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Pictured is a ceiling fan with several disc-like blades at the center of a living room.

Are you looking to compliment your homes interior style with a ceiling fan that is unique in design and built to your preferences? While ceiling fans, unfortunately, cannot be built from scratch and are never completely customizable, there are features which can be customized to fit your needs and personal expression. In addition to helping you find customizable blade kits and light kits which are compatible with your ceiling fan, we also offer a custom fan finder form which is accessible below. Our custom fan finder form asks about all of your preferences- from blade span to style. After completing the form, our sales team will expedite the process of finding multiple ceiling fans which are the best matches for you.

The form below has a comprehensive list of questions with supporting information to help you complete it in its entirety. Once you have finished and submitted the form, a member of our sales team will review your preferences and locate the best product matches for you. With your preferred method of contact, email or telephone, our ceiling fan experts will send you your product matches and assist you with any questions you may have.

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If a one-of-a-kind ceiling fan is what you are searching for, there are various features to consider when finding a statement piece that will be acknowledged by all of your guests for years to come. Features to consider include the number of blades, the fans finish and motor, as well as the fans style. Below we have highlighted some of our most unique product features so you can be guided and inspired to find the best ceiling fan for your home.

Pictured is a five blade ceiling fan with an intricately designed mounting system and a belt driven motor.

While an AC or DC motor can affect the noise level and efficiency of your ceiling fan, they don’t necessarily determine the design of the fan. However, belt driven ceiling fans are a very unique option to consider. The Fanimation Bourbon Street ceiling fan is a beautiful example of how a belt-driven ceiling fan can bring style and a touch of individuality.

Pictured is a ceiling fan with only one blade and two cables to keep the blade suspended.

The number of blades on your ceiling fan is something that can truly make your piece a focal point and very interesting. The Kichler Kyte has only a single blade, however, some of our ceiling fans have two blades or even nine blades.

Pictured is a ceiling fan with three blades curved around a central rounded motor.

While considering the finish on your ceiling fan may seem like an obvious suggestion, the ability to choose from a wide range of colors is not always an option when shopping. Many businesses in fact only carry the most popular finish and model for particular brands. We, however, offer a large array of finish options for many products. Finishes include tones of purple, gold, black, and even red which is featured on the Minka-Aire Artemis.

Pictured is a ceiling fan with only one blade and two cables to keep the blade suspended.

As we mentioned previously, the number of blades can be a very unique feature. Additionally, the blade design can also be a focal point of your ceiling fan. The Minka Aire Cirque ceiling fan features six disc-like blades of different sizes. You can also find products with palm leaf blades, curved blades, and even geometric blades which closely resemble the folds within the art of origami.

Pictured is a ceiling fan with only one blade and two cables to keep the blade suspended.

When it comes to style, the options are endless. No matter the look you are searching for, we have a selection of styles from tropical to Tuscan. The Modern Fan Company Stella ceiling fan looks just like a beehive and could be a delightful addition to Pooh Bear themed children’s room. The Stella, along with its contemporary style could also be integrated into nautically inspired rooms.

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While a true “custom ceiling fan” is hard to come by, there are many features of ceiling fans which can be customized to your preferences. If you are looking for a unique ceiling fan with certain features, and you would like assistance with your search, you can always reach a member of our sales team at 1-800-724-5501. You may also fill out the form and our team of ceiling fan experts will contact you via phone or email with a list of fans that meet your specifications.

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