Under the Tuscan Moon: Old-World & Italian Lighting Style Guide

Under the Tuscan Moon: Old-World & Italian Lighting Style Guide

Rolling hills of green, Sangiovese grapes, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, and Italian romance are perhaps some of the beautiful images that dance around the thought of Tuscany. Tuscany is located in central Italy and is home to about 3.75 million people.

While Tuscany may feel like a dream that you have yet to explore in the flesh, there are certainly ways to bring Tuscan style into your own home. Along with discovering the difference between Mediterranean style and Tuscan style, this guide should help you to find inspiration for bringing Tuscan style lighting to brighten your villa.

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What is Tuscan Style?

Pictured is a landscape view of Tuscan fields with grapes, wine, and a wooden barrel in focus.

Tuscan style draws from the rustic and earth-embraced architecture of Tuscany, Italy. From textured walls to iron scroll-work and terracotta tiles, most Tuscan homes have a warm, elegant, and sunbaked appeal. Many times, Tuscan style is referred to as Italian style, Spanish style, or Mediterranean style due to their shared characteristics. The Tuscan style is most similar to Mediterranean style which isn’t surprising as Tuscany is nestled on the coast of the Mediterranean. So, how can you tell the difference between the styles?

What is the Difference Between Mediterranean and Tuscan Style?

Chances are, if you want the comforting appeal of Old-World Tuscany and still crave contemporary twists and modern furnishings, Mediterranean style is a great fit for you. On the other hand, if you love the relaxed and comfortable traditionalism within the style, Tuscan style might just be perfect for you as it has a more central focus, and older appeal. Here are some more specific ways that you can distinguish between the two styles, however, and determine which is the best fit for your needs.

Pictured is a blue and fresh white living room to show the contrast to a warmer, golden toned living room to the left.

Characteristics of Mediterranean Style:

    • Contemporary influence
    • Modern influence
    • Spanish, Italian, French, Greek, and Moroccan influences
    • Bright color pops paired with vivid whites
    • Transitional appeal

    Characteristics of Tuscan Style:

      • Rustic Earth colors paired with distressed materials
      • Natural sunbaked finishes with wood and stone
      • Ironwork often accompanied by curled scrollwork
      • Traditional and older furnishings
      • Gold accents

      Modern or Contemporary? For further clarification on the difference between contemporary, modern, and transitional styles which may inspire some Mediterranean style lighting and architecture, feel free to check out The Difference Between Contemporary and Modern Lighting.

      How to Incorporate Tuscan Style Lighting into Your Home

      Whether you are looking for the perfect Tuscan style chandelier to accompany your dining room table with some drama, or if you are searching for outdoor lighting to bring Tuscany to your back porch, you can find the best of Tuscan inspired lighting here.

      With a variety of Tuscan lighting fixtures to choose from and the excitement of bringing Italy to you, you can have a Tuscan style home custom to your tastes! When it comes to design, you are the artist and your home is your canvas. We simply have a pallete of colors for you to paint with, so to speak.

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      Pictured is a black curved design reminiscent of Italian scrollwork.

      Tuscan Chandeliers

      What better way to make a bold and beautiful statement by adding a chandelier to your foyer, living room, or kitchen? These Tuscan chandeliers bring in the best of curled ironwork, soft ambiance, and a rustic appeal.

      Pictured is a five-light chandelier, a kitchen pot rack chandelier, and a six-light chandelier with an antique flair.

      The Craftmade Toscana chandelier features five lights and a timeless Peruvian bronze finish. With antique Scavo glass, the light is softened and dispersed with a charm. The Toscana comes with full range dimming and is compatible with incandescent, halogen, or LED bulbs.

      Also featured are the Fine Art Lamps Epicurean and the ELK Regency Chandelier.

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      Tuscan Pendants

      Pendant lights are also commonly known as suspender lights or drop lights, and typically hang down by a chain, rod, or chord. Pendant lights can be hung in multiple clusters, lines, or an array of ways to add a touch of style and light to your kitchen, dining room, or anywhere a little light is needed. These Tuscan pendants bring old-world style and the sunbaked feel that Tuscan style is all about.

      Pictured is a metal pendant with three flameless candles, a rounded bowl pendant, and a deeply toned tear shape pendant with crystals hanging below.

      Beautifully boasting an old-world Patina glass shade, and a distressed Marsoni bronze finish, the Minka Lavery Marsoni can be adjusted for a hanging height between 31 inches and 102 inches. The curls of the metal work are ornate and slightly whimsical. With full range dimming, this bowl pendant would be a fabulous touch for any room.

      Additionally featured is the Hinkley Casa and the Metropolitan Sanguesa pendant light.

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      Ceiling Medallions

      Ceiling medallions are defined as bas-relief ornaments which are placed on the ceiling. Not only are ceiling medallions ornamental and decorative, but they are also functional and can work to hide lighting boxes, wires, or things you’d like to cover. Ceiling medallions are particularly popular in large Tuscan homes as they add an extra element of boldness and elegance. These Tuscan medallions range in size, shape, and design, and they bring grand feeling to whichever room they are placed in.

      Pictured is a wrought iron medallion with geometric design, a medallion with a spiralized surface, and an ornate medallion with Victorian touches.

      The Metropolitan Medallion must be basking in its own drama. With a smooth gold stenciling of metal at the center and thick curves and curls at its edges, it is sure to be the focal point in any room. For questions about sizing and finding the right ceiling medallion for your home, you can always reach our team at 1-800-724-5501.

      Also shown is the Quorum Medallion and the Minka Lavery Medallion.

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      Tuscan Lamps

      Cozying up on a soft couch or an antique daybed can be a lovely part of the day, especially if you are nestled up with a good book or activity. These Tuscan lamps bring a warm glow to the area and stay true to the Tuscan style with natural wood appeal and pops of gold luster. These would also make for a soft touch to nightstands or end tables.

      Pictured is a carved table lamp with open center space, a darkly toned lamp with gold embellishing, and a lamp with a wooden based and curled attachments.

      The Fine Art Lamps Castile lamp is adorned with a tailored silk lining shade which features a braided trim. With a smoldering and yet serene design, this lamp certainly brings the earth tones of Tuscany to any room.

      Shown as well are the Minka Lavery Jessica McClintock and the Minka Lavery Ambience lamp.

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      Outdoor Tuscan Lighting

      Bringing Tuscan lighting outdoors will not only take your endless vacation at home further, but it will splash the patio with a calming glow and a path for safe steps. From wall sconces to pendant lights and more, outdoor Tuscan lighting will bring about a soothing and relaxing atmosphere for all of your outdoor moments which have yet to come.

      Pictured is a flush mount light with a brassy finish, a pendant light with a clear glass shade, and a wall mount light with curved metal and warm yellow glow.

      Bringing a look of wrought iron which is used frequently in Tuscan fixtures, railings, and architecture is the Maxim Lexington VX. The Lexington VX is available in four different sizes and encases three incandescent bulbs. This wall light is a part of the Lexington VX outdoor collection which is made with Vivex. Vivex is a material which is twice the strength of resin and is both non-corrosive and UV resistant.

      Featured as well is the Fine Art Lamps Beekman Place and the ELK Logansport light.

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      Tuscan Wall Sconces

      Cast a lovely hue onto the walls and make your hallways, entryways, and whole facade glow in radiance with Tuscan wall sconces. In a variety of shade types and design, wall sconces can add the perfect touch to any indoor or outdoor area.

      Pictured is a two light wall sconce with stunning metal design a one light wall scone with two curved wires and a small metal flower, and a three light wall sconce with scallop-bottomed shades.

      Antique in style, the ELK Regency brings timelessness and a stunning delight. The Regency was inspired by the scrolling design within a family crest. The delicate and weather fold leaf accents are balanced remarkably by the solid cast iron scrolls and caramel amber glass. The Regency is available in either LED lighting or incandescent lighting. When deciding which lighting to go with, make sure to familiarize yourself with both types. A helpful post titled Compare and Save: Incandescent vs. LED just might help make the choice a little easier for you.

      Also featured is the Feiss Emma and the Minka Lavery Atterbury.

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      Tuscan Ceiling Fans

      So you have your Tuscan-inspired home wonderfully set, and you have found the perfect lighting to tie the room together, but there is still something that’s missing. These Tuscan ceiling fans are the next addition to your own little villa. Tuscan ceiling fans carry style, elegance, and come with different features such as LED lighting. Not only can your lighting fixtures make a statement, but with these lovely cooling fixtures, your ceiling fan can spin to the rhythm of an Italian song as well.

      Pictured is a four-blade walnut ceiling fan with metal work, a five-blade ceiling with a brushed cocoa finish, and a dark ceiling fan with mid-evil like design.

      Almost like the winding vines of the winery, the Kichler Kimberly ceiling fan has prodigious accents and a Berkshire Bronze finish. This Tuscan ceiling fan also brings an umber-etched glass shade and integrated up-light, and five dark cherry solid blades. The Kimberly has full range light dimming, reverse, and also comes with a three-speed remote.

      Additionally, shown is the Monte Carlo Villager and the Hunter Claymore.

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      Tuscan Design with Del Mar Fans & Lighting

      Even if you bring in pops of Tuscany slowly, you will see the warmth and serenity that is added with each additional touch. Del Mar Fans and Lighting offers free shipping on all orders which are $40 or more. Additionally, our experts are always one call away from helping you make your home just the way you want it. Our number is 1-800-724-5501.

      Pictured is a closeup of the wave in starry night.

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