Summer Party Outdoor Lighting Tips

Summer Party Outdoor Lighting Tips

We think you’re due for a party, don’t you? The kind of evening that involves delicious aromas floating from your grill, happy children with sticky hands running through the grass and the enchanting laughter of your closest friends. You’re going to have the perfect summer bash, and we’re going to help you illuminate every smile in style. The possibilities are endless this summer, and we have some great outdoor lighting tips for you.

Lighting the Perfect Barbecue with Pendants

Pendant lighting will be all the rage this summer. Outdoor pendant lights showcase your unique style and personality. Pendants are also easy to install. For a temporary fix, you could make your own DIY pendants or see our outdoor pendant light fixtures for radiance that will last years to come.

Hanging Chandeliers Outdoors To Set The Mood For Relaxing Entertainment Featured product: Zen Alala

Best Places to Use: Above seating and eating areas on decks, patios or porches. Also, in backyard cabanas and gazebos. 

Quick Tip: Try to give an 18 to 22 inch clearance level from the bottom of the fixture to the height of the tallest person in your family.

Lighting Your Pathway with Outdoor Post Mounts

Uniquely light a path to your backyard with Tiki torches, paper bag lanterns, mason jar lights or the more permanent and safe solution of outdoor post mount lighting. Post mounts come in a large variety and are often paired with wall sconces. This will give your summer party a little something extra as a final landscaping touch which will also show you care for your guests’ safety.

3 Little Landscape Lights In The Bushes

Best Places to Use: Around the outer edges of your deck and pool. Along pathways in the front and sides of your home.

Quick Tip: Try to find a post mount from the same designer of your other outdoor light fixtures. Make sure to buy the mount and outdoor post light from the same manufacturer so replacement parts will be easier to find if needed.

Keeping Cool in the Heat with Outdoor Fans

For those scorching summer nights consider making hand fans for each of your guests or purchasing an outdoor fan. Outdoor ceiling fans with lights, outdoor wall fans and outdoor floor fans are all great additions to any summer party.

Elegant Ceiling Fan On A Beautiful Back Porch

Best Places to Use: Wall fans work well by patio entrances. Ceiling fans look great on decks and in cabanas. Floor Fans are portable and can go anywhere you need them to.

Quick Tip: Look for UL WET rated fans when using in locations exposed to the elements. UL DAMP ratings are for fans that will be in covered spaces.

Camping in the Backyard with Portable Lamps

When you’re snuggling under the stars in your backyard consider lighting your evening with portable lamps. Portable lamps are great for your little campers (or big campers) who need a little extra light at night. Having a fire is fun but when it’s time to sleep portable lamps are the safe night light option. For added comfort you can give each camper their own glow stick to carry around.

Portable Task Lamp Over A Chair Or For Outdoors Under The StarsFeatured product: Justice Design Domus Floor Lamp

Best Places to Use: Backyard tents, patios, decks and tree houses.

Quick Tip: Use desk or floor lamps with an extension cord on a non-damp night to ensure complete safety for your guests and your lighting fixture.

June 17, 2014
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