugger Ceiling Fans
  10. Best Low Profile Outdoor Ceiling Fans
  11. Best Hunter Low Profile Ceiling Fans

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Minka-Aire Concept III

Indoor ceiling fans are essential for keeping a home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Choosing a smaller indoor ceiling fan doesn’t mean that circulation will be minimal. The Minka-Aire Concept III ceiling fan has a UL wet rating. This means it can be installed in multiple locations. The Concept III has a dimmable light, four different finishes to choose from, and is 12.2511 inches from the ceiling to the bottom of the fixture.

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Lowest Profile Ceiling Fan

Quorum Medallion

If you are looking for a fan to truly be as small and compact as possible, the Quorum Medallion 42-inch ceiling fan is our “Lowest Profile Fan,” as our Customer Experience Manager would say. This flush-mount option is only 7.5 inches from the ceiling to the bottom of the fan, and it has an 11-inch base. The Quorum Custom Hugger is available in two  different finishes. With a UL listing for damp locations this fan is low profile and versatile.

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Best Small Hugger Ceiling Fan

Modern Forms Vox

The Vox ceiling fan from Modern Forms has a sleek, five-blade design that hugs close to the ceiling has hushed tones and runs ultra quiet. It features wall controls and a handheld remote control with full-range light dimming and reverse function. The fan's blade sweep is 38”. This indoor ceiling fan is offered in three finish combinations to suit virtually any home décor: oil bronze, Titanium Silver, and matte white.

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Best Medium Hugger Ceiling Fans

Monte Carlo Clarity

Medium ceiling fans are typically considered ceiling fans with blade spans between 44 and 56 inches. This size fan would typically work best in a room 144-225 square feet (or between 12' x 12' and 15' x 15'). The Monte Carlo Clarity houses a 20 watt, dimmable light and is 9.7" inches from the ceiling to the bottom of the light. The Clarity also comes with a 4 speed motor with a twelve degree blade pitch and is available in three finishes (Matte White, Brushed Steel with Light grey Oak weathered blades and Brushed steel with Silver/American Walnut Blades) and a larger blade span of 56”. It is a great choice and brings contemporary style.

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Best Large Hugger Ceiling Fan

Hinkley Hover

The varied options that come with the Hinkley Hover are simply crazy! This gorgeous hugger-style propellor  fan is available in four different finishes, six speeds , and four different blade colors.  The Hinkley Hover also offers four different variations on finish including brushed nickel, graphite, matte black and matte white. With the brushed nickel  finish and three weathered wood composite blades, as shown above, this Hover  is bringing a chic and modern feel.

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Best Hugger Ceiling Fans with Lights

Hunter Fan Company Dempsey

A contemporary ceiling fan with mass appeal, the Dempsey fits flawlessly in today's modern home. The beautiful, clean finish options work together with the high contrast of angles throughout the design to create a look that will keep your space looking current and inspired. Fully-dimmable LED bulbs give you total control over your lighting levels, choose between warm white (3,000K), cool white (4,000K), and daylight (5,000K) with the easy push of a button on the Dempsey’s exclusive handheld remote, while the 52” blade span and low-profile housing are ideal for all  rooms and ceilings.

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Best Hugger Ceiling Fans without Lights

Oxygen Oslo

The Oxygen Oslo combines just the right amount of efficiency and class in a standard-sized blade sweep that is perfect for the larger  rooms of an apartment, duplex, or townhome. This traditional fan features four white blades and three-speeds. It also includes wall control with reverse functions.

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Best Convertible Flush-Mount Ceiling Fan

Kichler Sola

The Sola  ceiling fan features 54”  silver ABS blades that make a statement while keeping you cool in open concept and loft style spaces. The brushed nickel finish complements modern style rooms while the matte white finish is eye-catching in coastal and casual spaces. Convertible hugger ceiling fans come with both a flush ceiling mount and a short downrod.

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Best Smart Hugger Ceiling Fans

Modern Forms Aviator

Pair this smart ceiling fan with the exclusive Modern Forms app to save on energy costs and intuitively create schedules that adapt to your behavior. Wi-Fi enabled controls mean that you can control the fan's settings from anywhere. Two simulated wood blade finishes contrast with the matte black or graphite housings for an understated look in interior or exterior spaces. Available with an optional LED luminaire encased in opal glass. Energy Star certified for energy efficiency.

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Best Low-Profile Outdoor Ceiling Fans

Hinkley Trey

Creating a comfortable and creative outdoor area is a priority for many homeowners. Whether it’s your patio or front porch you are looking to cool down, an outdoor hugger ceiling fan can help you to save space and add a stylish focal point. The Hinkley Trey is available in three different finishes, Matte White, Brushed Nickel, and metallic matte Bronze. With a UL-rating of wet, this fan can be placed anywhere outside, such as a gazebo or lanai, and last for years!

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Best Hunter Hugger Ceiling Fans

Hunter Advocate

Hunter combines 19th century craftsmanship with 21st century design and technology to create ceiling fans of unmatched quality, style, and whisper-quiet performance. Using the finest materials to create stylish designs, Hunter ceiling fans work beautifully in today's homes and can save up to 47% on cooling costs! The Advocate smart home ceiling fan operates with an integrated remote control or with smart home applications like Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit and Google Assistant. It is available in three finishes including fresh white, noble bronze and matte nickel.

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If you would like more assistance tracking down the perfect product, you can always reach our ceiling fan experts at 1-800-724-5501!

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