How to Choose Bedroom Lighting

How to Choose Bedroom Lighting

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Bedroom lighting can be as important as getting a good night's sleep. You want to be sure that the place where you end your day is one where you can truly relax and wind down. You don’t want the lighting in your bedroom to do anything but enhance your comfort. This doesn’t mean design and aesthetics are not important, in fact, the more you enjoy the look of your comfort zone, the more you can relax. So take a look at what we have to offer, and after you find what you are looking for you can have a nice nap!

Bedroom Chandeliers 

Crystal Chandelier Above A Bed With Different Chandelier Types

The idea of a chandelier in your bedroom can seem absurd at first thought. However if you have a home or bedroom with high ceilings a chandelier can add just the right touch of ambience. What’s more is that we have such a large variety to choose from. You may not know that chandeliers come in more subtle and discreet sizes as well. Once you check out our selection, it may not seem so far-fetched an idea. Chandeliers can be a great option if you are looking for a bit more than the humdrum of standard bedroom fixtures.  Click here to check out our more popular models below.

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Ceiling Lighting

Different Close To Ceiling Lights With One Above A Bed

Most people would be best suited to start their bedroom lighting search with ceiling lighting fixtures, and we would agree. For the most part, people are perfectly happy with the more traditional look of ceiling lighting and there is nothing wrong with that. Even as this type of lighting is more common, that does not mean it is without a sense of style. You might even consider recessed lighting, which offers a clean and chic style that many appreciate. With such a wide and varied selection available through Del Mar, you will definitely find a fixture to match your bedroom design choices.

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Wall Sconces 

Wall Sconces For The Bedroom With Two Beside The Bed

Wall sconces are one of the most versatile types of lighting. Not only can they be used in almost every room in the house, but they come in some of the most unique styles. When choosing lighting for your bedroom design, a wall sconce can offer the perfect kind of ambience, all while opening up your options for additional light sources. Easily mounted wall fixtures can act in a similar way to a bedside lamp in that they are perfect for reading in bed, as well as allowing each partner control to turn off the light when they want to go to sleep. The range of options for wall sconces is nearly endless; from traditional to modern. If you are looking to add a little extra to your bedroom light source and style options, then a wall sconce is a great choice.

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Bedroom Lamps

Adjustable Table Lamp On A Bedside Table

One of the final elements you should consider in your journey to full bedroom comfort is a nice bedside/table lamp. Bedside lamps are one of the most traditional styles of bedroom lighting. In fact they are often synonymous with the bedroom itself. What table lamps offer that no other lighting style can is the vignette. A bedside lamp can illuminate the photo of a loved one, or light up your vanity and beauty accessories. Simply put, a bedside lamp can truly round out the feeling of the bedroom. For many they are the first thing you turn on in the morning and the last light that goes out before you fall asleep. They bookend your day.

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Best Bedroom Lighting

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Best Chandeliers for Bedrooms

Minka Lavery 4878-283 Camden Square, 8-Light Island Light, 480 Total Watts

The Minka Lavery Camden Square chandelier is a perfect lighting piece to show off some modern flair. When you look at it you can see how this type of chandelier would be perfect for a bedroom. The aged steel charcoal finish complemented by the clear seeded glass will add to any modern design and bedroom ambience. With a 15.25" Height x 15" Width x 32" Length area the Camden square is eye-catching while not being too overly large. The dimmable lighting options will also allow you to set the mood in any bedroom large or small.

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Best Ceiling Lighting for Bedrooms

Maxim 11060MRWT Malaga Flush Mount 4-Light 240 Total Watts

The Maxim Malaga is a very functional ceiling lighting fixture with a contemporary design. It has a 6" Height x 20" Width area and 4 different finish styles to match just about any bedroom design. Because of its subtle style it is easily matched with most any decor. With 4 bulbs, a flush mount and dimmable options you can be sure this ceiling light will be able match whatever mood you are in, when you come to the end of your day.

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Best Wall Lighting for Bedrooms

Feiss WB1825DWK/SGM Angelo Wall Sconce, 1-Light 60 Watts

The Feiss Angelo Wall Sconce is Influenced by both rustic and industrial design. It has a textured slate gray finish on the sloping arm, a weathered oak look on the internal shell and a distinct wavy design on the glass shell. All of this makes for a transitional feel between traditional and modern styles, thus appealing to a wide audience.

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Best Bedroom Lamps

ET2 E21468-WTBK Radar Floor Lamp 1-Light LED 7.5 Watts

This lamp is a great example of how many styles are available when it comes to bedroom lighting. The ET2 Radar Floor Lamp is perfect for a reading corner in your bedroom or even a primary light source at a 65" Height x 16.5" Width dimensions. The style is modern and chic with soft ambient light cast indirectly off the contoured white reflector, with an LED in the center that is cleverly concealed by a black cup. The whole design is perfect for those who want style and comfort in the bedroom.

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Now that you've been introduced to our Bedroom Lighting product offering, we welcome you to contact our lighting and design experts with any further questions you may have at 1-800-724-5501!

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