In the last 40 years, ceiling fan controls have evolved from simple pull chains to bulky clickers with basic functions to state-of-the-art wall controls packed with smart features that increase home safety and lower energy use. The Casablanca Inteli-Touch wall control, included with the Casablanca Mission ceiling fan, operates speed, direction of rotation, lighting, and more. It's also easy to install onto an existing fan. The DIY experts here at Del Mar Fans & Lighting put together a how-to video on the Casablanca Inteli-Touch wall control install that is easy to follow, whether you are a ceiling fan novice or expert.

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  • Wire Cutters
  • Wire Connectors
  • Phillip-head screwdriver


For this video, we used a Casablanca Inteli-Touch wall contro. The Casablanca Inteli-Touch controls six fan speeds, in a forward or reverse direction, and full-range light dimming to create a comfortable and well-lit environment.

Unfortunately, we no longer sell the intelitouch wall control. Many ceiling fans by Casablanca like the Stealth, used to include the Inteli-Touch wall control, but now they come with a 4 speed wall control. This wall control, just like the Intelitouch, can easily be installed into an existing switch box.

8 Steps to Install a Casablanca Wall Control

Prior to the Casablanca wall control install, turn the power off the circuit breaker box and wall switch. Then, use the steps below to complete the wall control installation:

Casablanca 4-Speed Wall Control

  1. Remove the screws and switch plate from the switch box.

  2. Remove the screws holding the switch in the switch box.

  3. Pull the switch from the switch box to expose wiring.

  4. Remove the two wires from the switch box.

  5. Connect the green ground wire from the wall control to the green ground wire in the switch box. Secure with a wire nut.

  6. Connect the black wire and the black wire with a white strip from the wall control to the black wire in the switch box. Secure connection with a wire nut.

  7. Tuck in the wire connections and place the wall control into the switch box.

  8. Secure the wall control with the two long screws provided.

  9. Install the wall plate with the screws provided.

Once the installation is complete, use the Automatic Demonstration program to test the operation of the ceiling fan. To start the demonstration program, hold the power button for 3 seconds to turn the fan off and clear the fan’s memory. Then, turn the power back on and press the following buttons in quick succession: Fan and Light, Fan and Light, and Fan. Next, the test program will automatically dim the lights and adjust the fan speed as well as direction for approximately one minute. The Automatic Demonstration program is a quick and easy way, not to mention entertaining, to confirm the ceiling fan control installation was successful. If  the wall control is reversed (as in the fan button is controlling the lights and the light button is controlling the fan), turn off the power at circuit breaker and switch the two black wires. This control wil work with Casablanca fans with lights or ceiling fans without lights.

To ensure the longevity of a Casablanca ceiling fan, do not use more than one ceiling fan per wall control, and do not connect any additional devices to the circuit controlled by the ceiling fan wall control. The Casablanca wall control install makes operating your ceiling fan a breeze. This wall control offers many helpful features like Home Safe, a program that automatically turns on and off the fan's lighting at random intervals to make a home appear occupied. The ceiling fan control also offers Fan Minder, a feature that reduces the fan speed every two hours to maintain comfort, and Light Minder, a feature that automatically turns off the fan’s light after two hours.

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