Retro Standing Fan and Other Floor Fans for Portable Air

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Do you need an electric floor tower to circulate air through your room? A Retro standing fan, or similar vintage pedestal fans, offers oscillating heads with speed control capabilities to ensure you get the perfect breeze. Finishes like antique copper, black, bronze, and silver keep these tripod stand accessories portable and fitting in more than one room. A Retro standing fan will add the visual flair to your space while providing the quiet breeze you need.

Why Vintage Pedestal Fans Are Great For you

A retro standing fan is a great portable source of AC. These vintage pedestal fans can fit in small spaces, come in a variety of finishes, including antique copper with black legs, oil rubbed bronze with walnut legs, aged bronze, and more. Click “add accessory options” on fans page to view more choices for our fans blades and base. These vintage pedestal fans can be places in any hallway, bedroom, kitchen, or patio in the house.

These floor fans are the cost effective alternative to air conditioning. The standup oscillating towers are great gifts for college students, apartment dwellers, and patios, offices, vacations or wherever. Finally there’s a fan that can go where you go. For exterior spaces that have low ceilings you can install outdoor low profile fans.

Old Havana Ceiling Fan by Fanimation

How To Clean Electric Tripod Stand Fans

  1. Turn off your fan and completely unplug it from the socket.
  2. Remove the front grill from the tower with a screwdriver or by unclipping the clips (if the electric fan has clips).
  3. Next, you will see the blade cap right in the center of the fan blade, turn the blade cap clockwise to unhook and remove it.
  4. Slide the fan blade off the grill very carefully.
  5. You can use your fingers or a wrench to remove the back grill. Slide the back grill off from the base of the fan.
  1. Make a tub of warm water with cleaning solution (a mild dish soap mixed with water should work). Dip a clean wash cloth in the solution and wring it out before gently cleaning the blades and grill. Take your time and make sure to continuously clean the cloth dipping it in the solution before continuing. Use a bucket of clean pure warm water to rinse your fan parts.
  2. Let parts dry completely on a towel or newspaper before reassembling your floor standing fan. Do not place wet parts on your fan.

If you will be staying somewhere more permanent and would like something overhead, there are plenty of options available. Ceiling fans for your room can come in all shapes, sizes, styles, designs, finishes and even speed controls. If you have low ceilings the overhead fan may not be an option for your home. Electric wall mount fans allow cool breezes to be produced in areas that can utilize a vertically mounted fan more efficiently.

Are you looking for a small increase in circulation to assist your AC? Desk fans fit on your countertop and provide a sufficient breeze to evaporate any sweat and ensure a calm, cool work environment. With so many fans being available for your home, it may be difficult to decide which type is best. Read about the best fan type for your home to ensure you’re getting the best possible match.