Crystal Chandelier Above A Bed With Different Chandelier Types

When it comes to choosing lighting for your bedroom, it can be hard to know where to start. After all, your bedroom is the scene of so many activities, from waking, dressing, and getting ready for your busy day to winding down and resting at the end of it. How do you select versatile and functional lighting for such an important space? Fortunately, it’s possible to address all of your bedroom lighting needs by installing a few different types of lighting.

Different Close To Ceiling Lights With One Above A Bed

Start by choosing your overhead lighting. This is your most general-purpose lighting, ideal for the morning as you prepare for work, for the evening as you start to wind down, or for bedroom tasks that require plenty of illumination such as tidying and making the bed. For a dramatic statement you might install a chandelier over the bed. There are seemingly endless bedroom chandelier options to suit a range of interior styles, from modern to traditional and beyond! For a more subtle effect, a flush mount or semi-flush mount light on the ceiling is a great pick as well.

Wall Sconces For The Bedroom With Two Beside The Bed

Next, consider your bedside lighting. A pair of wall sconces mounted on either side of your bed is ideal for casting a gentle glow while you’re reading, and they free up valuable space on your nightstand too! A table lamp on your dresser can also be a smart choice; it’s ideal when you need a little extra illumination to get ready for work on those dark winter mornings—plus it can provide a stylish finishing touch on a vignette that also includes family photos, jewelry and accessories storage, and other personal mementoes. By including different sources of lighting in your bedroom, you’re able to customize the level of illumination to suit both your needs and your mood at any time of day!

Fancy Table Lamp On A Wood Chest Of Drawers

Shopping Guide, Wall Sconces: 1. Wall Sconce with Shade 2. Bronze Wall Sconce 3. Blown Glass Wall Sconce Close-to-Ceiling Lighting: 1. Glass Flush Mount Ceiling Lighting 2. Semi-Flush Ceiling Lighting 3. Bronze Flush Mount Ceiling Chandeliers 1. Bronze Modern Chandelier 2. Vintage Brass Chandelier 3. Round Brass Chandelier Images: 1-3. My Domaine 4. Style by Emily Henderson