The Best Ceiling Fans for Bedrooms by Size & Fan Feature

The Best Ceiling Fans for Bedrooms by Size & Fan Feature

At we take our customers' needs very seriously. Our goal from the very beginning has been to provide the best products from the most trustworthy brands. We at DelMar want you to know how much effort we put into making sure the products we recommend are in fact the best products. We drill down into the reviews by checking non-competitor unbiased sites. Instead of having to spend all your time checking reviews, you can spend your time picking through the best products. We care enough to do this for you. This is why is the best source for fans and lighting.

The purpose of a ceiling fan is to help create a soothing, comfortable atmosphere wherever placed. Chances are you want a fixture which is quiet, stylish, and able to cool the room down to your desired atmosphere. The noise level, design, and functionality of a ceiling fan are even more important to consider when being placed in a bedroom. One of the benefits of sleeping with a bedroom fan is the gentle sound it should make.

To help you in your search, we've compiled a list of our top picks for bedroom ceiling fans based on the features of the fan and which room the fan may be used in. Click on the links below to jump to our best ceiling fans for bedroom list!

  1. Overall: Hunter Original
  2. With Downrod: Minka-Aire Wave
  3. Quietest: Casablanca Stealth
  4. Small Bedrooms: Emerson Prima Snugger
  5. Master Bedrooms: Kichler Link
  6. With Remote: Craftmade Pireos
  7. Kid's Room: Minka-Aire Concept II
  8. Home Office: Fanimation Hugh

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What Makes a Ceiling Fan Quiet?

The sound which your ceiling fan makes is key for promoting relaxation and encouraging a deeper sleep. The question is-- how can you be confident that the ceiling fan you are purchasing is quiet and how can you be sure it’s a good fit for your bedroom? We're taking the guess-work out of this by sharing our top bedroom fans and a few tips to help you pick the best match for your restful retreat!

Pictured below is a guide to walk you through some of our top bedroom ceiling fans and information to help you choose the perfect fit! The top considerations are motor, Energy Star ratings and CFM rating, and mounting type. Based on these considerations, we've put together a list of the best ceiling fans for different types of bedrooms found in a typical residence. We hope you enjoy!

Pictured is an infographic on the top characteristics of ceiling fans to consider when purchasing a fan for your bedroom.

Motor Type

The motor of your ceiling fan can determine the noise level that is produced. Here are the top 3 quietest ceiling fan motor types:

  • Oil Bath Motor: The very first ceiling fan motor technology used. The motor is heavy and requires an oil check every one to five years, but sway and vibration are reduced significantly.
  • Flywheel Motor: A high-performance AC motor that has been in production since 1979. The flywheel discs in the motor absorb shock, ensuring quiet operation.
  • DC Motor: Fans with DC motors have higher torque, greater control, are light weight, and are virtually silent-making them perfect for bedrooms.

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Efficiency: Energy Start & CFM Rating

Energy Star ratings indicate ceiling fans which are more efficient. In a room that you will use every evening to relax, efficiency can mean big savings! Fans with an Energy Star rating are 20% more efficient than standard ceiling fans. In addition, these fans have improved blade designs and motors that move air more efficiently than traditional ceiling fans.

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A higher CFM may indicate a less quiet ceiling fan. Ceiling fans with low CFM ratings provide a gentler breeze. However, ceiling fans with average CFM ratings which are not high are also very valid options! Ceiling fans which do not obtain a high CFM indicate that the ceiling fan will not only be much quieter, but it will be circulating air in a much gentler fashion to keep a more suitable sleeping environment.

Mounting Type

Hugger ceiling fans reduce more than just space. Ceiling fans which are mounted flush to the ceiling further prevent swaying of the fan which reduces any extra noise. When a ceiling fan is mounted securely to the ceiling like a hugger ceiling fan, it has a tendency to run quieter. Low profile fans offer a cool solution because they are installed flush against the ceiling without the use of a downrod, which helps to prevent wobbling.

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Disclaimer: Most ceiling fans come with a short downrod of less than 6 inches, which can be switched out for a longer downrod (as long as 72”). Downrods longer than 12” are only needed for ceilings 10 feet or highter to provide optimal airflow in a room. Having a ceiling fan downrod does not mean that your ceiling fan will not remain quiet. Ceiling fans with very long downrods simply have a greater chance of experience wobble. The most important factor in determining whether or not you need a low-profile fan or a ceiling fan with a downrod is your ceiling height. To find out whay you need, make sure to read What Size Downrod do I Need?

Overall Best Bedroom Ceiling Fan

Pictured is a five-blade ceiling fan with wooden blades and a black motor house.

Hunter Original

The Hunter Original ceiling fan is damp-rated and ideal for enclosed porches, covered patios, greenhouses and more, but most importantly, it is a wonderful bedroom ceiling fan. The Original features the first and quietest ceiling fan motor technology used - an Oil Bath motor. This makes it a top candidate for the bedroom as a quiet lull will send the sandman your way! Not only does its name indicate that it is a classic, but its design also showcases its classic appeal.

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Best Bedroom Ceiling Fans with Downrod

Pictured is a three bladed ceiling fan in a lustrous finish.

Minka-Aire Wave

The Minka Aire Wave ceiling fan features a truly unique design that draws inspiration from the ocean's graceful and tubular wave formations. It features three curved blades and 3-speed remote, plus it’s Wi-Fi compatible, which means you can control the fan’s settings through an app on your smartphone. The Energy Star certified motor ensures maximum performance and energy efficiency for a lower cost of use and a smaller environmental footprint.

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Quietest Bedroom Ceiling Fan

Pictured is a white ceiling fan with five blades and a rounded downlight.

Casablanca Stealth

Casablanca's Stealth is extremely powerful and highly efficient. By highly efficient we mean four to five times more so than other motors. This a huge win for the Stealth! This already impressive fan is combined with an Energy Star LED light kit. To learn more about the Stealth and how to install the fan yourself, check out our introduction video and Installation guide!.

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Best Ceiling Fan for Small Bedrooms

Pictured is a ceiling fan with a dark and warm finish along with five blades.

Emerson Prima Snugger

The Prima Snugger by Emerson is a direct-to-ceiling mount fan that features a DC motor and provides an updated and thoughtful solution to rooms with a lower ceiling clearance. Not only does this low-profile ceiling fan save space, but it comes available in four different finishes and reversible blades. The Prima Snugger is a beautiful option when it comes to hugger ceiling fans. For a list of the top flush mount ceiling fans, make sure to check out our guide The Best Huggers are Actually Fans.

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Best Ceiling Fan for Large Master Bedrooms

Pictured is a ceiling fan with two light wooden blades.

Kichler Link

The Kichler Link ceiling fan features a dramatic focal point with an open-air, circular center that draws the eye up and brings the blades together flawlessly. Its DC motor combined with an average CFM rating makes it a perfect fit for anyone who wants a light breeze in their bedroom. Let’s be honest, this fan is also just a unique showstopper. If you’re looking specifically for individuality, make sure to browse through all of our unique ceiling fans. Not only are they memorable, but many of them could be added for an extra delight to the bedroom.

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Best Bedroom Ceiling Fans with Remote

Pictured is a ceiling fan with three wooden blades which are placed equidistantly apart and wavy in appearance.

Craftmade Pireos

With its attractive curves, the Craftmade Pireos DC motor ceiling fan provides a distinct look. The simplicity of the bentwood, tri-blade design makes the Pireos a focal point in any living area. Curves have never looked so good! The bentwood, tri-blade design provides a distinct look along with exceptional air movement. The simplicity of style makes the Pireos a focal point whether your home is modern, mid-century modern, or anything in between.

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Best Bedroom Ceiling Fan for Kid’s Room

Pictured is a white ceiling fan with three blades, a downlight, and a compact motor house.

Minka-Aire Concept II

As the name implies, the Minka Aire Concept II is a taste of things to come. Simple in style yet ingenious by design. The Concept II LED requires 75% less time and labor to assemble than conventional ceiling fans. Installing the Minka Aire Concept II is made easy with our installation video. The Minka Aire Concept II is another wonderful option for ceiling fans which are mounted closer to your ceiling. This fixture is sure to make less noise and provide a comfortable and spacious environment for children of any age.

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Best Ceiling Fans for the Home Office

Pictured is a dark ceiling fan with a downlight, three blades, and a short downrod.

Fanimation Hugh

Strong, sturdy, and ready for anything, the Hugh by Fanimation ceiling fan is wet rated and offers its users powerful airflow for any indoor or outdoor space. Made from metal for durability, Hugh brings efficient cooling with 3 speeds. Integrated into the fan body is a dimmable LED light kit for additional luminance in dark areas.

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Pictured is a sliver of the Terna ceiling fan and the text saying

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